The importance of the production manager in a company

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or CPO or production manager, holds an important position in the C-suit team, planning, implementing, evaluating progress and budgeting the entire production chain of the company.

To successfully apply for the position of Production Manager, readers should refer to the below HRchannels article on points to keep in mind while applying for the position of Production Manager.

1. Why do companies continually recruit production managers?

The Production Director or Production Manager directly participates in the process of creating revenue and value of the company in the hearts of customers.

It is an indispensable character in supply chain operations, in order to limit losses due to raw material costs and errors in the production process to provide customers with “extreme products” while ensuring profit margins.Ratio ROI ≥ 1 (real interest rate on the initial capital).

So why are business leaders running all day to fill production manager positions?

The first reason can be seen because the position of Production Manager requires extensive professional experience in the field of production and not everyone has enough knowledge and skills to “carry the team” for this position important.

Moreover, the habit of promoting the best employees of the production department to the position of production manager while their experience in team management is still young, leads to weaknesses in production management and causes serious consequences on the work performance of the entire team. while commercial orders rush to reach customers without delay. More importantly, it’s not enough to just get the product into customers’ hands. The production manager must be very precise and savvy in relating user preferences and needs and carefully research information and prices of raw materials – which is considered a “talisman” to limit the risk of spreading defective products on the market.

Not forgetting that the production manager must also guarantee work safety rules for all employees of the production department and minimize risks in the production process.

Attractive jobs

Overall, to lead the entire production department to achieve the common goals of the entire company, the CEO of the company needs and actually needs a production manager with solid experience in management and production operations, particularly possessing the qualities and strategic vision of a leader.

This is why you will constantly see the bright red SOS signal recruiting a production manager on the organization’s website in the hope of finding talented people as quickly as possible.

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Hire a production manager

2. What is the salary of a production manager?

Salary, bonuses, and benefits are the factors that candidates worry about most when making decisions among thousands of career options.

Did you know that the low-level salary of a production manager, according to Vietnam Salary statistics, ranges from 15 to 27.9 million VND/month. If you have 2-3 years of experience, you can reach an average salary of 36-44 million VND/month. If you continue to contribute to the organization for 5 years or more as a production manager, you can earn a huge salary of up to 90 million VND/month, which is about 10 times the normal salary of a production employee. desk.

In addition to the dream salary, the production manager also has the opportunity to receive handsome benefits such as production department management salary, salary increase based on years of dedication, 13th month salary, bonuses quarterly and Tet bonuses, project bonuses. .. and many other attractive benefits such as health insurance, social insurance, hospitality, tours, domestic and foreign travel.

3. Which industries are often looking for talented production managers?

When applying for the position of production manager, readers should also learn about the industry of this position in order to appropriately plan their career advancement.

Below you will find the professions which are still looking for Production Manager personnel and which HRchannels has compiled:




Pharmaceutical – Medical

Plastic industry

In wood

Wholesale Retail

FMCG – Rapidly evolving consumer goods industry

Construction engineering

Textile – Shoes – Fashion

It is one of the industry groups that directly creates products to meet the needs of consumers nationwide. From there, the company can’t help but make all the products

Production manager research

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4. Regions continuously publish job offers for production managers

To help readers apply for production manager jobs quickly and efficiently, HRchannels has listed the regions that regularly recruit production managers or CPOs as follows: Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City,…

It is a “mixed pot” of industrial parks operating in many areas nationwide, aiming to satisfy and meet diverse customer needs. Therefore, wherever there is a factory or workshop – where products are molded and “born”, that place needs the hands of a CPO or production manager.

Therefore, if you were born and raised in one of the regions of the country listed above, you will also have a “delicious” opportunity by applying for the position of director above you.

5. Tips for Applying for a Production Manager Job

5.1 How to become a Production Director?

To competently answer the above question, readers need to “know by heart” the career path of a production manager. Starting as a production employee, you may be nominated to become a production team leader or production team leader.

As long as you have graduated from college or higher, have 2-3 years of experience in the field of production management, are between 25 and 40 years old, and have a certificate from the training course in production management, the path of your rise to the position of production manager will unfold. smoothly despite obstacles and powerful competitors.

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5.2 Is it difficult to apply for a job as a production manager?

When you go shopping, do you go to a large supermarket or a small store? You surely have the answer, because where there are more goods, you will have more choice and more freedom in terms of costs.

Therefore, when applying for a high-level human resource position, you should turn to the high-level human resource supply companies of headhunters, because with the enthusiastic support and great ability of headhunters, every corner of the management profession. Production manager will be explored and your path to a career with a thousand dollar salary will become clearer and clearer. The important thing is whether you are confident in your quality and your ability to manage and operate production.

6. What skills do you need to apply for a production manager job?

“The business of choosing people”, to help readers “be sure” whether to apply for the position of Production Manager, one must identify the necessary skills of a Chief Production Officer (CPO).

6.1 Professional communication

It goes without saying that the ability to communicate is the magic door that opens a group of solidarity and mutual trust. The production manager must communicate with employees throughout the production department to not only assign tasks, but also establish close relationships with bosses, employees and partners to push productivity to the highest level.

6.2 Thorough knowledge of machine operation

Your main task is to monitor the work style and performance of the production department staff. Therefore, if you do not understand the machines, you will not be able to detect the details of the error, even if they are very small, but they may ruin the efforts of the entire team.

6.3 Ability to form “worker bees”

It’s not enough for bees to work hard, they need to know how to work with a plan and strategy. A good manager is someone who has the ability to discover talented employees and even weak employees. Without direct management, your influence and excellent strategy will enable the best employees in the production department to guide, train and motivate weak employees to improve day by day.

skills of the production manager

6.4 Time management skills

“Time is golden”, the way you cherish time will inspire your employees to do the same. To ensure shipments reach customers on time, you need to plan production plans and carefully assign tasks during the first employee meeting of the week. At the same time, you also need to know how to motivate your employees to achieve work KPIs effectively.

6.5 Ability to manage crises

Problems are like “uninvited guests”, so instead of getting angry with the staff, you should “warm up” your mind to possible risks, especially during machine operation.

Through the times you handle things calmly, you not only help your employees calm down, but you also help them gain more confidence in learning and cultivating handling tricks and planning management plans. defense to ensure that goods are delivered to customers without errors or delays during shipping.

Above is information to help readers apply for the Production Manager position with HRchannels. Hopefully, readers will have a stronger background to become a talented CPO or production manager of the company.

If the reader is inspired and confident to “say YES” to the position of Production Manager or CPO, feel free to directly contact the helpline number of HRchannels – a leading and prestigious HR solutions company for senior citizens . Vietnam now!

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