Recruitment Criteria for Korean Interpreter Positions

Tiêu chí tuyển dụng vị trí phiên dịch tiếng Hàn

In Vietnam, Korean interpreting is gradually becoming a popular profession. You can find advertisements on all online recruitment sites. Therefore, in this article, Ms. Uptalent will provide readers with information on recruiting Korean interpreters. Let’s learn more about this profession and know how to seize the most attractive job opportunities.

What is Korean translation?
What are the usual jobs of Korean interpreters?
Recruitment Criteria for Korean Interpreter Positions
Outlook for the Korean interpreting profession

First, a good level of income
Second, job opportunities are wide open
Third, opportunities for advancement

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Who is the Korean translator?

Korean translator is a term used to refer to people who translate messages from Korean to Vietnamese and vice versa.

The main task of the Korean interpreter position is to translate texts, documents and interpret during meetings and seminars. They have many job opportunities in different sectors like working for corporations, legal agencies, manufacturing facilities, education, healthcare centers, hospitals and many other sectors.

What are the usual jobs of Korean interpreters?

As a Korean translator, you will be responsible for performing a variety of interpreting and translation tasks to help convey information accurately and quickly. Depending on each area, you will perform different tasks. But basically you will undertake the following typical tasks:

1- Interpret Korean into Vietnamese and vice versa during meetings, seminars, negotiations, conversations, short meetings,…

2- Write and translate documents and texts related to Korean.

3- Responsible for interpreting and supporting other departments of the company to manage business activities.

4- Responsible for contacting and transacting with Korean partners on matters related to business operations.

Attractive jobs

5- Support the construction of business projects.

6- Prepare work reports and carry out other tasks as requested by superiors.

During the work process, you must ensure correct and accurate translation and not arbitrarily add or omit information. In particular, you must absolutely respect professional ethics, in particular the confidentiality requirements when you practice the profession of interpreter.

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Recruit Korean interpreters

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Recruitment Criteria for Korean Interpreter Positions

With a career as a Korean interpreter, you can work in many different work environments. Employers often have their own requirements when recruiting for this position. Here are some criteria that candidates must meet:

1- Degree

For the Korean interpreter position, employers often require applicants to have a college or university degree in Korean language, Korean translation and interpretation, Korean studies, and Korean language training in Vietnam or Korea. also have more Korean Topik Certificate considered a great advantage for candidates.

2- Knowledge

The profession of Korean translator requires a basic and in-depth knowledge of the language. Specifically Vietnamese and Korean. You must master the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the same time, you should also have knowledge about the politics, economy, culture and social history of Vietnam and Korea, as well as grasp the similarities and differences between the two cultures.

3- Skills

Besides translation skills, you also need to have other soft skills to succeed as a Korean translator. These are the skills of communication, handling situations, processing and summarizing information, time management, observing, listening and understanding the work style of Koreans.

4- Experience

Normally, you need to have between 6 months and 1 year of Korean translation experience to qualify for high-paying job opportunities. Employers also prioritize those who have worked in Korean companies, studied abroad in Korea, or those who have participated in student exchange programs, graduate students or have had time to study abroad and live in Korea for a long time.

5- Quality

Korean translation work requires good health, long-term thinking ability, sensitivity to language, hard work, and a desire to learn. Most importantly, you must love your job and have a high sense of responsibility when working.

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Korean Interpreter Recruitment Application

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Career prospects for Korean interpreters

The trend of Korean companies increasing their investments in Vietnam has opened up many attractive job opportunities for those who love and speak Korean fluently. Among popular Korean professions, Korean translation is currently a profession that attracts the attention of many young people for the following reasons:

First, a good level of income

Currently, the minimum income for Korean interpreters without much experience is around 10 million/month. For those with a lot of experience, the common salary is 18-22 million/month. A high salary can go up to 30 to 35 million/month. Booth performers earn a few hundred dollars/session.

Second, job opportunities are wide open

Considered one of the major investors in Vietnam, Korean companies have created a large number of jobs for people proficient in Korean. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Korean interpreting, you will have many good job options. For example, you can work for the Korean company in Vietnam, Vietnam-Korea joint venture companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, Korean centers, organizations and agencies operating in Vietnam.

Additionally, you can also work as a project interpreter, conference interpreter, freelance interpreter or cabin translator. With a career as a translator, you can simultaneously work in other Korean positions, so your advancement and earning opportunities will certainly be very good.

Korean translation work

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Third, opportunities for advancement

With a career as a Korean translator, you will benefit from very good salary development opportunities. You can increase your income by 10-15 million in just one year if you strive to develop your skills and experience correctly.

In addition to the above, when you work as a Korean interpreter, you also have the opportunity to exchange cultures and expand your knowledge in several fields. Not only will you master the language, but you will also gain a lot of useful knowledge about economics, culture, society, education, politics, entertainment, science,…

Hopefully, the information on recruiting Korean interpreters in this article has helped readers understand and prepare to conquer this extremely attractive Korean interpreting profession. To keep up to date with the latest Korean interpreter recruitment news, please visit Here you will access many of the most attractive job opportunities. Good luck!

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