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The HR manager or HR manager always stands alongside and shares responsibility with the CEO in carrying out all the HR work of the organization. The head of the human resources department is an irreplaceable figure, a solid support for finding, maintaining and developing a team of gray matter for the company.

To successfully apply for the HR Manager position, readers should refer to the below HRchannels article to “Win ​​the Championship” in this position. Human Resources Recruitment Manager Please.

1- Why is the recruitment of a Human Resources Manager important?

Imagine what a company would look like without a human resources manager? As the head of the human resources department, each HR manager or HR manager is an effective arm of the company because his mission is to create a privileged link between the members of the company among themselves.

Where will the Human Resources Department go without the Human Resources Manager? We can say that the recruitment of a Human Resources Manager is a need common to any company, an urgent need like the recruitment of a CEO – General Director, CFO – Financial Director, CCO – Sales Director, CMO – Marketing Manager, …

Additionally, if there is no head of HR, how can there be something called “company culture” – something that the founder, CEO or chairman of the board administration cherishes and cherishes like a treasure? In other words, the HR manager – the head of the human resource department is always the one who is always imbued with the company’s goals, ideology, vision of the leader, rules and regulations of the company and who transmits them to them intact. new generations of employees and those who have made a long-standing contribution to the organization.

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2- What is the salary of the Human Resources Manager?

Knowing the salary of human resources manager will help you have more motivation to apply because human resources manager is a high-level human resources position in the organization. If you have exceptional abilities, you can count on this to negotiate a salary above the level offered by the employer.

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According to Vietnam Salary’s measurements, the HR manager or HR manager usually receives a salary between 17.4 million and 21.4 million VND/month. If any of your qualities below are better, such as management experience and proficiency in at least 1-2 foreign languages, you will have the opportunity to get a salary of up to 67.5 million VND/month. In particular, if you work with headhunting companies – specializing in providing quality, high-level personnel, you can “receive” a salary of several thousand dollars without playing.

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More importantly, HR manager also enjoys great benefits such as ability-based salary increments, attractive bonuses such as KPI bonuses, quarterly bonuses, project bonuses, Tet bonuses, etc. . and professional, national and international travel. ..

3- The regions regularly recruit HR Managers on a national scale

According to HRchannels statistics, the regions that regularly recruit HR managers nationwide are Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang, Binh Duong, Nha Trang, Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa, Quang Ngai, Ba Ria – Vung Tàu,…

These are cities that focus on the development of technology and services in Vietnam and are home to the majority of businesses in many sectors. For every newly created company, the first thing to do is to recruit a human resources manager. Instead of an HR intern, they need someone with strong expertise to run their system smoothly and smoothly.

Recruitment of a human resources manager

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4- Candidate professions for the position of Human Resources Manager

The position of Recruitment Manager is regularly listed in the following list of professions:

  • Textiles – Leather shoes – Fashion

  • Manufacturing

  • Tourist resort

  • Technological Information (IT)

  • Staff

  • Real estate

  • Insurance

  • Posts and telecommunications

  • Legal right

  • Food – Drinks

  • Finance – Banks

Generally, companies operating in any of the above fields all have a human resources manager or HR manager to summarize the activities of the entire human resources apparatus of the company, convenient for management and evaluating employee performance in each department. A powerful company must be built from employees who are “quality” in terms of courage and “dominant” in terms of experience. This shows how important the role of the human resources manager is.

5- Tips for applying effectively for the position of Human Resources Manager

How to successfully apply for the position of Human Resources Manager?

Surely you can’t buy clothes at a home goods store and vice versa, right? So if you want to apply for a Human Resources Manager position – a high-level human resources position, you should also “choose to send gold” to Headhunters – experts who ” know by heart” the requirements of each position and the characteristics of each position. each position, the profession for which they are responsible.

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Moreover, they also see through your personality, know your personality, your qualities and the qualities that are valuable for which company/company to present you for the most worthy position.

Better yet, they also give you a free playbook of HR manager interview questions that will “capture the hearts” of employers and unique resume writing tips that will have employers hitting the button to choose you, even if they show how fierce competitors can show off their talents.

Instead of wondering which reputable headhunting company to choose, use the high-level HR service of HRchannels – a company with over 16 years of experience in leading reputable HR solutions in Vietnam. At that point, you will “receive” a basket of benefits, including being recruited directly to the position of HR manager without spending a cent.

With extremely simple operations, you just need to click on the home page of and enter the keyword “Human Resources Manager” or “HR Manager” in the “Select a position” box or if more carefully, in the “HR Manager” box. “Position”, you fill in “Head of Department” and determine where you want to work in the “Region” section, all the results regarding HR Manager or Human Resources Manager jobs will appear, you just need to apply freely .

Interview the head of the human resources department

Promotion roadmap for the Director of Human Resources

Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from “top” universities such as National Academy of Public Administration, University of Labor and Social Affairs, University of Internal Affairs, University of Commerce, National University of economy,… you will easily obtain the first sympathy of the employer.

Did you know, the HR manager started from an HR intern. After determining their passion, this candidate continues to gain 2-3 years of experience in the positions of C&B Specialist (Salary and Benefits Specialist), Recruitment Specialist, Training Specialist, Create and Develop. After receiving the trust of the company’s management and entrusting you with the responsibility of training and managing a group of interns/recruiters, you will be promoted to the position of recruitment manager or HR manager.

Hopefully, the above article provides readers with some useful tips when applying for the HR manager position. If you are sure that you have the qualities, experience and courage of a hiring manager, do not hesitate to quickly call the hotline number or come to the HRchannels office immediately!

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