Responsibilities and Powers of the Chargé d’Affaires within the company

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In a business, a sales manager is responsible for product sales, sales management, and customer service. It can be said that the profit or loss of a business depends on the management ability of the business city. To discharge such an important responsibility requires a manager with the corresponding authority. So precisely Powers of the commercial director like to business?

1. What is the most important responsibility of the sales manager?

Like other management positions, the sales manager also has responsibilities such as planning, scheduling, directing, organizing the implementation of the plan, and controlling the implementation of the plan. However, the most important responsibility of the sales manager is to effectively manage the sales staff.

As a sales manager, you will need to determine how to foster partnerships within your sales team to achieve your sales growth goals. Therefore, you must act as a coach, supporting other members to achieve the set goals.

On the other hand, the Sales Manager must also know how to develop the company’s salespeople. Every business needs knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales staff. However, not all salespeople are good employees in the first place. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the sales manager to improve the capacity of the staff you manage. At the same time, you also need to practice to improve your own ability.

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2. Powers of the commercial director

Depending on the operating characteristics of each company, the scope of the powers of the sales manager will be different. However, their powers often relate to the following points:

2.1 Authority of personnel under management

The Sales Manager will establish the rules, policies and work standards that the sales team must follow. They also set goals and targets to be achieved within a business cycle. The goals set must be realistic and achievable.

Have the right to participate in the process of recruiting new employees as well as to make training decisions based on the capacity of each employee. Ensure that new employees can integrate quickly into the company’s work environment and improve the expertise of former staff.

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The sales manager also has the right to establish evaluation criteria, reward and discipline policies for employees in the sales department. They also have the power to make the decision to dismiss employees who do not meet assigned work objectives. For more complicated cases, the sales manager will report to the board of directors for appropriate handling.

2.2 Having the right to make decisions related to sales activities

The sales manager has the right to set specific business development goals and strategies for the sales staff. The responsibility of the sales staff is to achieve the goals and strategies of the sales manager to generate revenue and profit for the business and help the business grow.

In addition, the sales manager also has the right to participate in the development of marketing plans and the promotion of the company’s brand. They will work with the Marketing Manager to discuss, discuss and develop marketing plans to achieve the best results.

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2.3 Have the right to decide on customer service issues

In case of questions and complaints from customers, the sales manager will decide to deal with them according to the assigned jurisdiction. For important events, it is necessary to report to management for the fastest and most efficient management.

Based on the analysis and forecast of business results, the Sales Manager will propose appropriate programs, promotions and discounts. These programs have a great effect in stimulating customers’ purchasing needs for the company’s products and services.

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