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The reason why the candidate was not recruited

According to the results of surveys conducted with eminent human resources experts, there are many reasons why candidates do not find the job they are looking for. The main reasons given are:

1. I do not find the difference between me and the other candidates (67% choose)

2. Not applying past experience to current job opportunities (64%)

3. senior candidate not feeling excited about the new position (56%)

4. Focusing too much on what the employer wants and too little on what the interviewer is saying (54%)

5. During the session Interview senior candidatescandidates are not fully prepared for the interview (53%)

6. Unable to personally connect with the interviewer (49%)

7. Excessive or unqualified requirements for the job (46%)

Interesting jobs

8. Not asking for enough necessary information (41%)

9. Do not research the company, employer or person in advance Interview senior candidates people (39%)

10. Lack of humor or personality needed during the interview process (33%)


Corrective Tips for Senior Managers

Stand out from other candidates

You need to create a highlight relative to the senior candidate other. It’s not difficult, you can easily do it with the suggestions below:

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– Always show warmth and friendliness

– Prepare fully, research the company thoroughly before conducting the interview.

– Show that you are fully qualified and qualified for this vacancy.

– Ask questions relevant to the position you are applying for senior executives.

– Focus on what you can do for the organization.

– Send a thank you note to the company after the interview. Most senior candidates often fail to do this, so they are easy to lose points in the eyes of recruiters. This is considered a simple way to show enthusiasm.

Showing the above ways will help you stand out from the crowd senior executives other. Only when you show yourself will your chances be higher.

Demonstrate enthusiasm throughout the interview process

Only when you feel interested in the new position will you have some enthusiasm for the job. Show it to the recruiter in the room Interview senior candidates by gestures, facial expressions, a respectful attitude towards employers,…

Home Recruit high level staff Your qualifications will be assessed during the interview process. Therefore, in addition to showing their abilities, candidates should also focus on demonstrating their interest in the position.

Ask the right questions

To establish a connection with the interviewer, senior candidate Focus on asking the right questions for the vacancy with the HR recruiter. Focus on what you can do for the business rather than what it can do for you.

Avoid asking questions that are already in the recruitment request such as: working time, working regime, salary, … because all these elements are definitely included in the job description you receive. Show yourself as such senior executivesask real work-related questions such as what needs to be done, who is the guide, what is the current company culture like, etc.

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Start the interview with interesting stories

Don’t make the call Interview senior candidates with dry introductions. Start by telling captivating and colorful stories. It could be how you got through traffic this morning, stories at your old company, and how you overcame hardships at work in a humorous way.

Send thank you notes after the interview and follow up regularly with the employer

At the end of the interview, don’t forget to thank the employer. It’s a simple way to help you easily score points with HR recruiters. In addition, senior candidate You should also connect with them on social media.

Choosing LinkedIn and Facebook pages is the easiest way to help you reach and follow these recruitment agencies in the easiest way. In addition to scoring points with employers, they also help senior executives Learn more about the company and the position you are looking for.

In Interview senior executives, there are quite a few employees who are often eliminated without knowing the reason. Hopefully, with the sharing above, you have the information you need to ensure that your interviews are always of the highest quality.

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