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The growing number of manufacturing companies has led to the need to recruit more positions. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Production director – The position of the top management has a great influence on the production process of the company. Today’s article from HRchannels will summarize information about, help readers better understand the job opportunities for this position.

1. What is a production manager?
2. Job Description for Production Manager
3. Requirements for the position of production manager
4. Position KPI for the position of production manager
5. Production Manager Salary
6. Find the latest Production Manager jobs on HRchannels

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1. What is a production manager?

The production manager is the person responsible for the production process of the company’s product and has the authority to decide on the features required for the product. In addition, he is also the person in direct contact with the production, distribution and sales departments.

The Production Manager is responsible for working with developers and UI UX designers to plan feature creation and ensure the product achieves the highest success rate. Therefore, the head of production can be considered the “CEO of the product”.

Production manager (head of the production department)

2. Job Description for Production Manager

Production director will be responsible for directly operating and controlling all activities of the production department in order to achieve the objectives set by the company in terms of quantity, product quality, productivity and delivery time at low cost and s ensuring that customer requirements are met.

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Below is the specific job description referenced by the HR channels of leading HR experts:

– Research the company’s current production situation and find specific solutions and directions for action to promote the company’s strengths.

– Directly manage and operate production activities including the stages: production planning, customer relations and human resources planning.

– Prepare quotes, cost estimates and production budgets

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– Closely supervise and direct the production process, ensure the proper implementation of customer requirements, the correct project implementation process, service quality, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. .

– Equipment management is always in a stable and safe state, without affecting the work process.

– Receive, control and measure customer projects, answer questions about the production process and customer products.

– Continuous improvement plan for productivity and quality of service.

– Report production status and progress to superiors.

– Coordinate with management to establish production plans by month, quarter and year, including pilot projects and partially completed projects.

– Train, coach and support project managers/project assistants to meet customer and business requirements.

– Responsible for recruitment, evaluation of the work results of the members of the department.

Production manager (head of the production department)

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3. Requirements for the position of production manager

To successfully apply for the position of Production Manager, candidates should understand the following common recruitment requirements:

– University degree in engineering, business administration or a related field.

– At least 5 years of experience in product development and factory management.

– Use English skills fluently 4.

– Ability to analyze, synthesize, plan, organize, update and process information

– Able to work independently or in a team, able to work under high pressure

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– Know how to make short or long term plans for the management team

– Agility, good problem solving, creativity and frankness in the work

– Have management and operation skills, decision making skills, flexible communication skills.

– Knowledge of Quality Management System (QMS – ISO 9001:2000) and Information Security System (ISMS – ISO 27001:2005) is an advantage.

Production manager (head of the production department)

4- Job KPI for the position of production manager

  • Market growth rate

  • Percentage of quality goods from the start (First Pass Yield – FPT)

  • Recovery level

  • Quality index

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

  • Customer Satisfaction Index

  • Customer turnover rate

5. Production Manager Salary

Through the job description, you must have created a portrait of a production manager. This position requires very high professional qualifications as well as leadership, communication skills, etc. Many wonder, with such “difficult” jobs and requirements, if the Product Manager’s income will be attractive?

According to HRchannels, Product Manager is a job with a salary that many dream of. Currently, the lowest salary in the market for a production manager is 16 million VND/month and the average salary is 20-24 million VND. In large well-paid companies, the production manager’s salary can go up to 50-60 million VND/month and even hundreds of millions with other benefits such as 13th month salary, daily trips to the year, the complete health package,…

Production manager (head of the production department)

5. Find the latest Production Manager jobs on HRchannels

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