Recruitment Requirements for Quality Assurance Engineers

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In collaboration with the Quality Management Engineer – QC, the role is to ensure that the company’s products meet the best quality standards. The objective is to meet the growing needs of customers, encouraging them to trust the use of the products and services offered by the company. Through this article, HRchannels wishes to send information to readers Recruitment of quality assurance engineers today the most attractive on the job market.

Job Requirements for the Quality Assurance Engineer Position

1. Education level

According to HRchannels’ observations, companies often require that candidates for the position of Quality Assurance Engineer hold a bachelor’s degree in a specialization related to the company’s profession, and knowledge related to the company’s profession. ISO quality management system, TQM…, understanding of the quality management process.

2. Professional experience

Companies often require quality assurance engineer candidates to have at least 1-2 years of experience in the field or experience in a similar position. Some companies also require candidates to have 3 years or more of experience.

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3. Skills a QA Engineer Should Have

In addition to education and work experience, candidates must also possess other skills such as:

Pay attention to every detail: Identifying the problem is very simple, but determining the cause of the problem is very difficult. Because an incident can occur for many reasons, starting with very small errors. Therefore, quality assurance engineers must pay attention to every minute detail to detect the cause of the problem. This requires them to be very careful and meticulous.

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Good communication: In the role of a quality assurance engineer, you must maintain a close and smooth communication relationship with the relevant departments. You must clearly understand the product or project requirements and be able to explain the criteria and evaluation process to relevant parties. You must demonstrate a strong point of view and position when serving as a Quality Assurance Engineer. To do this, you need to practice your speaking and writing skills fluently.

Patience: For a quality assurance engineer, patience always comes first. To be able to detect errors and technical errors, sometimes you need to test again and again. This testing process requires you to be persistent and persistent so as not to miss any errors or technical errors of the product.

Non-stop learning: To succeed in the quality assurance industry, quality assurance engineers must continually learn and absorb new knowledge to keep up with the development of technology.

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Good time management skills: Good time management provides opportunities for success to employees in any profession. Quality assurance engineers have to undertake many different work tasks, so it is necessary to give appropriate priorities when performing work, organize a balance of time and establish a specific work schedule in order to don’t miss work.

Good analytical and data-driven skills: The work of a quality assurance engineer is mainly related to data, processes and systems. Therefore, a good quality assurance engineer must have good data analysis ability to quickly recognize problems through recorded digital data.

Organizational capacity and logical thinking: The responsibility of the quality assurance engineer is to establish and develop a quality management system for the company. Therefore, they must have good organizational ability and logical thinking to be able to look at problems from many aspects, rationally organize individual elements into a system that works smoothly and efficiently.

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Additionally, quality assurance engineers must also be equipped with the ability to use the most advanced technological software in the field of quality management, be proficient in English, and be able to work independently and in a team. , Resistant to high pressure at work.

Salary of a quality assurance engineer

According to Vietnamsalary statistics, quality assurance engineers currently have an average salary of 8.7 million VND/month. The lowest salary is 5 million VND/month, the highest is 22.5 million VND/month.

For quality assurance engineers at manager level, the average salary is 32.7 million VND/month. The lowest salary is 10 million VND/month, the highest can reach 90 million VND/month.

Benefits of Quality Assurance Engineers

In addition to the salary, quality assurance engineers also benefit from all social benefits according to state regulations: social insurance, health insurance, etc.

In addition, depending on the regime of each company, they will benefit from additional bonuses based on capacity, initiative bonuses, work efficiency bonuses… or other incentives and will participate in training programs to improve the knowledge and periodic expertise of the company.

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Career development opportunity

Any field of study needs to recruit quality assurance engineers corresponding to that profession. Therefore, job opportunities for quality assurance engineers are very high.

When you become a good quality assurance engineer, you will have very open career development opportunities, you can be promoted to head of the quality assurance department. After working as a head of the QA department, if you have sufficient capabilities, the opportunity to move to higher management positions will be within your reach.

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