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The sales manager is a position that every company should have. They are responsible for developing business plans and coordinating the company’s business operations. Perform multiple tasks at the same time, so Salary of a sales manager very attractive and the salary many people expect.

What is the salary for the position of Sales Manager? Let’s find out the following article from HRchannels!

Corporate Jobs

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What kind of jobs does a sales manager usually do?

The sales manager is one of the positions chosen by many young people. Because in this position they will receive a good salary, work in a dynamic environment with many opportunities for career development.

The main job of the sales manager is to research, plan and propose a business development strategy suitable for each period of business activity, helping the company to expand the market and develop sustainably. In addition, they are also responsible for training, supporting sales staff, and actively building relationships with customers, partners, and agents.

What is the salary for the position of Sales Manager?

When you hold the position of sales manager, you will receive a relatively high salary, which is considered to be one of the best salary positions. Depending on the company, the salary of the sales manager varies. For sales managers who are just starting work, the starting salary is usually between 10-15 million/month. However, the salary for positions in the business sector is often not fixed. Because in addition to the hard salary, they also receive commissions and sales, so the real total income will be much higher.

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According to a survey by HRchannels, the position of Sales Manager will have an average salary of 20.8 million / month. This salary varies from 6 to 80 million / month.

For domestic enterprises, the salary of the sales manager is usually 20-30 million/month. As for foreign companies, the salary for this position can be 2-3 times higher than that of domestic companies.

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In the Hanoi market, the average salary of a Sales Manager is 18 million/month, ranging from 12 to 27 million/month. To receive this salary, the sales manager must have between 2 and 5 years of experience.

In the Ho Chi Minh City market, the salary of Sales Manager is higher, on average 19 million/month, the common salary ranges from 13 to 29 million/month. Along with this salary, the Sales Manager also needs 2-5 years of experience.

How to become a good sales manager?

You need to make sure of the following factors if you want to become a good sales manager:

1. Professional qualifications

Employers often require the position of sales manager to have at least a university degree in fields such as business law, accounting, economics, marketing…

There are also many companies that do not matter in terms of form or qualifications, but they will select candidates based on their abilities. At that time, those with a business background, who have the ability to calculate quickly will be candidates noticed by employers.

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2. Experience

For the position of sales manager, experience is an important factor that every candidate must possess. Employers also rely on experience to decide whether or not to hire you for the position of sales manager.

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In fact, the sales manager has many starting points. They can start from the position of salesperson, salesperson or vice president of sales. These positions all offer more opportunities for career development.

3. Skills

Sales managers should have the following important skills:

  • Have the necessary skills to collect and analyze data in order to be able to propose the best business strategies.

  • Excellent communication skills to be able to communicate effectively with clients and colleagues.

  • Customer service skills.

  • Leadership skills, to be able to manage, supervise and evaluate the work performance of sales staff.

In summary, the sales manager salary is a very desirable salary. There are many sales, service and real estate managers with much higher salaries than other industries. However, to receive such an attractive salary, you have to be able to overcome the pressure of sales. Therefore, you should consider your own skills before deciding to choose this job as a career.

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