The Importance of KOLs for Business

Tầm quan trọng của KOL đối với doanh nghiệp

is a person who has a great influence on marketing in particular and on business in general. Using KOL helps companies’ products/services reach audiences quickly and widely. Learn more about the importance of KOLs for businesses. So when should companies use KOL with Ms. Uptalent? Where can businesses find KOLs? How much does KOL booking cost?

1- The influence of KOLs in marketing

1.1- Increase brand awareness
1.2- Helping products get closer to target customers
1.3- Improve the prestige of products and services
1.4- Promote consumption
1.5- Improve the efficiency of SEO activities

2- When should companies use KOL?
3- Where can companies find KOLs?

3.1- Search by product keywords on social networks
3.2- Search for KOL on groups
3.3- Using KOL rental services

4- How much does KOL booking cost?

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1- The influence of KOLs in marketing

More and more companies are inviting KOLs to participate in marketing strategies because of their strong influence on the following aspects:

1.1- Increase brand awareness

The number of followers and community trust in KOLs are factors that help companies increase brand awareness.

By partnering with KOLs, businesses can get their brand in front of more people. From there, they can create a certain position for the brand in the market.

1.2- Helping products get closer to target customers

KOL is someone who has expertise in a certain area. Therefore, their sharing on the product will always receive the trust and interest of the community of people who follow them. Thus, the product can easily reach the target customer group more deeply.

1.3- Improve the prestige of products and services

Consumers today are much more discerning when choosing and evaluating company products and services.

This makes possessing KOL expertise extremely valuable. When they introduce a certain product, they will definitely receive users’ trust.

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1.4- Promote consumption

Customers often get information about products and services before making a purchase decision. If the product is reviewed by a reputable KOL, customers will trust the product more and make a buying decision faster.

1.5- Improve the efficiency of SEO activities

Interesting professions

Users tend to prioritize the choice of information shared by KOLs. Therefore, KOL’s product articles are often interested and read by customers. As a result, SEO efficiency will be improved.

When should companies use KOL?

2- When should companies use KOL?

The use of KOLs in marketing is an increasingly popular trend. However, to achieve the desired effect, companies must choose to use KOLs at the right time and under the right circumstances. Specifically:

2.1- Companies should use KOL when they need a brand representative

Many companies and brands come to KOL to act as brand representatives. At this time, KOL will participate in advertising TVCs or attend brand promotional events.

The first criterion when choosing a KOL as a representative is the degree of suitability of the product. Therefore, companies can choose one or more different KOLs as representatives.

Usually, representative contracts have very high prices, which can range from a few hundred to several billion dong. At the same time, KOLs must comply with many extremely strict conditions. For example, not using a competitor’s product, how many events must be present, etc.

2.2- Invite KOLs to important events

Companies often invite KOLs to participate in big and important events such as grand opening, opening of additional agents, branch offices, anniversary celebrations, end of the year, etc.

At this time, the images of KOLs participating in the event will be used for communication, writing articles to attract attention, create a connection between the brand and the community and help increase brand awareness.

This method of using KOL is only applicable in the short term. The cost will be calculated according to the time of participation in the KOL event and there are fewer conditions than being a representative of the brand.

3- Where can companies find KOLs?

To find quality KOLs, companies can use the following methods:

3.1- Search by product keywords on social networks

You can find reputable KOLs on social media sites using the keywords of the product you want to review. By doing so, you will receive a list of product reviews previously made by KOLS. Along with the products to review, you also get recommendations for similar products.

With the results received, you can browse videos and articles about the product and then compile a list of KOLs that match the defined criteria.

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Where do companies find KOLs?

3.2- Search for KOL on groups

Social media platforms often have groups of KOLs. This is where KOLs often go to find jobs with brands or post their own job search articles to review products.

These groups are created for the purpose of exchanging information and connecting businesses with KOLs. You can take comfort when working with KOLs in these groups because you will receive some very high-quality reviews here from companies that have hired KOLs.

3.3- Using KOL rental services

In order to meet the growing demand for hiring KOLs from companies, many professional service providers have been born. If you still feel unsure about finding KOLs using the above two methods, try using third-party services.

Service providers will give you a list of the most suitable KOLs and ensure that the work schedule is always on schedule. At the same time, you also don’t have to spend a lot of time monitoring and managing the work of KOLs because the Agency will support you in all these things.

It can be said that using KOL’s hiring service will help you connect with reputable partners and easily cooperate with them. Additionally, the Agency’s source of KOLs is extremely diverse and professional, so you’ll quickly find the right audience to promote products and services to consumers.

4- How much does KOL booking cost?

In fact, there is no specific price when booking KOL. Instead, the cost of working with a KOL will depend on many factors such as:

– Popularity of KOL, number of followers.

– Social networking platform.

– The level of interaction (like, comment, share).

– Product type, brand name.

– Roles and tasks that KOL must perform.

Normally, the KOL book price will be as follows:

Book KOL how much


Companies can cooperate for free with new KOLs, whose subscribers are not too many. The reason they agree to work with the company is because they want to improve their experience, expand their audience, and be able to earn income through affiliate marketing.

Price range from 500,000 to 1,000,000 VND

This is the cost companies have to spend when cooperating with KOLs with 40,000 to 50,000 subscribers.

These KOLs have the ability to write articles, record videos, review products, create entertaining content, or participate in brand challenge programs. They are great for products, companies with a small name, retailers or brands looking to spread.

These KOLs usually accept cash payments. Sometimes companies can also negotiate with them to send products of equal value.

Price above 3,000,000 VND

This is the price companies have to pay to cooperate with KOLs with 500,000 or more subscribers, with good content quality and good interaction rate.

These KOLs have the ability to generate many creative ideas for the brand and have a relatively large influence on the community. As a result, companies can achieve their goals of raising awareness and promoting their consumption.
Ms. Uptalent has just shared with you information about KOLs for businesses. I hope this article will help you learn more about KOL as well as how to use KOL in business. Good luck!

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