Similarities and Differences Between Procurement Manager and Purchasing Manager

Sự khác nhau giữa Procurement Manager và Purchasing Manager

And Sales director are two leadership positions in the purchasing area. The work of these two positions is related to purchasing. Therefore, many people will confuse these two positions.

And you? Can you distinguish these two positions? Let’s follow the following article by Ms. Uptalent to see the similarities and differences between Procurement Manager and Purchasing Manager!

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1- What is the purchasing manager?

The purchasing manager is the person responsible for managing the company’s purchasing department. They are responsible for sourcing and purchasing the best quality and most competitively priced equipment, goods and services to ensure that the company’s production process always runs smoothly and efficiently. stable.

In his role, the Purchasing Manager will directly participate in the sourcing and purchasing of products and services such as:

+ Raw materials and ingredients to make products.

+ Goods and services meeting the production and commercial needs of companies.

+ Marketing and advertising services for business promotion.

Not only participating in sourcing, the Procurement Manager is also the person who directly drafts contracts, negotiates purchasing conditions and manages suppliers throughout the procurement process.

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Through the efforts of Procurement Manager, businesses can reduce their purchasing costs, minimize wastage of inputs and increase their profits.

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2- What is the Purchasing Manager?

The purchasing manager, or purchasing manager, is the person responsible for managing the company’s purchasing department. This position will be in charge of purchasing or reselling products. At the same time, they are also the ones who evaluate suppliers, product quality, negotiate prices, contract conditions and monitor the delivery process of goods.

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A good purchasing manager will always try to reach the most favorable agreement on the quality and price of goods and services for the company. To do this, they study past purchasing records, evaluate current inventory levels, get to know domestic and foreign suppliers and detect the latest possible changes in the market, affecting the supply of products and goods.

sales director

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The purchasing manager must assess the company’s purchasing needs before proceeding with the identification of suppliers and the negotiation of purchasing conditions. They should also carefully review the price, quality and availability of goods, as well as evaluate the supplier’s reliability and technical support.

Once you have collected enough information and evaluated the supplier, the purchasing manager will sign a contract with a unit that meets the company’s requirements. All their decisions must be carefully considered, as any mistake can affect the company’s profits and reputation.

In addition to purchasing capabilities, purchasing managers are also experts in managing and training purchasing staff. In businesses, they are those who have the most in-depth knowledge of goods and services.

3- Similarities between purchasing manager and purchasing manager

Essentially, shopping and purchasing both mean purchasing goods. But the reason why there are two different positions: Procurement Manager and Purchasing Manager is that they are two different sub-sectors in purchasing activities.
Although these are two different positions, what these two positions have in common is that they both perform the task of purchasing goods and aim at the same goal: to provide businesses with the best quality products at the lowest prices. the most competitive.

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Compare Purchasing Manager and Purchasing Manager

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4- Difference between purchasing manager and purchasing manager

Although Procurement Manager and Purchasing Manager have similarities, they are actually completely different positions. To distinguish these two positions, consider the following differences between them:

First of all, the object of purchase. The purchasing manager is responsible for purchasing materials, goods, equipment and services to serve the production process and operations of the company. These goods and services have a significant impact on product prices. The purchasing manager only purchases a certain type of goods or services, which has little impact on price.

Second, workflow. The Purchasing Manager performs strategic, tactical and macro tasks. Their work process includes a series of activities: planning purchases, sourcing goods, selecting suppliers, negotiating prices and conditions, signing contracts and deliveries, measuring supplier efficiency and ensuring the stability of supply.

Meanwhile, Purchasing Manager mainly performs transactional tasks. In simple terms, they will buy a product, receive the goods and pay.

Tuesday, Procurement Manager focuses on costs and total costs throughout the supply chain. Purchasing Manager only focuses on low costs, fast delivery and improving supply chain quality.

Difference between purchasing manager and purchasing manager

Wednesday, The purchasing manager must seek out new suppliers in addition to maintaining relationships with current suppliers. During this time, the purchasing manager often chooses available suppliers.

THURSDAYthe purchasing manager must establish relationships with the relevant parties, while the purchasing manager has little connection with other parties.

Friday, professional competence. If relationship building, negotiation and market research skills are necessary for the purchasing manager, then organizational skills and attention to detail are important for the purchasing manager.

Above is the information about the two positions of Procurement Manager and Purchasing Manager that Uptalent would like to send to readers. I hope that after this article you will be able to distinguish between these two positions and understand the importance of purchasing activities for businesses.

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