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English translators are still among the most sought-after professions that attract the attention of many young people due to their good income. So, what do you know about the job of an English translator? What is the salary of an English translator? In this article, Ms. Uptalent will reveal the salary of a English translator and factors affecting the income level of this occupation. Readers, follow us!

1- What is an English translator?
2- The profession of English translator
3- Salary of an English translator
4- Factors affecting the income of English translators
4.1- Level of competition
4.2- Major translation
4.3- Workload

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1- What is an English translator?

English translator is a person who translates documents and articles from English to another language and vice versa without changing the meaning. In some cases, translators are also called translation specialists.

The documents that English translators often translate are related to many different topics in life. This could include common documents and papers such as ID cards, diplomas, transcripts, tender documents, capability profiles, etc. Additionally, English translators also participate in translation projects for websites, software, films, books, stories, games and other specialized materials. .

English translators are not pressed for time and do not have to react immediately as interpreters say. However, their translations have higher requirements for accuracy and fluency. Additionally, they also need to know how to leverage translated materials in diverse ways, not just translating them correctly and meaningfully.

A person who is proficient in English may not be able to become a good English translator. Because this job requires you to be able to convey the meaning and message of the document to the reader accurately and completely.

If you want to become a good English translator, you must understand the meaning of the document to be translated. At the same time, you must also be proficient in your native language and be able to use the language fluently to translate in the smoothest and easiest to understand way.

The job of an English translator also requires diverse knowledge about culture and life. It is the rich knowledge and practical life experience that will significantly contribute to creating perfect translations.

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Additionally, you need to choose a specific translation field to pursue. Because passion for this field will help you persevere and stay in the profession.

2- The profession of English translator

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Depending on the field and job requirements in each company, English translators will undertake different tasks. But most of an English translator’s work usually includes the following tasks:

2.1- Processing and bilingual translation of company documents

Every day, English translators are tasked with translating documents at the request of their superiors. This is considered the fundamental task of any translator.

Specifically, English translators will translate documents from English to Vietnamese to serve business activities within the company. At the same time, they are also responsible for translating documents and documents from Vietnamese to English according to professional usage.

2.2- Writing bilingual documents

In addition to translating documents, English translators are also responsible for drafting bilingual English – Vietnamese documents according to business requirements. These documents may be used for internal communications or transactions and for cooperation with foreign companies.

When writing bilingual documents, English translators must ensure an accurate compilation of company information as well as the content and messages the company wants to convey.

2.3- Translate documents to serve the company’s work and research process

English translators are responsible for researching international documents and information about the company’s field and industry and then translating those documents. The translated documents will become a valuable source of information for research as well as for improving work efficiency in the company.

2.4- Prepare bilingual documents for meetings and presentations

The responsibility of the English translator is to prepare bilingual documents for use in company meetings, presentations and discussions according to the criteria and content given by superiors. They must ensure accurate and complete translation of the content that will be discussed and presented to help meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

2.5- Check and adjust available translations

English translators will coordinate with relevant individuals and departments to check and re-evaluate previously translated specialist documents. Then, they will make adjustments if they detect grammar and terminology errors to ensure that the translation is as close in meaning and correct to the original content as possible.

2.6- Manage documents to be translated and create a reasonable work schedule

The volume of texts and documents that English translators need to translate is often very large, so they need to categorize them appropriately to know which ones need to be translated first and which can be translated later. From there, they will create a work schedule and allocate translation time appropriately.

In addition, English translators also need to ensure that documents are translated on time and manage translations efficiently.

2.7- Search for translated documents and specialized documents

To obtain the most perfect and accurate translations, English translators must actively search for translation materials and specialized documents. This process will help translators accumulate a lot of useful knowledge. From there, their translation skills will be improved and the translations will also be of higher quality.

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2.8- Other jobs

In addition to translation-related work, English translators also perform other tasks such as organizing and storing company files and documents and carrying out tasks assigned by superiors.

3- Salary of an English translator

The job of an English translator requires a high level of command of foreign languages, professional knowledge as well as general skills. If you meet these conditions, you will receive a very good salary.

According to Uptalent records, the salary of English translators is currently around 10-15 million per month. For experienced candidates, the salary will be 30-40 million/month. Especially in the case of specific skills such as law, technology, construction, etc., the salary will be much higher.

If you work as an English translator in a translation company or publishing house, your income will be calculated based on the number of words or pages of the document. Depending on the specific field and specialty, the price will vary between 150 and 400 VND/word.

In general, the salary of an English translator will depend on the individual’s abilities and experience. The more translation experience and professional knowledge you have, the higher your salary will be.

Additionally, the salary of English translators is also influenced by the companies’ remuneration policy. However, to achieve your desired salary, you will need to continually improve your knowledge, experience and translation ability.

4- Factors affecting the income of English translators

The income level of each English translator will not be the same. The reason is that the income level of this profession is influenced by many different factors.

Here are the main factors affecting the income of the English translator profession:

4.1- Level of competition

The more English translators there are, the more choice customers have. Therefore, the competition to get a job is also higher. At that point, the translator who offers a more suitable price will be the one chosen.

4.2- Major translation

The more specialized or complex the documents, the higher the translation cost will be. Translating these documents requires translators to have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of this field.

Therefore, you need to choose a specific direction to become an expert in a certain field. At that point, customers will immediately think of you if they need a translation.

You should not try to translate all the majors and all the documents. This will prevent your translation skills from becoming sharp and will make it difficult for you to gain an advantage during negotiations with clients.

4.3- Workload

An English translator’s salary is paid per page, or even per word translated. Therefore, the amount of work you do will determine the salary you receive each month.

Above are Ms. Uptalent’s shares about the English translation profession. From the disclosure of the salary of an English translator, it appears that this is an extremely potential job with good prospects for advancement. If you love this job, make the effort to put your translation knowledge and skills into practice every day. Good luck!

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