The importance of the factory manager

Tầm quan trọng của Giám Đốc Nhà Máy (Factory Director)

Being the top executive of manufacturing factories or companies. Their management activities are closely linked to the quantity and quality of the products produced. Let’s learn more role of factory manager This was shared by headhunting service HRchannels.

1. General Directorate of Factory Work

Managers are responsible for the general management of the work of all staff working on the website, in the office and staff directly carrying out production work in the factory. Factory Manager Job is to build a long-term work strategy for the production system, connect with employees and motivate them to work to achieve the set goals.

Many factories form large companies. They often manage tasks separately in different departments. The director must cover all general works of the factory including: coordination of human resources, planning of general development strategies, monitoring of production progress, work progress, etc.

2. Ensure the safety of work and production processes

Carry out work safety monitoring

THE Hanoi Factory Manager Responsible for monitoring the entire work process in the factory. This work cannot ignore ensuring the work safety of personnel and the entire enterprise system. Work regime, functioning, working environment and food safety,…

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Senior factory managers must be responsible for risk assessment, ensuring health-safe working procedures and implementing them under strict management.

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Monitor the production process

In modern factories, most parts are manufactured using high-level machinery and labor. Factory Manager Job perform Supervise this entire production process in coordination with other staff members and managers to monitor each stage of production in the most efficient manner.

Understanding customer psychology and market trends also requires great attention. Factory manager Need to understand consumer trends to improve production quality and propose effective operational strategies in the company. Set specific goals and communicate internal feedback so employees are motivated to follow the plan.

3. Develop long-term plans and strategies

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Long-term strategy is the key to long-term business success. For a factory to operate efficiently, it is necessary to develop a long-term plan and ensure that staff work properly.

Long-term development strategies in manufacturing plants include planning market research directions and consumer trends. Through research, some results have been obtained by companies Hanoi Factory Manager Organize meetings to discuss and find the most appropriate direction for the future.

Establish a long-term resourcing regime with senior staff and put in place specific policies to attract and encourage staff. Planning maintenance plans for production tool systems and equipment should be carried out regularly to ensure long-term service for business development.

4. Assign appropriate work capacity to departments

Distribute work appropriately to departments

The allocation of work capacity is the job of factory manager In the enterprises. This work capacity allocation is linked to work equipment as well as the factory’s human resources.

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The allocation of capacity changes affects procurement activities and profitability. Therefore, the Hanoi Factory Manager There should be specific guidance on the distribution of work for each department and individual to best meet their capabilities.

Furthermore, the role of these factory manager This is also evident in the development of staff training strategies. Managers develop training plans for human resources development adapted to the departments and according to the needs of the company.

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Assign tasks to assistant plant managers and department heads

The plant manager carries out general operations. All production and supervision work is entrusted to the company’s department heads and deputy plant managers.

Distribution of suppliers and factory markets

Product factories have the ultimate goal of supplying products to the market and consumers. Supplier participation and product volume will depend on the roles and capacities allocated to factories. Factory Manager Job is in contact with suppliers and consumers. Thus precisely determining market needs and specific directions for the factory’s human resources.

The role of factory manager is considered extremely important in business. Therefore, to achieve work efficiency, companies must focus on training for this high-level position.

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