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Are you wondering about hiring a communications manager for your company? This is a very important position in the company. Hiring the wrong person can have serious consequences. So how do you recruit quality staff, the right people the company needs? You can refer to the HRchannels article “Recruitment of communications manager and what you need to know” below.

To recruit the right person for the position of communications manager, you need to carry out a professional recruitment process and keep a few things in mind while recruiting staff for this position.

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1. Implement a professional recruitment process

To attract good and suitable candidates for the position of communications manager, you must have a professional, scientific and reasonable recruitment process. Every company will have a different recruiting process, but the recruiting process below is highly rated by HRchannels for its effectiveness. It is well worth your reference.

1.1. Determine recruitment needs

To recruit the most suitable candidate for the communications manager position, the first thing to do is determine your company’s exact recruiting needs. You must clearly identify the following factors: the name of the position to be recruited, the position description, the requirements of the position and the skills necessary to fill this senior position.

1.2. Recruitment published

After determining your recruitment needs, you should post recruitment advertisements on reputable recruitment sites, on the company website, on recruitment forums and groups. The content of the recruitment advertisement must be clear and ensure that the following information is provided accurately:

Job Requirements: This is the most important part of the job offer. Helps candidates know whether or not their abilities are suitable for the position and helps you screen candidates. For the Communications Manager position, you must clearly demonstrate the necessary education, experience and skills requirements.

Salary: Salary is the factor that attracts quality candidates for the position of communications manager. Therefore, you need to have a competitive salary compared to other companies to attract candidates.

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Benefits received: candidates for the position of Communications Manager are people with a lot of experience and great abilities, so they often care about the benefits received such as: bonuses, social plans, travel, training, etc.

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1.3. Search and filter potential candidate profiles

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You can find potential candidates from communities and groups interested in communications, marketing, or other related issues. Once you have a few potential candidates in hand, the next thing you need to do is evaluate their experience. You should pay attention to candidates with experience in the field of communications and management. Additionally, you can learn more about candidates through blogs or through social media.

1.4. Select suitable candidates

Some criteria for selecting candidates for the position of communications manager:

Applicants must be proficient in modern technologies

The media industry has seen major changes mainly due to the influence of technological changes. Therefore, candidates who clearly understand and effectively use technology to fulfill their jobs should be highly valued.

Ensure the necessary skills

Team management and communication skills: The communications manager position requires you to work with many people, clients, partners and team members. Therefore, emphasis must be placed on team management and communication skills.

Creative ability and keen thinking: The duty of the communications manager is to create communication plans and strategies. This requires them to demonstrate great creativity and sharp thinking to respond to market changes. Candidates who meet this requirement are the candidates you need to find.

Sociable, playful, dynamic: the goal of communication is to change perceptions and inspire a target community. Therefore, candidates who meet this criterion will be potential candidates for the position of communications manager.

Adapted to the corporate culture

Achieving this criterion will ensure the ability to adapt and integrate into your company’s work environment, creating the motivation to stay with the company long-term.

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1.5. Use the Headhunter service

If you are unsure of your ability to hire the right person, seek help from headhunting experts. By using the Headhunter service, you will save a lot of time and effort, minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person and have an efficient staff. HRchannels is one of the leading and reputable headhunting units in Vietnam that you can trust.

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2. Some things to keep in mind when recruiting a communications manager

Nowadays, it is very difficult to recruit a good communications manager. Therefore, while recruiting, you need to keep the following points in mind to recruit the right people.

2.1. Professional capacity

The communications manager’s job is to create and implement communications plans and strategies for the company. To perform these jobs well, candidates must have certain professional knowledge in communications, journalism, business administration, marketing, advertising and other related fields. You can ask professional questions to determine the candidate’s abilities such as:

What do you mean by communication?

What is the difference between media and advertising?

Why do businesses need to communicate?

2.2. Ability to handle and handle situations

The communications manager is a management position in a company, that of head of the communications department. They are responsible for creating and improving the company’s reputation. Therefore, they must have the ability to handle and manage situations well to ensure that they maintain a good reputation for the company and handle negative situations that arise.

To assess this candidate’s abilities, ask questions about how they handled previous jobs. Or give them a situation and ask them to explain how to handle it.

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2.3. Evaluate the candidate’s behavioral capacity

When working in the media industry, candidates will have to come into contact and work with many subjects, who can be clients, partners, media units and even employees of the company. This characteristic requires candidates to demonstrate the ability to behave flexibly, courteously, and respectfully in relationships.

You can assess the candidate’s behavioral ability using questions related to how the candidate evaluates and critiques team members and how to handle conflicts within the group. Find out what channels candidates use in their communications campaigns and how they access these channels.

During the recruitment process, you must determine if the candidate understands the communication issues that exist in the company? Are they willing and able to handle it?

Thanks to the shares of this article, HRchannels hopes that you will soon succeed in recruiting the position of communications manager for your company.

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