Successful B2B Businesses in Vietnam

Doanh nghiệp B2B thành công tại Việt Nam

1- Characteristics of B2B companies

B2B businesses are businesses that operate in the form of selling goods directly to other businesses. In particular, B2B stands for “Business-to-Business”, understood as the process of buying, selling and conducting business between companies.

Businesses following the B2B model often have the following exceptional characteristics:

– The customers of these companies are businesses and organizations, not consumers of products.

– Trading goods in large quantities, orders are often high value and are fulfilled under long-term contracts.

– Purchase and sale transactions are often established on the basis of a long-term strategic partnership between two companies.

– Professional sales process, staff must be properly trained as customers of B2B companies often have strict requirements for product information, production processes, standards and associated quality records.

– The company’s products will be distributed through many different channels, including direct distribution to customers and distribution through agent and distributor channels.

2- B2B companies in various fields

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You can find B2B companies in many different fields. Such as:

2.1- Travel

Tourism B2B company specializing in providing solutions to businesses and travel agencies to help them connect with quality hotels, resorts and theme parks in Vietnam and around the world.

With modern technology platforms, these companies have made inroads in providing hotel room distribution solutions and connecting travel agents with service providers.

Meanwhile, with the help of B2B companies, travel agencies can save a lot of costs and time spent on sales. Thanks to this, the business efficiency of travel agencies will increase more than before and the operational process will also be better organized.

Some of the famous B2B names in the tourism industry include BedLinker, Plutos,… These units provide extremely useful solutions to many travel agencies.

B2B companies

2.2- Transport and logistics

Factors related to transportation costs and service quality always occupy the first place in the field of transportation and logistics. Therefore, B2B companies providing services in this area are making great efforts to find solutions to optimize shipping costs while ensuring service quality.

At the same time, they also focus on developing many flexible transportation solutions to meet the needs of each business.

There are a number of well-known B2B companies in the field of transportation and logistics such as 247Express, Gemadept, DHL Vietnam, Transimex, Southern Logistics, Vinafreight,…

2.3- Information technologies

B2B companies in the field of information technology are known as companies capable of providing services, software solutions, and management system integration to organizations and businesses in need.

Some of the names of reputed information technology companies that are trusted by many customers include: FPT, MISA, CMC, VNPT Technology, Elcom, FSI, HPT,…

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2.4- Marketing

The development of digital technology has paved the way for many extremely effective forms of online marketing and advertising. Understanding this, many B2B companies specializing in providing marketing services have emerged to meet the marketing and advertising needs of businesses.

Among the many B2B marketing companies, some units stand out the most for the professionalism and effectiveness of the marketing campaigns they implemented, such as: VNG Corporation, VCCorp, XPR Brand Communications, Daiko Vietnam, NovaON Digital, TBWA Vietnam, Interpublic. , April Digital,…

2.5- Construction and design

In order to meet the needs of construction, repair of offices, factories or combined construction of offices and factories of companies, many B2B units specializing in consulting, design and construction of these items have emerged.

Through functional designs, design and construction firms can help their clients create more efficient workspaces. From there, businesses can save space and optimize operating costs.

Some reputable B2B construction companies you should know about include: TDT Décor Furniture, Thien Anh Construction, The Gia, Sumitech,…

Characteristics of B2B companies

2.6- Health, pharmaceutical products

In healthcare and pharmaceuticals, B2B companies are manufacturers and distributors of products, and their customers are hospitals, pharmacies and clinics.

Pharmaceutical company salespeople are pharmaceutical representatives. They are responsible for finding, negotiating, presenting products and building relationships with customers.

Some famous pharmaceutical companies include: Hau Giang Pharmaceutical, Traphaco, Imexpharm,…

2.7- Training

Nowadays, human resources training and coaching are of interest to almost all companies. The reason is that it can help them build important resources for development strategies and ensure a competitive position in the market.

In order to meet the training needs of companies, many units specializing in offering distinct and flexible courses and training programs have emerged.

Through separate training activities, companies can ensure that human resources always meet requirements for qualifications, skills and expertise.

