Recruitment demand in the IT sector remains “hot”

Recruitment demand in the IT sector remains “hot”

Currently, changing jobs in this industry is very exciting. Along with the shortage of human resources in the IT sector increasing every year, the demand for recruitment is also increasing despite unemployment.

Human resources “crisis” in the IT industry

IT recruitment sites say there will be a shortage by 2020 500,000 IT human resources, red alert for national human resources. Entering the era of technological revolution, technological trends in the world greatly influence the Vietnamese IT market such as Big data, Javascript, Cybersecurity, etc. These are also the top 3 industries in terms of recruitment demand. Although the demand is high, the supply of human resources cannot meet both quantity and quality.

Human resources of the IT industry

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Therefore, personnel working in this industry must update the trends to enjoy numerous benefits and opportunities. In particular, students who follow the IT path must always learn proactively and above all improve their foreign language skills to serve their work. In addition to existing knowledge, it is necessary to develop more skills to avoid a situation where job demand is high but candidates cannot find jobs and companies cannot find suitable workers.

Open Opportunities for IT Sector Candidates in 2018

2018, digitize continues to be a top priority in almost all industrial sectors in Vietnam, leading to the need to recruit IT experts with knowledge of cloud computing, information security and application design. Due to continuous development and breakthroughs not only in hardware, software creates opportunities for programmers and engineers to have more space to use their skills and move into many different positions.

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Furthermore, the IT sector’s compensation package is very attractive due to competition from domestic and foreign technology companies. Political factors and high salaries aim to attract and retain talented people. In addition to a good working environment and good salary like in the West, there are also new flexible conditions to help employees stay long term.

So with momentum “thirsty” The human resources of the IT industry are so important that it is certain that in 2018 and the following years, the supply/demand ratio of the IT industry will still have a large gap and will continue to be the industry more dynamic.

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