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Blockchain and legal issues in Vietnam

Blockchain is not only applied to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In fact, this technology has the ability to be applied in many different fields such as finance, manufacturing, supply chain, education, healthcare, etc. However, there is still room for new technologies such as blockchain and legal frameworks. The lack of specific legal regulations leads to many […]

Does blockchain threaten the traditional banking sector?

Blockchain technology has opened new trends in many areas of the economy such as finance, banking, logistics, electronics and telecommunications, accounting and auditing,… Particularly the banking sector, we expect strong impacts from this technology. So, does Blockchain threaten the traditional banking sector? Let’s find out with Ms. Uptalent through the following article. >>> What is […]

9 Prominent Blockchain Industry Leaders

Blockchain technology is currently a rapidly growing trend in the global technology market as well as in Vietnam. To help readers realize the great potential of blockchain, Ms. Uptalent will help you learn what is blockchain? And I present to you 9 Prominent Blockchain Industry Leaders In Vietnam. Don’t hesitate to follow us so as […]

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