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raeford hospital

Raeford is nestled within North Carolina’s captivating Sandhills region and offers small-town charm, superior quality of life and convenient proximity to metropolitan amenities.

Karen Smith is one of the area’s premier family physicians and a board member for the American Academy of Family Physicians, serving as an advocate for healthcare reform in her local community.

About Us

Raeford is a small town nestled away in Hoke County, located only 40 minutes west of Fayetteville and 1.5 hours south of Raleigh. Sandwiched between Rockfish Creek (an east-flowing tributary of Lumber River) and Toneys Creek (a component of Pee Dee-Waccamaw River watershed), Raeford offers peace and prosperity within its picturesque community.

Raeford’s architecture reflects its history: as a railroad town founded on optimism and energy in the New South era. Both residential and commercial buildings in Raeford boast nationally popular styles while also reflecting regional preferences; Queen Anne houses, Neoclassical edifices and early twentieth-century brick commercial buildings are key indicators of Raeford’s prosperity and growing wealth at this turn of the century.

By the 1950s, the town’s commercial core had been rejuvenated through new high schools, the inaugural consolidated elementary school, and several retail stores opening. Building contractors like Marcus W. Dew, who constructed several fine homes like Will and Flora McLauchlin House (104 S. Highland Street), Kritt McNeill House (303 E Central Avenue), and Hallie & Margaret Gatlin House (213 Central Avenue) established themselves. However, suburban development gradually pulled commerce, social activities, and civic initiatives away from downtown; eventually leading to suburban development gradually moving commerce, social activities, social and civic activities away from downtown.

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Hoke County in North Carolina’s magnificent Sandhills region boasts a superior quality of life with small town charm and access to big city amenities. A new 41-bed hospital serves Hoke, Cumberland and Fort Bragg Counties by placing frequently accessed services on the first floor for patient convenience and improving staff efficiency.

Healthgrades has honored this hospital with their 2017 Patients’ Choice Award for outstanding patient satisfaction. Check out how this hospital compares with others across North Carolina and nationwide.

Healthgrades provides additional information about this facility, such as clinical ratings and cost information. Furthermore, you can view their Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary data which provides an idea of the amount Medicare pays per service provided at this hospital.

Patient Experience

Selecting an ideal hospital can have a dramatic impact on the care you receive, so the government’s Hospital Compare website provides helpful information such as patient experience ratings and frequency of recommended care such as treating sepsis or offering outpatient medical imaging tests. Furthermore, Hospital Compare tracks how often patients return within 30 days post discharge and other quality measures.

Hospitals that meet certain national standards earn a star rating based on Medicare data and represent how well a hospital treats its patients. Hospital Compare uses star ratings as one way of comparing hospitals side-by-side; each star rating sums up 57 quality measures into one overall rating that allows easier comparison. A survey was also conducted among recently discharged patients to get feedback about their experiences at each hospital including questions such as communication between nurses and doctors, staff responsiveness to needs, cleanliness of environment and quiet surroundings among others.

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Raeford NC 28376. 210 Medical Pavilion Drive


Raeford hospital boasts some of the finest healthcare professionals, who deliver top quality medical care for patients. Selecting an appropriate healthcare provider is a crucial decision that can have an enormous effect on treatment quality – this is why conducting extensive research into hospitals and their prices before making your final decision is so essential.

At Raeford Hospital, the employees are highly trained and committed to providing exceptional customer service. Their knowledge of insurance and third-party payers allows them to assist patients in gathering necessary information and documents needed for their appointment. Furthermore, they work closely with admissions office to ensure all patients are admitted according to hospital policies and procedures.

Employees at this hospital perform various duties during their shifts, from welcoming and directing visitors, answering patient call lights and transporting patients, completing admissions paperwork and collecting payments, to collecting receipts at the end of each shift and ensuring balance before their shift ends. Employees report directly to a Nurse Manager or Director of Nursing who oversees them as essential members of patient care team that must handle stressful situations professionally.

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