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Bí quyết giữ chân nhân tài thông qua chính sách nội bộ doanh nghiệp

retain talent in business is an important issue to focus on today. Find out how to retain company talent with the following internal policy with headhunting company HR channels.

Building appropriate social protection schemes

HAS retain talent In the company, it is necessary to have a friendly business environment and to care about the lives of employees. Find out what your company can do to help improve your work environment and help every employee overcome their challenges.

Create forums for employees to contribute ideas to the company and improve the company environment. In addition, schemes such as visits to sick employees, birthday parties, sports activities after work, etc. also make a difference in the organization, helping employees feel valued.

Social protection schemes are always valued in Vietnam. Therefore, companies must focus on setting up appropriate schemes, guaranteeing social benefits to employees. The way of working is the key Retain talent in the company the best.

Only when talented people treat companies like family and receive the best care will they stick to their jobs. Therefore, inquiring about employees and caring about their lives is an important method for retain talent in your company.


Enjoy great templates

Currently, many companies choose to promote the example of excellent employees. Rewarding them is also a way to build a corporate culture. They set up boards in the meeting room to highlight the top performers. In companies like Mars, L’Oréal and Samsung,… have successfully applied the recognition of exceptional individuals.

Employees are an important part of an organization. Therefore, let your HR models become valuable business assets, hailed as an integral part of your business. Don’t forget to share these great examples on the company’s website, on social media sites with lots of followers for Retain talent in the company.

praise the success

Interesting professions

Reward is an important key to improving employee success and performance. Building reward systems into the corporate culture will boost employee dedication and help. retain talent. Positive HR success stories will quickly spread widely within and outside the organization. These entrepreneurial talent When they are recognized for their abilities, they will be encouraged to contribute better to the company.

Recognition of achievements or awards does not necessarily equate to big gifts. be honest with talent in business through small but heartfelt actions. Rewarding regularly is a way to improve performance and let colleagues follow, creating a corporate environment where everyone can grow together.

The work of human resources, through the evaluations of business leaders, must monitor the productivity and performance of employees. Make sure they like the job. Job retain talent They are only effective if they see a suitable working environment, have plenty of opportunities for promotion and are recognized for their skills. The rotation of staff and tasks in the work process is also a way Retain talent in the company effective.

Build a flexible work schedule

To increase work productivity as well as the relationship between managers and staff, it is important to build a flexible and adapted way of working. Surely no senior employee wants to work in an environment with a busy schedule and a lack of creativity. This poses a challenge to the internal company, which must build the most suitable and flexible way of working.

Unlike many Korean companies, working hours at Samsung are very different. All will start work at 7 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m. It is a way to build a flexible working arrangement so that employees can spend more time with family and other leisure activities.

In addition, employees also have some time to attend training courses aimed at improving company skills without affecting their working time. It’s the strategy Retain talent in the company very unique that only Samsung can have.

However, that doesn’t mean being too loose when it comes to punctuality or employee management. The essential thing that Vietnamese companies should focus on is to build performance evaluation by performance rather than by time constraint. This is the orientation chosen by many companies to recruit and retain talent.

Training helps attract and retain talent

Corporate talents often prioritize the choice of high-paying jobs and they are promoted and upgraded. Therefore, companies today need to focus more on training to build the strongest human resources. Companies often choose training methods to retain talent such as organizing capacity building within the company itself with the support of full-time experts or sending talents to study in training programs abroad.

Depending on the different requirements of the position as well as the abilities of the employees, companies opt for professional training or soft skills. When the skills are needed for each member of the company, the company will organize courses specifically aimed at employees. On the other hand, with the talent in businessthe company will often choose to send students to prestigious training institutions around the world.

In order to encourage employees to improve their contribution to the company, many companies use the employee reward system through overseas training and education programs. That’s what helps Retain talent in the company and help them to have the possibility to study better, to improve their knowledge on the creation and the development of companies.

go into business Retain talent in the company This is a difficult problem for many companies today. This is urgent work that needs to be done quickly to improve quality and competitiveness in the age of 4.0 technology.

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