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The success of the U23 Vietnam and his role as senior recruiter

The 2018 Asiad is over, from a Vietnamese U23 team that was only considered a road team, they quickly rose to become the 4 strongest teams in the Asiad. What allowed them to undergo such spectacular transformations? The response came from military leader Park Hang Seo and his colleagues. This is the lesson about Secrets […]

Jack Ma and Alibaba’s corporate culture

The Chinese management style is very different from that of the West. However, Jack Ma’s point of success is knowing how to blend these two cultures perfectly to bring success to Alibaba. In the latest article about the success of Alibaba, China’s largest e-commerce company, we can’t help but mention the role of one person. […]

Which human resource management strategy at Viettel is worth learning?

Statistics from 2017 show that Viettel is a company that represents 60% of the total profits of public economic groups. The latest statistics show that Viettel has a relatively high number of employees, reaching almost 50,000 people. Therefore, by choosing HRM high level Working in this business is not easy and provides businesses with many […]

The first comprehensive senior staff recruitment service in Vietnam

The history of recruiting mid-level and senior-level personnel (management level and above) is still a problem that causes headaches for companies, companies and corporations (called recruiters) who are looking for resources by any means possible talented humans. for companies. Understanding these difficulties, many recruitment service providers have emerged to solve this problem for businesses. HRchannels […]

LIXIL Vietnam works for sustainable development

LIXIL Vietnam works for sustainable development LIXIL Vietnam is a member of LIXIL Global Group headquartered in Japan, a leading company, pioneer in the production of construction and housing materials with prestigious brands familiar in Vietnam such as Inax aluminum doors, American Standard, Grohe, Tostem. LIXIL Vietnam’s mission is to bring a better life and […]

Samsung Chairman Lee Kun Hee and Lessons in Human Resource Management

After 70 years of development, Samsung has gradually become one of the world’s leading technology companies. This success has an important role to play human resources management strategy from the group chairman Lee Kun Hee, who made the whole world admire and brought Samsung to the first place today. Establish clear working and human resources […]

HRchannels.com and its mission to provide high quality human resources

To be successful, all of the above factors require a good human resource system to operate effectively. However, recruiting and retaining senior staff in the current shortage of senior human resources is a difficult problem for any company. The high-end human resources market still recorded good movements during the first 9 months of the year […]

The success of the TH TrueMilk brand

Although it has only been around for seven years, the clean milk brand TH True Milk is mentioned with pride by Vietnamese. It is a dairy brand with the most modern cow breeding in Southeast Asia, with a turnover of more than $1 billion, and a “clean milk” brand. unrivaled” on the Vietnamese market. “Daring” […]

Human Resource Management Strategies of Famous Vietnamese CEOs

Job superior human resources management plays a very important role and becomes an increasingly urgent issue in the Vietnamese labor market. Join HRchannels headhunting company to learn more about the human resource management strategies of Vietnam’s top CEOs. CEO FPT: senior human resources management combining studies and practice Ms. Trinh Thu Hong – CEO of […]

Difficulty attracting and recruiting talented staff

Recruit talented staff is always a question that companies attach particular importance to. Because they need it to function and produce. However, recruitment still faces many difficulties. So, what are the challenges in attracting and recruiting talented staff? Readers, join Ms. Uptalent to discover it through this article! The content of the article includes: 4.1- […]

How to become a senior manager?

After a period of work, everyone wants to move up to join the team. Even though senior executives represent only 10% of a company’s total workforce, they generate up to 80% of profits. Then how become a senior employee? There is actually no general answer to this question. Because everyone has a different starting point, […]

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