Some reputable units specialize in providing on-demand training services to companies such as HBK Vietnam, Apex, Joshin, OCD,…

3- Top Large Reputable B2B Companies in Vietnam

One of the most popular forms of B2B transactions in Vietnam is transacting through e-commerce platforms. Here, manufacturing companies and distributors can easily post products and merchandise and reach a large number of customers.

Below are some reputable B2B companies operating in this form in Vietnam.

3.1- Shopee

Shopee is currently a large and well-known B2B e-commerce channel in Vietnam. This website has many support programs and great incentives for users.

Furthermore, Shopee also has a very effective marketing strategy. Through this, they conquered and attracted a large number of companies to participate in the purchase, sale and exchange of goods on the ground.

Shopee B2B Company

3.2- Tikis

Initially, Tiki was famous for providing stationery products such as books, stories, school supplies, etc. But now this website has become a place to provide a variety of products such as cosmetics and food, technology, electronics,…

3.3- Lacing

Lazada is an e-commerce chain owned by the Alibaba Group. This company entered the Vietnamese e-commerce market in 2012 and specializes in providing products in many different fields.

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Businesses that need to buy and sell products can join Lazada to transact easily and quickly and earn higher profits.

3.4- Be

Sendo is an e-commerce website established in 2012, under the management of Sen Do Technology Joint Stock Company. So far, this website is one of the leading e-commerce platforms trusted by B2B companies in Vietnam.

3.5- Telio

Telio is a leading name in the B2B e-commerce sector of the retail industry. Telio’s goal is to connect retailers, grocery stores, supermarkets with brands and wholesalers through a single platform.

Through Telio, retailers can access a diverse source of merchandise, competitive pricing and efficient shipping methods.

Established in November 2018 by Mr. Bui Sy Phong and a human resources team with extensive experience in technology, retail, transportation and finance. So far, the company’s system is present in 28 provinces and cities and has successfully connected more than 80,000 retailers with brands.

Telio B2B Business

3.6- VinShop

VinShop is owned by One Mount Distribution Joint Stock Company, a member of One Mount Group (1MG). With the support of its partner Techcombank, VinShop is now present in 22 provinces and cities and connects more than 100,000 grocery stores with manufacturers.

Vinshop’s goal is to become a leading retail channel helping manufacturers distribute products to retail stores. From there, they can save on intermediate costs and achieve their profit optimization goals.

The exceptional advantage of VinShop is that it can provide manufacturers and distributors with data relating to product flows and market reactions in real time. With this, they can quickly resolve any issues that arise to ensure that the supply chain is always convenient and smooth.

3.7- Ninja Market

Ninja Mart is a merchandise supply service owned by Ninja Van Vietnam Group. It aims to connect FMCG businesses and brands with traditional retailers and grocery stores.

Enjoying the advantage of the best platform providing transportation services to businesses of all sizes in Southeast Asia, Ninja Van can help Ninja Mart operate the supply chain efficiently and at optimal costs.

With Ninja Mart, manufacturing companies no longer need to create their own store systems and distribution networks. Now, they can quickly expand their business market in rural areas by connecting with over 30,000 Ninja Mart partners.

Currently, Ninja Mart serves shopping needs in 29 provinces and cities across the country. The scope of the Ninja system extends to the southwest provinces, central region, central highlands, northern region and central suburbs of major cities. According to estimates, Ninja’s customer base could reach more than 50,000 people.

By inheriting Ninja Van’s logistics platform, Ninja Mart can help businesses and retail stores save time, costs and simplify operational processes. Businesses can receive continuous reports on inventory, market, customer preferences and business status.

Additionally, Ninja Mart also has a system with 27 warehouses in Vietnam, and therefore is committed to 98% of commercial orders being delivered within 48 hours.

So, Ms. Uptalent has just introduced you to the characteristics of B2B companies as well as some successful B2B companies in Vietnam. I hope readers got a lot of useful information and can clearly understand the advantages and benefits brought by B2B business. Good luck!

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