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Có 4 lý do để bạn chọn Dịch vụ tuyển dụng Nhân sự trọn gói cao cấp HRchannels Executive Search

The history of recruiting mid-level and senior-level personnel (management level and above) is still a problem that causes headaches for companies, companies and corporations (called recruiters) who are looking for resources by any means possible talented humans. for companies.
Understanding these difficulties, many recruitment service providers have emerged to solve this problem for businesses. HRchannels is also one of the leading senior recruitment service providers in the field of headhunters. , looking for talented people, is a bridge to help companies and talented candidates have the opportunity to get closer.

Here are 4 reasons to choose the complete senior human resources recruitment service at HRchannels Executive Search

First of all). About the experience:

We have more than 10 years of experience in recruiting senior personnel, have successfully recruited and contributed to the development of talent teams for hundreds of large domestic and foreign companies such as: General Motors, DKSH, DHL, 3M, Zamil, FPT, THmilk, Porsche Car; Hitachi; Tebodine; Spindex; Maritime Bank; Suzuki; Fujitu; Fujixerox; Sumitomo; Provimi;….

2). Consulting team

Experts who understand the labor market and industry economics and have professional skills can accurately grasp the company’s recruitment requirements to accurately find, interview and recommend the most suitable candidates. Normally, our consultant team only sends 1-3 quality applications for each position and gets successful applications within 1-2 weeks (80% of vacancies).

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3). Regarding candidate sources:

We have over 500,000 quality candidates in over 60 different fields to be ready to serve businesses as quickly as possible. Additionally, we have a modern “Talent Recruitment Factory – HuntManager”, applying an artificial intelligence (AI) technology system to search, analyze, test and recommend suitable talents for each individual. The first automatic recruitment position in Vietnam, meeting the fastest requirements and most precise talent recruitment needs of companies. This is a pioneering effort in the application of technology for almost a decade to develop solutions to support the development of senior human resources through the development of the HRchannels senior human resources recruitment channel. com and social networks. .

4). Economic advantage:

We help you reduce waste due to sudden loss of resources by around 80%

and break all competitors. When your machine is working well, suddenly an important “link” is broken!. Do you choose to post the offer yourself or do you struggle to find that “link” for 3-6 months? or via our Executive Search service to “reconnect” you in 1 to 3 weeks!. As a manager, you probably understand that the cost of losing 3-6 months due to the absence of this “link” will be many times higher if you choose to “implement” it in this very short time frame . This is really important when your organization operates on a large scale, with a tight structure from production to the supply chain. This is why large companies call on us. This saves the company. It’s also the best way to help small businesses “find the missing link” to achieve their breakthrough! This is why we exist and are here to support you!.
In addition, when signing a main contract for both parties, the company did not incur any costs. Companies only pay a fee when they accept candidates from HR channels. Additionally, HRchannels’ candidate guarantee policy is up to 60 days.

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Senior staff recruitment services

– According to the calculation of losses for a certain number of specific positions in a factory of 1000+ employees

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