Searching for potential candidates in the Data Analyst sector

Tìm kiếm ứng viên tiềm năng trong ngành Data Analyst

Its role is increasingly important in business development. However, finding potential candidates in the data analyst industry is not easy.

1- Identify the important requirements of this position

The first thing you should consider when looking for talented candidates as a data analyst is to determine the requirements for this position.

In fact, a talented candidate must not only possess data processing skills but also be good at analyzing and presenting information effectively.

Here are the important requirements you should look for in a candidate:

1.1- Skills

A talented Data Analyst must possess the following important skills:

Programming skills

The volume of data that companies use is currently very large. If you only work on Excel, the storage space is not enough because a spreadsheet only has 1,048,576 rows.

A good candidate must therefore know how to use SQL language to be able to synthesize, calculate and retrieve data quickly.

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At the same time, they must also know how to combine Python with SQL. This helps overcome the disadvantages of SQL in processing complex data.

Data presentation skills

Data presentation skills demonstrate the data analyst’s ability to describe information in pictures rather than words.

In fact, not everyone can understand words and numbers easily. However, thanks to visual images, everything becomes much easier to understand.

For a data analyst, drawing graphs or dashboards is something they have to do almost every day.

Therefore, a potential candidate must master this skill in order to present their reports in the clearest and most understandable manner.

Storytelling skills

After researching and analyzing the data, the Data Analyst must present the results to managers. At this stage, they need to know how to “tell a story” to make the report understandable, logical and have clear evidence.

communication skills

Analysts not only work with data, but they also need to communicate with colleagues, managers, customers, data providers, system administrators, and many other stakeholders.

Therefore, a potential candidate must be able to interact and work effectively with people both online and offline. At the same time, they must also know how to listen, receive feedback and know how to ask questions to effectively use the information they have.

Customer management skills

Customers are an important factor in the Data Analyst’s analysis process. The larger the customer base, the more difficult it will be for them to find a solution to the problem they need to solve.

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Observe whether the candidate has the ability to understand customer needs, understand their expectations and provide optimal solutions based on available resources. These are all signs to look for in a candidate who knows how to manage customers.

Data Analyst Skills

Critical mind

Critical thinking demonstrates the Data Analyst’s ability to see further. A talented candidate will always ask themselves “What does this mean?” », “What impact does this have? “, “What does the sudden change in data represent? “” and “Do these changes need to be evaluated in more detail?”

Presentation skills

Data Analyst will be the one who will present his reports directly. Therefore, a good candidate must have good presentation skills to be able to effectively explain the results of their analysis.

You should pay attention to whether the candidate knows how to present the problem clearly and reasonably. At the same time, find out if they know how to focus on the important points and can navigate smoothly in the Dashboard.

Analytical skills

Analysis is an essential skill of a Data Analyst. Therefore, you should focus on this when evaluating candidates. A good candidate should be able to analyze huge volumes of data in the most efficient way possible.

1.2- Knowledge and expertise

A talented candidate as a Data Analyst must absolutely possess a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise. Here are the things you should look for in candidates:

Statistical knowledge

Candidates should clearly understand the concepts and formulas for performing analyzes such as mean, median, standard deviation, outliers, and percentiles. This is just basic knowledge, regression models such as logistic regression, linear regression,… and many other related concepts will be more advanced.

Knowledge of technology

Data analysts must use algorithms and computer software to perform filtering, analysis and make predictions. Therefore, a good candidate must have some knowledge of information technology as well as programming.

Knowledge of business and industry

To conduct research and come up with reasonable solutions to problems that businesses face, data analysts need to understand business knowledge as well as the company’s industry.

You should check if the candidate understands the following:

– How the business works.

– Business strategy.

– Market positioning.

– Operational and organizational processes of the company.

– Limits of the company’s development capacity.

– What can be done to differentiate your business from your competitors?

Candidates certainly cannot know all of the above information. But a certain talented candidate can grasp some basic information about the company.

Qualities of the data analyst

1.3- Qualities

In addition to skills and knowledge, a good Data Analyst candidate must also possess the following important qualities:

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Careful and meticulous

Even the slightest data error can cause serious damage to a business. Prudence and thoroughness are therefore essential qualities in a good candidate.

Enjoy privacy

Data analysts work with important business information on a regular basis. Security requirements should therefore be a top priority for applicants.

Observe Carefully Before Acting

Before drawing conclusions about anything, analysts must observe carefully. It is important to know the candidate’s observation skills to know whether or not he can properly grasp the behaviors and habits of the subject studied. This is a sign that this is a talented candidate.

Pay attention to the small details

In the data analytics industry, even the smallest details can make a big difference. Therefore, the ability to pay attention to every little detail is an important quality that a good candidate must possess.

2- The scarcity of candidates in the artificial intelligence industry

Data Analyst is highly appreciated for its current and future development potential. Surveys also show that the demand for this position is currently very high.

However, human resources suitable for this position are very rare. Many important positions in this field are vacant due to lack of human resources with the necessary skills. The most typical is the data science position because it has very strict requirements.

The reason why there is a serious shortage of data analyst personnel in Vietnam is that this industry is not really popular here. Therefore, most companies find themselves in a situation of lacking high-quality human resources to undertake data analytics work.

How to recruit Data Analyst candidates

3- How to recruit potential candidates?

To solve the problem of shortage of quality personnel for data analyst positions, companies must strive to implement innovative recruitment measures.

Here are some suggestions you can refer to to find talented candidates for this position:

3.1- Have a plan to recruit foreign personnel

The optimal solution to help companies find suitable candidates quickly is to leverage quality human resources from abroad.

There are two things you need to keep in mind to implement this measure effectively:

Prepare a clear job description

Foreign candidates attach great importance to the job description. They do not accept too much difference between the job description or what is discussed during the interview and reality. Therefore, you need to think carefully while preparing your data analyst job description in order to attract more potential candidates.

Focus on candidates with work experience in Vietnam

Many foreign applicants find it difficult to work in the Vietnamese business environment due to differences in culture and work style. They may have great expertise but cannot develop it when working in Vietnamese companies.

Therefore, you should look for candidates with work experience in Vietnam to avoid the recruitment risks mentioned above.

3.2- Cooperate with headhunting units

Another solution you can consider to find talented Data Analyst candidates is to work with headhunting units.

Headhunting units are considered an extremely effective recruitment channel when companies need to hire highly specialized and specialized personnel. With their experience, their recruitment techniques and a large network, headhunters can help you quickly resolve the problem of candidates for the Data Analyst position.

Hopefully Ms. Uptalent’s above actions will be helpful to you in finding potential candidates in the data analyst industry. I wish you to find talented candidates for your company soon and always succeed.

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