Raeford Hospital Opens Next Month

raeford hospital

Raeford — When FirstHealth opens their hospital here next month, legal issues won’t even cross their mind as an administrator.

Roxie Wells oversees Hoke Hospital as part of Cape Fear Valley Health in Fayetteville and was formerly chair of both North Carolina Hospital Association and American Hospital Association boards.

Emergency Services

Raeford is situated amongst the scenic, peaceful sandhills of northern North Carolina, providing residents with a small-town feel and high quality of life, yet is just an hour’s drive from Fayetteville and 1.5 hours south of Raleigh. Raeford Hospital features 24 hour service with our Emergency Department conveniently located on the first floor of Valley Pavilion; our new six-story patient tower facing Village Drive near Owen Drive.

Patients at this facility who receive care through Medicare have reported very high levels of satisfaction with their hospital stay, based on surveys that asked inpatients and outpatients alike about their experiences during hospital visits.


Raeford Hospital can be found nestled into North Carolina’s exquisite Sandhills region, just 40 minutes away from Fayetteville and 1.5 hours south of Raleigh – or more than two hours west of the coast. Offering small town living with exceptional quality of life at a lower cost of living, Raeford has physicians onsite for most surgical procedures as well as facilities to address most surgical needs.

This hospital excelled at several measures related to sepsis, an acute infection condition caused by delayed medical intervention. These included administering medications shown to help reduce death or complications from infection more promptly and providing outpatient medical imaging services (like CT scans or MRIs ) for certain conditions.

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Cardiopulmonary Services

The new 180,000-square-foot facility houses the services that patients and staff frequent most – emergency department, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, admissions, surgery – on its first floor for patient convenience and optimal staff efficiencies: emergency department, pharmacy, laboratory radiology admissions surgery on this floor while cardiopulmonary services and physical and occupational therapy reside on its second.

Sepsis is a life-threatening infection response disorder in which your immune system’s response to an infection fails, potentially damaging organs and leading to shock – with fatal results for victims if left untreated. Hospitals that identify sepsis early and begin treatment quickly have better chances of saving patients’ lives.

This score measures how frequently hospitals provide recommended care to prevent or treat sepsis, such as antibiotics, fluids, blood, oxygen or other treatments. It also indicates how quickly hospitals react when signs and symptoms of sepsis arise – such as fever, pain, cough or shortness of breath.

Outpatient Services

The 180,000-square-foot hospital features the following frequently-accessed services on its first floor to enhance patient convenience, reduce travel distances and enhance staff efficiencies: emergency department, pharmacy, laboratory radiology and admissions. The second floor houses cardiopulmonary services, physical and occupational therapy services and a medical-surgical unit. Additionally, this new facility includes a birthing center to better serve local families. This hospital received high marks for their ability to recognize and treat sepsis, which can quickly lead to organ failure if left undiagnosed and treated appropriately. They were also highly-ranked for offering recommended care based on evidence showing which treatments work for most patients.

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