Raeford, NC – Home to the Raeford-Hoke Museum and Millstone 4-H Camp

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Hoke County was officially created two and a half centuries after the first county in Pennsylvania was formed, after Cumberland and Robeson counties had already been amalgamated to form Hoke.

Raeford-Hoke Museum

The Raeford-Hoke Museum preserves Hoke County’s history, culture and artifacts since 2002 when it opened at McLauchlin-McFadyen House. Their collection includes historical items from Raeford as well as surrounding Hoke County towns as well as genealogical records; their five-acre property boasts two colonial houses; including Parker Ray House which they offer tours for groups of 10 or more visitors.

Joyce Monroe, curator of the museum, shared that its addition started from an informal conversation three years ago between herself and Richard Neeley – a local businessman with family connections to Parker-Ray House – who agreed to give it away for restoration purposes at no cost to Joyce Monroe and Richard Neeley himself.

Former coal miner Monroe noted the house is an ideal fit with the museum’s mission, featuring Hoke County families while creating an area for locals to share their family histories. She plans on including an interactive room dedicated to sharing personal histories as part of this initiative.

The Chamber of Commerce Expo that had to be postponed due to pandemic will return on May 14. At this event, local businesses and job seekers can meet. Participating businesses can hand out information and present employment opportunities; members will get free entry and non-members must pay $25 in order to set up a booth.

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Bank of Raeford

The Bank of Raeford is one of the best-preserved railroad-centered town centers in south-central North Carolina. Comprised of Raeford Historic District buildings dating from late nineteenth century through post World War II period, its buildings represent nationally popular styles and vernacular forms characteristic of railroad towns that emerged across southeastern North Carolina at this point in history.

Raeford developed around Raeford Institute, a high school established by Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Dickson, along with members of the McLauchlin family and other local residents who shared Dr. Dickson’s belief in providing children with education. Rapid expansion led to electric lights being turned on by January 1910.

An expansion of Raeford was caused by successive annexations that increased its boundaries and spurred by new schools, Hoke County offices and suburban developments that took commerce away from downtown Raeford. Studies undertaken for revitalization plans suggested infill development, appearance improvements and ways of handling traffic but nothing significant was done to change this trend.

Community has flourished as an industrial center despite mechanization’s effects, forcing many families from their farms. There’s a vibrant civic spirit here with plenty of cultural and recreational offerings. Additionally, its local government has an outstanding track record when it comes to management.

City of Raeford

Hoke County’s City of Raeford offers much for travelers to experience and discover, with a rich history and scenic beauty making it the ideal escape from everyday life. Furthermore, Raeford-Hoke Museum and Millstone 4-H Camp offer additional attractions.

Raeford is best visited during spring and fall when temperatures are comfortable and less people are in town, offering ideal conditions for enjoying outdoor activities like golfing and hiking. Furthermore, Raeford hosts many annual festivals such as North Carolina Turkey Festival to keep visitors busy!

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Raeford offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to budget motels. One option worth considering is the Quality Inn, which boasts free Wi-Fi and offers an inclusive breakfast bar – only 15 minutes away from Cypress Bend Vineyards – making it an excellent option for visitors wanting to be nearby Fort Bragg.

Raeford offers many recreational opportunities beyond parks and playgrounds, such as Upland Trace Golf Course rated 4-1/2 stars by Golf Digest, set on 18 holes overlooking a beautiful pond setting.

Hoke County

Hoke County offers the ideal getaway from modern life’s hectic pace, boasting stunning natural attractions and popular events that bring people from near and far together. Hoke’s most notable event is the North Carolina Turkey Festival which attracts games vendors. Also featured here is Sylvan Heights Bird Park and Medoc Mountain State Park for wildlife enthusiasts; to discover even more of Hoke’s history visit Roanoke Canal Museum & Trail or simply spend some time in Dunn.

Hoke County in North Carolina’s Coastal Plain boasts a population of Lumbee Indians and boasts a diverse economy. Turkey production stands out among them all, but tobacco, cotton, soybeans and corn also play a prominent role. Furthermore, manufactured goods including wool and polyester fabrics as well as beauty aids and concrete blocks also exist within Hoke County’s borders.

Raeford-Hoke Museum, a non-profit organization dedicated to local history preservation, features many historical artifacts, photos and genealogical records in its collection. Furthermore, educational programs are offered year round at this year-round institution with free admission for children as well as gift shop on site; its website has many interesting facts and details about its surroundings as well as registration for their newsletter to learn more.

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