Requirements for recruiting construction engineers in Hanoi

Yêu cầu tuyển dụng kỹ sư xây dựng tại Hà Nội

Demand for housing and commercial real estate projects is increasing, particularly in Hanoi, Vietnam’s leading economic center. Request Recruit construction engineers in Hanoi Thanks to this, it always appears on job search page templates. However, to meet the application requirements, applicants must clearly understand many characteristics related to the position, so the chances of being accepted will be significantly improved. What are these characteristics? Let’s follow the article below from HRchannels!


1.1. Professional qualifications
1.2. Professional experience
1.3. Specialized software
1.4. Personality of the candidate

2. Tasks for construction engineers to undertake in Hanoi
2.1. Develop construction plans
2.2. Communicate directly with small business owners
2.3. Processing legal documents
2.4. Direct project management

3. Construction Engineer Salary and Benefits

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1. Job Requirements for Construction Engineers

Due to the nature of a construction engineer’s job, they must travel to construction sites, be exposed to rain and sun, and be able to eat and sleep directly on the job. This is why employers often give priority to “men” when reviewing applications.

Additionally, there are common requirements considered mandatory for applicants:

1.1. Professional qualifications

Specialization in construction, bridges, seaports or any other related industry.

Employers rarely mention the university where the candidate graduated. Even though polytechnic or construction are famous for training in this specialty, nowadays ability is the factor that interests employers. This way, candidates can apply with complete confidence.

1.2. Professional experience

Depending on the complexity of the work the company requires, new graduates or at least 1-2 years of experience may be accepted.

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For management level positions, 5 years of experience or more will be required in the recruitment bulletin.

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1.3. Specialized software

Mastery of one or more specialized building software such as Autocad, Etabs, SAP, SAFE, etc. will be required.

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If studying in the right specialization, applicants will receive training from the university.

If the specialization is different, candidates can upgrade further through short courses and obtain the necessary certificates.

1.4. Personality of the candidate

Honest, hardworking, concerned with good discipline.

Enthusiastic, eager to learn, able to work independently and in a group.

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2. Tasks for construction engineers to undertake in Hanoi

The tasks of construction engineers are also very diverse, depending on the nature of the activity and the size of the recruiting company. As part of this article, HRchannels will highlight the main tasks that almost all construction engineers in Hanoi need to undertake in the current environment.

2.1. Develop construction plans

Construction engineers in Hanoi will often undertake the task of building project-related content such as

  • Estimate the costs of materials, labor, paperwork… during project implementation

  • Design construction drawings with detailed structural data about the structure

  • Calculate the progress of project implementation, propose backup plans to resolve problems encountered

2.2. Communicate directly with small business owners

When a construction company wins a tender for a project, it usually does not undertake all the stages but redistributes part of it to small contractors. The task of the construction engineer is to communicate directly with these contractors to:

  • Agree on how to implement the project

  • Clearly define the powers, duties and responsibilities of each small entrepreneur according to the elements for which he is responsible

  • Balance costs paid and report to company management board to approve contracts with small contractors.


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2.3. Processing legal documents

Construction projects, whether small or large, must ensure complete legal procedures in accordance with the provisions of the law. The larger the project, the more complicated the legal documents. For the project to go smoothly, construction engineers must carry out all the necessary procedures before starting work.

This task will often be assigned to candidates with legal experience and good relations with the media and state agencies in the construction field.

2.4. Direct project management

  • Implement construction according to approved plans, drawings and progress

  • Closely inspect and monitor all construction elements on site.

  • Quickly detect incidents that arise and report them to superiors for rapid treatment

  • Assume primary responsibility or joint responsibility for each element or the entire project.

This is considered an important responsibility that determines the success or failure of the project, which is why this task receives special attention from employers when considering candidates.


3. Construction Engineer Salary and Benefits

According to information compiled from leading recruiting site HRchannels, the salary for construction engineers currently ranges from 4 million to 45 million, depending on the title, company size, level of work and responsibilities that engineers in construction must assume.

So, you can see that the average salary of a construction engineer today ranges between 10.4 and 15.7 million VND. This can be considered as the fixed salary that candidates will receive upon admission.

The fact is that a company that offers a low base salary (fixed salary) is not necessarily a place with poor candidate benefits. Because, in addition to the base salary, many companies apply very attractive project bonus and pension policies.

This is about encouraging the work spirit and efforts of employees. So, during a direct interview, candidates should clearly ask the interviewer about the accompanying social policies before proposing the proposed salary.


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Information Recruit construction engineers in Hanoi What HRchannels shares above is an important foundation that every candidate should have before applying to a company. Some other requirements and tasks may be set, but if the candidate fully meets the basics in this article, the company may still agree to additional training for you.

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