Raeford Hospital Opens New 180,000 Sf Medical Center

Raeford, NC (WTVD) – Following allegations of abuse and neglect at Canyon Hills Treatment facility in Raeford, the state is considering shutting it down. Multiple children have reportedly been injured at this psychiatric treatment center for children.

Hoke Hospital of Raeford is Wake County’s first full service hospital, opening its doors for business on March 9, 2015. Part of the Cape Fear Valley Health system, Hoke is now part of a network.

Medical Services

Raeford is located within North Carolina’s beautiful Sandhills region, only 40 minutes west of Fayetteville and 1.5 hours south of Raleigh – offering small-town charm at an economical cost of living. This picturesque town provides small-town comfort while still being accessible.

Hospital is situated on an area of 180,000 square feet. The first-floor of this facility houses the most frequently visited services to ensure patient convenience, reduced travel distances and optimal staff efficiencies: emergency department; pharmacy; laboratory; radiology; admissions. A 20,000-square foot medical building adjacent to hospital contains cardiopulmonary therapy services as well as internal medicine, ear nose and throat services, orthopedic, wound care and urology offices.

Medicare patients at this facility report quality measures collectively with FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital (Provider ID 340115), such as overall rating, five star rating, patient-to-staffing ratios and more.

Outpatient Services

Nestled into North Carolina’s remarkable Sandhills, Raeford provides small-town living with superior quality of life at an economical cost of living – yet less than two hours from metropolitan amenities. Hoke, Cumberland and Fort Bragg counties will benefit from having their 41-bed hospital within their communities to reduce critical transfers – while on its first floor the most used services will help improve staff efficiency by decreasing travel distances for patients and decreasing staff overhead expenses.

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This facility uses Medicare data to compare how often and quickly a hospital provides care, such as giving antibiotics for an infection or taking X-rays when sepsis develops (a serious complication that may lead to septic shock). Find out how well-off this hospital compares nationally.

Emergency Services

Hoke County’s 41-bed hospital serves residents and visitors from Cumberland and Fort Bragg Counties alike, making healthcare much closer to home for most patients, saving both time and money through critical and costly transfers.

According to a recent patient survey, our emergency department received an overall score of 92 out of 100 in terms of how well patients felt it responded to their needs. Furthermore, Medicare awarded us high marks in quality measures and patient-to-staff ratios.

Hospital Compare makes available this data from Medicare’s website to help consumers make more informed health care choices; using Hospital Compare, users can view this and other details such as patient safety ratings and quality ratings of hospitals, Medicare spending per beneficiary and much more. Hospital Compare data updates weekly.


Our new 180,000 square-foot hospital offers patients the services they most commonly access for improved patient convenience, travel distances and staff efficiency: emergency department, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, admissions and surgery services – so most can access care in their own community without incurring additional costs or transfers.

This hospital earned high ratings in treating sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition in which your body’s natural response to an infection becomes extreme and leads to organ failure. Furthermore, they scored highly for providing recommended care, a measure that measures how often hospitals provide care that research suggests helps patients recover faster.

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