Suggest the 3 most profitable small factories to open in the countryside

Suggest the 3 most profitable small factories to open in the countryside

Currently, there are many people, especially young people, who “leave the streets to go home”, in search of new directions. These rural areas are changing and developing day by day, full of potential and opportunities. The development force of rural areas will come from cultivation, production, animal husbandry, etc. The article below Digi Viet will offer you Which factory to open in the countryside? to be able to develop the potential of the fatherland and to become rich in the long term.

A remark when opening a factory in the countryside

Before worrying about which factory you should open in the countryside, you should consider the following questions:

  • Whether it’s a rural or urban business, you need to spend time on research and analysis to calculate an effective and workable business model. Then you need to make a comprehensive plan with specific goals so that when you come in there are clear implementation activities to avoid mistakes.
  • When considering which factory to open in the countryside, you need to consider the human resources, capital, potential and opportunities of the locality where you are about to open a factory. Even if you open a small factory in the countryside, you still have to deal with these issues. Additionally, you can learn how to apply for investments, borrow public capital, lease land, warehouses, and more.
  • Businesses should determine in advance the factors that can impact, the benefits and the risks that can be encountered when opening a factory, whether short-term or long-term. Find out, consult those who have gone before, they have real knowledge and enough experience for you to learn.

3 ideas what to open a factory in the countryside to get rich sustainably

Opening a factory in the countryside, in addition to your concern for cost, personnel or product quality, you must also worry about the needs of people as well as the favorable development conditions of the area:

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Construction of a production plant for dry agricultural products

Currently, dried fruits are a consumer good that many people are interested in, especially during the holidays, the demand for this food is increasing. This type of dried fruit has the advantages of long life cycle, low spoilage and above all high market price.

So if these dried fruits are processed through the right process, with no loss of nutrition, and especially when eaten, they are still nothing less than real fruits, then there is no need to worry. the absence of buyers. Therefore, the model of opening a factory to produce dried agricultural products has great potential for development.

What you need to do now, you need to focus on the process of marine treatment, creation and branding for the factory. In particular, you should pay attention to food safety and hygiene factors to ensure the health of consumers. It will take you some time to build trust in the hearts of customers, but once you build a brand, you will always be sure of a target amount.

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Open factory to produce clean agricultural products

The clean agricultural products in rural areas that you should ensure to develop are clean fruits and vegetables. Each region will have different climate and soil characteristics so you can learn and choose the right vegetables and fruits for your production pattern.

If you are struggling with few investments, this model is a suggestion you should pay attention to. Because it is not only a good business model but also solves the capital problem. At this time, you can choose to open a small factory in the countryside, if later it develops and has stable consumption, you can invest more in expanding the factory.

You have the advantage of enjoying the lands of your hometown as well as the famous agricultural products of your hometown. What you need to do now is master the knowledge of producing clean vegetables, clean fruits, sourcing, etc.

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After building a clean agricultural products factory, the first and most resolute thing is to ensure product quality. This model may initially be that you have just opened a small factory in the countryside, when the operation is stable with acquaintances and regular customers, you can invest in further expansion. It is really a model of opening a potential factory in the countryside.

Wooden furniture production and processing model

In rural areas, it is characterized by agro-forestry areas, so in addition to agricultural crops, forestry is also a strength here. So if you are wondering what to open a factory in the countryside, opening a wood processing and manufacturing workshop is also a good suggestion. If you open a small factory in the countryside, you should get wood materials from the forest, operate it with a license from the forest ranger in the region.

The open model can be used for peeling wood, sawn cutting, making household items, etc. These items have a long service life, do not worry about price depreciation, and now the wood consumption market is extremely developed. Wooden furniture is always something consumers love when decorating their homes. So if you build a production model like this, you will definitely open great opportunities to get rich. Above are some production models to answer for those who are confused and don’t know. Which factory to open in the countryside?.

I hope with the information Digi Viet By sharing, you will find an effective model suitable for your own conditions and your hometown. Also, if you have any issues with advertising, branding, etc., you can contact us for detailed advice.

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