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Finding quality medical care starts with finding a hospital that excels in certain procedures or conditions – with Medicare’s quality measures you can discover which facilities excel.

Raeford, nestled into North Carolina’s breathtaking Sandhills, is an idyllic community to live and work. Family physician Karen Smith has established a flourishing private practice there.


Raeford, North Carolina offers small-town charm and exceptional quality of life in its picturesque Sandhills region. Only 40 minutes west of Fayetteville and 1.5 hours south of Raleigh respectively, Raeford also lies less than two hours away from its coastal neighbors.

The 180,000-square foot hospital’s first-floor houses the services most commonly utilized by its patients for enhanced patient convenience, reduced travel distances and optimal staff efficiencies. These include emergency department, pharmacy, lab services, radiology and admissions; in addition to providing medical care, the hospital also serves as a birthing center.

Patients at this hospital have expressed high levels of satisfaction with their care.


Hoke County administrators are eager to put FirstHealth of the Carolinas’ 41-bed facility to use. After years of legal battles, its opening will serve the region’s rapidly increasing population with patient convenience, cost savings and optimal staff efficiencies in mind. In addition, its 180,000-square foot building will house most frequently utilized services for patient convenience, cost savings and optimal staff efficiency; plus it includes an adjacent medical office building housing cardiology/internal medicine offices along with orthopedic/ear, nose & throat offices – among many other things!


Raeford Hospital staff members are committed to providing exceptional healthcare to patients. With highly qualified and experienced professionals equipped with modern medical technology, Raeford hospital has quickly become one of the premier hospitals in USA. Furthermore, Raeford’s specialty services in gastroenterology, endocrinology, gynecology, urology cancer care are well known throughout this community hospital.

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Hoke Hospital is a private non-profit facility with 41 beds that serves Hoke County, Cumberland County and Fort Bragg. Additionally, emergency care services are also provided and its Medicare spending per beneficiary falls well below national averages.

Our hospital is situated in an idyllic setting within North Carolina’s stunning Sandhills region and can be reached in approximately one and a half hours by driving from Fayetteville and 1.5 from Raleigh. It provides superior quality of life at low costs of living with exceptional community spirit, as well as boasting a strong local economy with outstanding work-life balance benefits and low unemployment rate – an ideal setting to begin new careers while enjoying peaceful living conditions.


Visitors may park in Pavilion Parking, a covered parking deck offering 24-hour security at 300 Medical Pavillion Drive. Parking is free for the first hour; then an additional hour costs $1 and 25 cents every 15 minutes thereafter, up to a daily maximum charge of $5 max per day. A complimentary shuttle service runs between Pavilion Parking and the hospital from 5:30 am – 7:30 pm Monday-Friday (cash or credit accepted); receipts issued as requested.


Food service workers are employed at restaurants, hotels, cafeterias and other dining establishments to serve customers and provide customer satisfaction. Their duties can include stocking supplies, cleaning tables, delivering and collecting food trays from stores or delivery services, preparing meals and washing dishes – often working alongside kitchen staff members.

Once admitted to a hospital, you will be offered a variety of meals and refreshments. Your visitors are welcome to join you in eating in the cafeteria, or you may take out meals for them from you. Furthermore, nurses are available 24/7 if you require snack assistance or special diet consideration. Every effort will be made by staff at each location to accommodate for individual dietary restrictions and needs.

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