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Development trends of the F&B industry in the coming years

Restoration is currently experiencing strong growth and is a popular business trend in recent years in our country. So, do you clearly understand what F&B is? What are the future development trends? Let’s explore this potential business area with Ms. Uptalent through the following article. CONTENTS 1- What are F and B? 2- Current situation […]

Job positions in the F and B industry

1- F&B Industry Department An F&B business system will work based on the coordination of many departments: 1.1. Receptionist Is the ideal place to receive all inquiries and provide information to customers. If guests have any questions, they will contact reception staff for advice, direct assistance or transfer to the appropriate specialist department. It can […]

What do you need to learn to join the F&B industry?

High recruitment demand, great advancement opportunities and good income are factors that attract a large number of workers to join the F&B industry. To improve the competitiveness of job applications, it is essential to have specialized knowledge in F&B. What do you need to study to work in the F&B industry? The answer will be […]

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