Recruitment conditions for the executive director

Recruitment conditions for the executive director

The CEO or general manager is a character who shouts fire and commands troops to develop the company’s business strategies and branding. So how to successfully apply for CEO position, please refer to the below article from HRchannels for all related information.

Executive Director Recruitment Needs in Hanoi and HCM

Whether it is a Startup, an SME (small and medium enterprise) or a large company or a multinational, it is essential to have the position of a CEO – CEO of the company.

Without a leader, all production and business activities will be frozen and return to zero, there will be no more activities related to foreign affairs, and the corporate culture will not be regularly cultivated and maintained. There will not be one person responsible for capturing operational results and planning strategies for each department.

From here we can see how important the role of the CEO is in creating business competitiveness in the digital age. That’s why companies are so red-eyed when hiring a CEO, right?

Not to mention that today, companies are gradually saying “no” to outsourcing the chief executive officer (CEO) and tend to train CEOs “from the bud”. If you manage to “swim against the tide” with an excellent CV and find yourself in the sights of the board of directors by heroically “dealing” with the situational questions of the recruiter, then you will be accepted as CEO. “Don’t blame fate.” ” Please.

Recruit Executive Directors in Hanoi

What is the average salary of a CEO?

According to Vietnam Salary statistics, the average salary of a CEO ranges from 49.1 to 58.7 million VND/month. Depending on each sector such as finance, banking, import-export, IT, etc., the salary of a CEO can reach hundreds of millions of VND/month, or 20 to 30 times higher than the salary of a normal employee.

In addition to an attractive salary, the CEO also enjoys unrivaled benefits and incentives such as KPI bonuses, project bonuses, monthly bonuses, 13th month bonuses,… and business trips abroad.

CEO Salary

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Which industries are eager to recruit CEOs?

Executive Director is a position always sought after for long-term contributions to the organization. Below are the industries that frequently recruit for CEO positions:

  • Build
  • Carriage
  • Action
  • Mining
  • Medical – healthcare
  • Retail business
  • Tourist Hotel
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry

These are all key industries and need someone with the ability to lead, guide and plan strategies to achieve sustainable development.

Where does the CEO work?

According to HRchannels statistics, regions that regularly recruit CEOs are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. These are two key economic zones in Vietnam, where the main offices of most companies are located.

Additionally, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are areas with a highly educated population and are “gathering points” for universities. Many students belong to leading universities such as Foreign Trade University, National Economic University, Polytechnic University, Academy of Finance, Academy of Banking,… when they graduate and pursue their specializations. Studies in business administration, foreign economics, international economics, etc.

Well-trained, graduates have the opportunity to immediately work in large domestic and foreign companies that have expanded their branches to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition to their dynamism, participating in numerous volunteer project coordination positions for the community since their studies and great ambitions, their leadership qualities have motivated young people to constantly improve and diligently pursue their goals. .

Things to Note When Applying for the General Manager Position

1. How to become a good CEO?

The CEO is the key manager and plans the company’s business policies and campaigns. Therefore, to realize your dream of becoming a CEO, you need to gain enough rich experience in the field of managing and operating a business.

Most importantly, before discussing your experience history, you must equip yourself with in-depth education such as knowledge of business administration, microeconomics, macroeconomics, marketing management and human resource management , supply chain management, risk management, financial management. , skills in work assignment, time management,…

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In particular, if you master at least 1-2 foreign languages, you will be highly appreciated by the board of directors and will eliminate many formidable opponents in one fell swoop. Who knows, once you list your team management experience in a foreign company, you will immediately be introduced as the CEO – a top executive of that company.

function of executive director

2. Is it difficult to apply for the CEO position?

If you want to become a CEO, quickly join top human resources companies because that’s where the best career opportunities, the best environment and the best remuneration come together.

HRchannels prides itself on its more than 11 years of experience in providing high-level human resources to domestic and foreign companies. In particular, HRchannels recruitment specialists will help you “discover” tips for attracting employers, such as how to create an impressive CV for the CEO, how to answer a convincing interview, and above all the art of “hacking” the salary from the CEO if you truly have the potential to “expand” and “enlarge” the organization.

You see, no need to “take out your wallet”, a phone call to the headhunters of HRchannels, you will confidently head straight to the “hot seat of ten thousand people” called the CEO of the company.

Headhunting service - Headhunting

3. Promotional roadmap

The CEO position is unattainable if you don’t have long-term preparation throughout your career. However, there is no single path to becoming a CEO.

Before you can stop at the CEO position, you can be one of the powerful figures in the C-suit team of the organization such as CCO (Chief Business Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CIO (Information Technology Director). , CMO (Marketing Director),… These positions often report the results of the work of their departments to the CEO and receive direct instructions from the Operational Director. Possessing a degree in MBA, Law, Accounting, Economics, Art, etc., you have most of your chances of being accepted for the CEO position, so hurry up and grab the opportunity now!

CEO Promotion Roadmap

Hopefully the above article from will provide you with some interesting insights when applying for the CEO position. If you aspire to become a CEO in the future, you can definitely become a CEO of a company.

If readers have any suggestions or queries that HRchannels needs to answer, please participate in the comments section below the article or contact the helpline number immediately to receive valuable assistance from HRchannels.

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