Services Offered at Autumn Care of Raeford Hospital

Autumn Care of Raeford provides physical, occupational and speech therapies in addition to 24-hour skilled nursing care services.

TSP’s planners and designers focused on patient comfort, efficiency and staff satisfaction to create an inviting atmosphere in this new hospital in North Carolina’s spectacular Sandhills region.

Emergency Services

Hoke County Hospital provides emergency services in Hoke county. As a Medicare certified facility, quality measures reported to CMS indicate how quickly emergency departments provide treatments known to improve health outcomes, as well as how often patients must wait in a waiting room or for admission into hospital beds.

ExpressCare at FirstHealth Hospital of Pinehurst offers same-day treatment for minor illnesses and injuries without an appointment, located on the first floor of Valley Pavilion near Owen Drive near Village Drive. Staffed by FirstHealth emergency nurses and physician assistants trained to recognize serious illness or injury. For patients requiring higher levels of care such as inpatient surgery or intensive care services they can be transferred directly to either of its main campuses in Pinehurst or Richmond county for inpatient surgery/intensive care treatment or FirstHealth has professional financial counselors on call who are trained in helping those without insurance pay their bill by helping pay the costs involved with their care costs if applicable – for more details please visit Valley Pavilion/Vale Pavilion/village Dr Owen Drive/village Dr/village Dr/Owen Drive/village Drive near Owen Drive/village Drive near Owen Drive/village Drive near Owen Drive/Owen Drive

Surgical Services

Hospital provides an array of surgical services, ranging from general and bariatric surgery to vascular, thoracic, minimally-invasive gynecological procedures performed by board-certified physicians.

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Staff at the hospital is trained in cutting-edge techniques and equipment to provide patients with safe and high-quality care, including minimally-invasive techniques that are less invasive than traditional open surgery, thus reducing complications. Surgeons also possess expertise in robotic surgery technologies.

Hospital Compare provides patients with access to key measures designed to enhance patient outcomes, such as identifying and treating sepsis – a complication caused by severe infections that leads to organ failure and even death if left untreated – along with results for other performance measures that allow comparison among hospitals allowing more informed health care decisions to be made by making more informed health care choices.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health refers to the promotion and maintenance of mental well-being through prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and substance abuse. Common mental health conditions that can be identified through behavioral health are anxiety, depression and addiction to drugs or alcohol – symptoms can often be treated using medications and psychotherapy techniques.

Behavior health refers to an individual’s lifestyle habits that can impact both their mental and physical wellbeing, such as their diet, fitness routine, substance consumption habits or medications taken for chronic conditions. Such habits can have an incredible effect on quality of life as well as manageability of medical or chronic health issues.

Mental health counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, social workers, marriage and family therapists and addiction recovery specialists all offer behavioral health services. Many of these professionals collaborate with primary care and other specialty providers for a more holistic approach to care.

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Many treatment centers provide inpatient and outpatient services for behavioral health conditions, including detox from drugs or alcohol and various therapies, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) or psychotherapy groups or individually. The goal of behavioral health treatment should be to help people establish healthy habits to support long-term recovery from their condition – such as changing eating patterns, increasing physical activity levels and decreasing substance abuse.

Skilled Nursing Care

If your elderly loved one requires round-the-clock nursing service and specialized care, a skilled nursing home may be appropriate. These facilities provide services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy in addition to assisted living and memory care – though many individuals worry about how the costs will add up; luckily there are ways for Raeford families to secure financial assistance for long term care costs.

Autumn Care of Raeford in Silver City provides 132 beds for long and short-term rehabilitation services. Medicare and Medicaid certified with for-profit corporation ownership, Autumn Care ranks within the top 50% for hospital readmission rates while falling under state average rehospitalization rates. Overall Medicare star rating for Autumn Care of Raeford is Average with overall hospital readmission rates also falling within its top half; its overall Medicare star rating also average.

Autumn Care of Raeford is located in a densely populated area with a high senior citizen population, boasting many amenities nearby such as restaurants and shops; medical services; churches are within walking distance as are highly trained staff offering quality care to residents at this facility; it has earned a stellar reputation among local communities thanks to a staff consisting of licensed nurses, therapists, caregivers.

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