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Raeford residents enjoy low living costs. Groceries and healthcare are priced significantly below national averages, making life easy for families in this city.

Three seats on the city council are up for election this year and nine candidates have filed so far – Jackie McLean, Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn completed their paperwork within a week of filing; Josh Bain and David Conoly filed just before our news-journal’s deadline.

Administrative Offices

Raeford is an idyllic small-town in North Carolina’s sandhills that offers a high quality of life. Here you can learn about special operations at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum or stroll along its historic southern Pines; Raeford truly has something to offer everyone!

Nine candidates have filed to run for three seats on the City Council: Cathy Brown, Josh Bain, Jackie McLean, Shelley Wilburn and Ricky Sandy are in the race to replace outgoing council members and the deadline for filing is Monday.

McLean, who directs Raeford’s Tia Hart Community Recovery Program, expressed an interest in building community resilience using green infrastructure and non-structural strategies such as green roofs. These techniques enable communities to respond more rapidly to flood events without incurring costly, time-consuming construction and regular maintenance expenses compared to traditional gray infrastructure which needs expensive upgrades on a regular basis.

Bain, who owns a furniture store in Raeford, recently pledged his efforts towards encouraging wise use of undeveloped land and business expansion within the city. Furthermore, he wants to encourage residents to shop locally by sharing posts from local businesses on his social media pages.

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Wilburn has previously served on the council and plans to arrive early at meetings so she can speak directly with residents. In addition, she works at a high school nearby and often attends local events.

City Hall Annex

Hoke County officials are considering various options to upgrade and expand the courthouse, such as adding an annex in downtown Raeford or building on 90 acres recently purchased along U.S. 401 east of town. Both options fall under Hoke County Zoning Ordinance regulations; with Raeford serving Fort Bragg while also being within two hour driving distance of world-famous Pinehurst golf courses.

City Hall Administration Building

Raeford is located in Hoke County, North Carolina, and serves as an agricultural, tourism, industry and commerce hub. With a rich heritage and ideal living conditions for raising a family. Raeford City Hall Administration Building serves as its primary government center and houses city council members, mayor and administrative staff – plus there’s also a public library and old courthouse nearby! Plus it comes equipped with parking space so visitors can arrive easily by car or bus!

Building began under the New South era, when farmers, merchants and industrialists supported expanding existing cities while also founding new ones. Proponents of the movement saw industry, education and rail service as ways to move past its dependence on cash crops and slave labor from its antebellum years.

Josh Bain and David Conoly are running for election to one of three seats on Raeford City Council that are up for election this year. Both spoke with The News-Journal regarding why they decided to run, their goals, and goals they aspire to attain as officeholders. Bain, an owner of Sasquatch Real Estate, plans on focusing his economic development efforts in Raeford by supporting local businesses while encouraging residents to shop local.

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