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Currently, the C&B Specialist position is highly respected and also has some voice in the company as they are the ones in charge of salary, bonus and employee welfare issues across the company. In this article, Ms. Uptalent will help readers explore the role, duties, duties and salary of a C&B specialist so that you can see the development potential as well as the open career opportunities of this position.

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Roles, functions and tasks of C&B specialists

1- The role of the C&B specialist

In a company, C&B specialists play an important role in managing compensation and well-being policies for all employees. Through their efforts, labor productivity is improved, work quality is improved, the human resource system is stable, and employees are motivated to stay with the company for the long term.

Additionally, C&B specialists also help companies measure the value of work and convert it into an accurate and reasonable real value. This is very important because it determines the competitiveness of a company’s human resources in the labor market. Simply put, companies offering good salaries will easily attract more talented people.

2- Compensation and benefits specialist functions

C&B specialists have the following 4 important functions:

The first one, determine the salary. Each company operating in different fields and industries will be influenced by different factors, leading to different salaries for each position. The responsibility of the C&B specialist is to determine the salary for each position and ensure that the salary is in line with the market.

Tuesday, Track and analyze company salaries. C&B specialists are not only the ones who set the salary rules for the entire company, but they are also responsible for monitoring and analyzing salaries. Accordingly, a system of principles is established to know the amount of salary that each employee will receive monthly, including: experience, training, number of working days and work efficiency.

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Wednesday, Develop bonus and welfare policies. C&B specialists must develop reward and welfare mechanisms and policies to ensure compliance with market criteria and the company’s budget.

3- Duties of the salary and benefits specialist

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Companies often hire C&B specialists to undertake the following tasks:

+ Verify and monitor compliance with schedules and implementation of employee work rules.

+ Manage leave, overtime and other benefits according to company regulations.

+ Calculate and implement the payment of salaries, monthly bonuses and vacation bonuses for employees.

+ Manage and store salary records, salary increase requests, salary reduction disciplinary documents and other salary-related documents.

+ Monitor and update developments in social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance in accordance with regulations. Perform monthly reconciliation with the social security agency.

+ Complete the documents and procedures related to employee social insurance. Ensure that employees can participate in and benefit from insurance benefits in accordance with applicable regulations.

+ Make a list of employees who must pay personal income tax, calculate and finalize the company’s employee income tax.

+ Develop salary and bonus policies, welfare schemes and other rules and regulations.

+ Resolve furlough and redundancy schemes for employees.

+ Work with banks to open ATM cards to employees.

+ Answer salary-related questions for employees and business leaders.

Duties of the C&B specialist

C&B specialist salary

According to the results of a salary survey carried out on recruitment sites, a new C&B specialist will receive a salary of approximately 7 million/month. The common salary is between 5 and 15 million/month. Experienced C&B specialists will have a salary of 15-30 million. Salary will vary depending on experience, job performance, company size, amount of work performed and market situation.

Basically, this is quite a high salary compared to other positions in the field of office administration and human resources. Besides salary, C&B specialists also receive bonuses for achieving KPIs and other social bonuses.

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Career Opportunities for C&B Specialists

Nowadays, the importance of C&B specialists is increasingly affirmed. Because salary is the determining factor in the long-term commitment of employees to the company. The C&B specialist therefore becomes a key and essential position for any company.

Additionally, this position is also very versatile. If you are in the position of C&B specialist, you can fill in for other positions in the human resources department, but other positions cannot do C&B work. Additionally, this job is suitable for all ages, which opens up more diverse career opportunities for everyone.

Although it is an office job, the C&B specialist position is not boring but also has many challenges. Every working day you will face many different problems. Thanks to this, you yourself become more competent and diverse every day.

In addition, C&B specialist is also a profession with clear development prospects: C&B Intern => C&B Officer => C&B Specialist => C&B Supervisor => C&B Manager.

C&B specialist profession
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You can start your career in entry-level positions. Then accumulate the experience and skills needed to become a C&B specialist and continue to progress to senior management positions.

If you do not plan to develop long term in the C&B field, you can turn to recruitment (HOUR) and become an HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner – Strategic Human Resources Business Partner) professional, specializing in connecting companies with other business units.

In general, to develop long-term on the C&B path, one must go through a long process of effort. However, it is not too difficult if you are clear on how to do it and what you need to prepare to start your career.

Hopefully, through this article, readers have received useful information about the C&B specialist position. At the same time, you also have a clearer and more complete view of this position in order to know whether you are suitable for this position or not. I wish you the right choice and success in your career.

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