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Headhunting Service – Top 5 reputable operational units in Vietnam 2024

The need to recruit competent and quality personnel is increasing, which pushes many companies to use headhunting services. But among the many headhunting companies operating in the market, how to choose the right reputed company? The following article by Ms. Uptalent will help you better understand headhunting services and provide you with information about the […]

Strategic objectives of the plant manager

Factory manager are senior managers in factories or small industrial parks. The job of these personnel is often to propose and implement proposed strategies, applying company policies to overall plant operations. Find out more with the HRchannels headhunting service Plant manager’s goal to achieve What follows: 1. Improve the productivity of factory operation and product […]

Unilever Vietnam success story

What path led Unilever Vietnam – a company after only 15 years of activity in this market – to achieve a turnover close to 1% of the country’s GDP? Mr. Ly Truong Chien, Senior Expert in Restructuring and Strategic Management Consulting, Former Professional Marketing Director of Unilever Vietnam (1996 – 2006), Former PC Sales Director […]

7 skills of a modern and successful brand manager

A brand director Success in the modern era requires many skills to be successful. What these skills are, find out below with the HRchannels headhunting service. Leadership and strategic planning skills The best corporate brands are led by creative teams with clear strategic business goals. Effective brand management manifests itself as leaders organizing their own […]

German business culture

German business culture is considered the most special in the world with unique cultural characteristics. A culture that promotes ethics in business In Germany, corporate culture This is reflected in the fact that companies value ethics. They do not compete on cheap prices, but on product quality. Normally, a company will invest significant capital in […]

What should you do when Headhunter contacts you?

For candidates who have no corporate experience, receiving calls from headhunters is quite surprising. Join us to learn what to do when a headhunter calls you right here. Why did the headhunter call you? Usually, headhunters choose to contact potential candidates because they are interested in the positions they are seeking. You don’t need to […]

Unilever’s corporate culture

Unilever Group is considered one of the best places to work in Vietnam. What is special about the company culture here? Join Ms. Uptalent to learn more about the article below. By surpassing 100 companies, Unilever won first place and received the “Best Employer Brand in Vietnam 2013” ​​award. On February 14, employer branding solutions […]

Graduates are “working in the wrong field”

“Learn one thing – do another” is a common practice for every graduating class. Expertise is learned but not applied, so when you return to work you have to relearn everything. Join the headhunters’ HR channels to find out why. Regarding students who pursue UK universities because they feel their ‘degrees are worthless’, we spoke […]

The role of HRD through technological revolutions

A successful company, in addition to a strategic and broad-minded management team, cannot lack the role of talented CHRO human resources directors. SO Role of human resources directors How this is expressed over time, let’s find out with the HRchannels headhunting service in the article below. Era 1.0: CHRO – Train the Basics During this […]

4 immutable principles for a good CEO

What is 4, how to implement the above principles. The above questions will be shared by Ms. Uptalent in the article below. Understand the work an executive must do Understand what the CEO should do The CEO of a company is not necessarily the owner or founder of the company. However, the role of these […]

5 key skills needed by a human resources director

In recent years, the human resources sector has seen many trends moving towards more diversity and multidimensionality. To become a candidate for the position of Human Resources Director, you must have certain skills. The necessary skills of a Human Resources Director will be shared by the HRchannels headhunting service in this article. Human resources managers […]

The success of the TH TrueMilk brand

Although it has only been around for seven years, the clean milk brand TH True Milk is mentioned with pride by Vietnamese. It is a dairy brand with the most modern cow breeding in Southeast Asia, with a turnover of more than $1 billion, and a “clean milk” brand. unrivaled” on the Vietnamese market. “Daring” […]

Company Culture at Lazada

E-commerce is a field that is not only unfamiliar at first to Mr. Alexandre Dardy, who has many years of experience in financial consulting, but is also quite new and difficult for the young Vietnamese market. But it is precisely because of this novelty and challenge that this French-Vietnamese general manager always feels motivated and […]

Learn more about headhunting companies – headhunter

With the development of the economy, the demand for corporate recruitment is also increasing. The demand for recruitment is high, but the shortage of qualified human resources leads to fierce competition in the recruitment market. This situation opens up development opportunities headhunting company In Vietnam. However, among many headhunting companies today, choosing the right reputable […]

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