Samsung Chairman Lee Kun Hee and Lessons in Human Resource Management

Chủ tịch tập đoàn Samsung Lee Kun Hee và bài học quản lý nhân sự cấp cao

After 70 years of development, Samsung has gradually become one of the world’s leading technology companies. This success has an important role to play human resources management strategy from the group chairman Lee Kun Hee, who made the whole world admire and brought Samsung to the first place today.

Establish clear working and human resources management methods

Unlike many Korean companies, the work schedule at Samsung is very different. Everyone will start work at 7 a.m. and finish it at 4 p.m. As the Samsung president explained, this is the time for employees to spend more time with family and other entertainment activities.

In addition, employees also have certain deadlines to participate in group development training without affecting their working time. This is a very unique strategy that only Samsung can do.

Samsung employees are required to fully respect working rules and schedules. If you don’t comply properly, it will be difficult for you to meet the company’s work requirements. Therefore, even though working hours are different, Samsung employees must adhere to these regulations while still maintaining comfortable time for their families.

Creative flexibility to succeed

At Samsung, employees are always up to date and apply new technologies so that the products offered are always top-notch. Currently in the world, Samsung has to compete with many formidable opponents. To assert the brand, the houses HRM The unit has absorbed and learned the higher telephone segments. Phone lines like Note 8, Note 9 or Samsung tablets are still considered one of the leading phone segments in the world.

According to statistics, Samsung is Apple’s main competitor. Apple’s human resource management strategy is quite similar to Samsung’s when it comes to empowering employees to learn and innovate on their own. However, the number of Samsung Galaxy phones is considered to have a consumption rate several times higher than that of iPhones. Path superior human resources management Samsung’s mission is for employees to learn and create on their own. This is the premise of Samsung’s current development.

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President of Samsung

Create healthy competition between employees

Mr. Kun Hee firmly understands the benefits of fair competition among employees and work efficiency. SO, human resources management strategy His also has some differences.

Attractive jobs

He will fire 5-10% of employees if they are not working efficiently. Implement a 25-30% management demotion and only about 5-10% of the best employees will be retained for training to become senior managers serving the company’s development. It’s this difference that helps Samsung get people HRM The best and most efficient employees serve the development of the company.

Develop specific goals for each stage

Samsung aims to become the global technology leader. Therefore, the Chairman of the Group always devotes certain periods of time to define the business development directions for each specific period, based on the development directions of certain periods. This is controlled by the house’s own skills HRM good at Samsung.

When Samsung is in the development stage, this group aims to create brands that are useful to users, thereby elevating the brand to global status. Once it has asserted a certain position, Samsung aims to promote the development of a global brand, with relatively affordable prices so that all customers can own the product.

In addition, human resources management strategy Mr. Kun Hee also pays great attention to sponsoring the country’s cultural sports activities such as football tournaments, Olympic sports, taekwondo tournaments, etc. Sponsoring the Olympic Games or Asiad is also an effective way. The results help the Samsung brand to become famous all over the world and attract many talented people to the company.

Develop and manage talent according to international standards

Samsung, with its very strict standards in training its employees, has brought certain success to this brand. An employee who has worked in the company for a long time or who has worked at least 3 years will be able to travel around the world for 1 year to work and study in a new environment.

This employee will have access to many languages, cultures, etc. in many different countries. It is human resource management tactics very unique because through these trips, Samsung employees will develop their ability to work flexibly and adapt well in all conditions. Therefore, Samsung is a company with a team of qualified and international corporate talents.

Samsung and talent

Pay special attention to the marketing department

Building a product brand is one way to develop a human resources strategy. Therefore, Samsung focuses on marketing within the company, conducting propaganda and raising awareness about the company among the company’s employees. By strategy superior human resources management This way, employees will fully master the company rules and implement them as precisely as possible.

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Currently, Samsung has 55 subsidiaries that promote electronic products worldwide. The number of Samsung slogans can reach more than 20 different types. Therefore, when launching a product in the market, Samsung also shows a high number which makes many other brands admire.

Samsung product lines attract users due to consistent messaging, packaging, and product quality… Becoming a sponsor of major Korean programs and films helps Samsung gain worldwide exposure. A house Good human resources management will intelligently promote your product brand through the media.

Commitment to the quality of each product

Human resource management strategy is the key to the success of Samsung products. When they are integrated into the corporate culture, they manifest themselves in people superior human resources management Never be satisfied with what you have, but must continually improve and improve product quality globally.

When the product has minor defects, please contact us HRM They all have a recall plan so as not to affect users. In November 1993, following an error on the SH-700 line, President Lee Kun Hee ordered the destruction of these 150 machines in front of all employees and held staff accountable, from managers to employees.

In May 2012, 3 weeks before the Samsung Galaxy S3 range of cases hit shelves, there were comments that the paint quality of the product was not as good as the sample. After inspection, the group president found that the grain was not as smooth and beautiful as the sample. He quickly recalled 100,000 Galaxy S3 cases from the warehouse and destroyed them at the airport. As of early 2017, more than 96% of Galaxy Note 7 devices were recalled due to fire or explosion, affecting the health and safety of users.

Thus, the role at home superior human resources management plays a very important role in building a brand as well as the success of a business. Thanks to the ingenious human resources of Chairman Lee Kun Hee, Samsung gradually developed strongly and became the world’s leading electronics company.

Samsung HR policy

Application human resources management strategy from the Chairman of Samsung Group is a profound lesson for companies to learn and develop human resource management. The success or failure of a business comes from talented leaders, so develop the most unique and appropriate strategies yourself.

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