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Department head is a position that requires both expertise and management, which requires candidates with many exceptional qualities and abilities. Therefore, Ms. Uptalent firmly believes that to succeed, we cannot achieve success in a day or two, we must have a specific roadmap and unwavering determination. And that’s certainly what the journey to becoming a department head entails.

1. Professional experience

Experience is always associated with difficulties, challenges and how we overcome these difficulties and challenges. After every misstep is a valuable lesson that no school can impart, it can only be accumulated through action and conclusion.

This is also the reason why employers for the position of department head always require candidates to have 3-5 years of work experience. For large companies, the number of years of experience should be 8 to 10 years. Because by that time the candidate will have enough necessary experience, complemented by acute intuition, being able to predict results with simple signs, companies cannot waste resources.

2. In-depth professional knowledge

At the department head level, professional knowledge is no longer limited to classroom theory or lessons shared online, but here knowledge should be more about the ability to update trends, predict the market and collect expert information from various sources.

The employer will test you with situational questions, forcing you to find solutions to respond in a new way. Therefore, traditional professional knowledge is still necessary but is only considered as a foundation, while the knowledge to increase the competitive advantage of candidates must come from insight and opportunity.

Position of head of department

3. Update useful professional certificates

The work pace of the department head is very stressful and the pressure is great, but that does not mean that the department head gives them the right to stop learning and updating their knowledge because they also take on the role to direct and direct their abilities. develop the power of the entire department.

So, although the professional qualifications required to apply for a department head position are not the primary measure of ability, they are a measure of the applicant’s drive and effort. For professional jobs that require certificates and credits that need to be updated timely, this is already a mandatory factor. As for the specialties that do not require, candidates should not leave too much time behind, for example, certification in English only, so update after about 5 years.

4. Required skills need to be improved

Attractive jobs

Skills are the foundation of human excellence. In mid-level management positions like department head, the skills become even more valuable. And here are the skills that employers always expect from department head candidates:

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4.1. Management and leadership skills

To succeed in the role of department head, you must build trust, follow the orders of your subordinates, and successfully create a united work environment. Therefore, a good professional cannot become a good department head if he lacks leadership skills.

This skill is a convergence of many important general skills such as:

  • Friendly communication skills

  • Listening and comprehension skills

  • Motivation and motivation skills

  • Thinking, analytical and decision-making skills

  • Effective time management and organizational skills

  • Flexible problem-solving skills…

Through the masterful coordination of these skills, the department head will improve his judgment ability and conveniently choose the most effective strategy among the best strategies.

Professional experience of the head of department

4.2. Planning skills

The plan concerns not only the work of the department head but also the work of each department and each employee under his authority. Therefore, the planning skills that department head candidates should possess are very comprehensive, ensuring work efficiency at both micro and macro levels.

Planning skills are the combination of:

  • The ability to separate main tasks into several detailed tasks

  • Skills to assess and allocate human resources to the right people for the right job

  • Budget management skills and reasonable financial allocation

  • Risk management skills, implementation of emergency plans

  • Flexible control, adjustment and coordination skills

  • Skills to periodically evaluate and analyze work results

4.3. Human resource development skills

Being good alone only creates a boss who always takes care of his work, spreading his qualities to a large number of employees in the department creates a good leader, assigning appropriate work to everyone. Even if you are not a HR manager, HR development skills should be present in every position. Head of specialized department.

Specifically, the ability to guide the development and improve the capabilities of employees through internal training courses and update new knowledge that reflects the trends of the times. The department manager may not train directly, but you will establish the training program and select the staff who will participate in the training.

This work not only allows the department’s professional activities to remain proactive in the face of changing times, but also creates enthusiasm among employees because they have additional work capacity and can see themselves developing. Every day, reap many achievements after training, be rewarded, promoted… This is one of the effective policies to retain talents in the organization.

Skills of the department head

4.4. Information Gathering Skills

Popular sources of professional knowledge can be read and accumulated by everyone, so to gain a competitive advantage, candidate heads of departments should equip themselves with the skills to collect information from special, less common sources, usually:

  • Learn to read forecast results on business development trends from prestigious international magazines.

  • Follow the media channels and social networks of leading journalists and economic experts

  • Expand communications relationships in the industry through friends at university or friends attending professional certification trainings, thus having many opportunities to access useful internal sources of information. .

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4.5. communication skills

Communicating, negotiating, negotiating, passing messages… with company personnel and partners outside the company are the daily tasks of the Department Manager. Equipping yourself with effective communication skills is a great advantage, both when applying and once you accept a position.

Good communication skills particularly focus on how we deliver the message and understand the other person’s requests. For example, with the same content about company culture, the management level will focus on the macro level of cooperation of the whole team, while employees will care about the real value they receive from the application of this culture.

As a competent department head, you need to know how to adjust the focus of the story to ensure that everyone is enthusiastic about fully grasping the information and satisfied with the content that interests them most.

Attitude of the department head

5. Professional attitude and work style

Technology makes work much easier, but the head of the department cannot sit in the office all day with a computer and direct employees. There will always be situations that require the department head to go directly to the site and negotiate directly, which for the most part are difficult situations.

Therefore, during the application process, employers will always pay attention to your style of expression and personal qualities. Train yourself to be agile but not sloppy, speak flexibly, add a little humor but stay polite and serious, know how to control anger, don’t be late, don’t be sloppy. In particular, you must gradually accumulate skills that help improve your proactivity, for example knowing how to drive a motorcycle/car, having a list of outsourced service teams (printing, legal advice), law, on-site vehicle repairs, etc. . )…

6. Appearance requirements

Appearance is not a key factor but is considered an effective support basis for the work process in the position of head of department, especially for foreign affairs specialists such as head of the transactions department, the head of the public relations department, the head of the negotiation department. , Head of the model training department

Additionally, a balanced appearance will be accompanied by good health, ready to meet the stressful work demands of a department head position. Therefore, in your career path, do not ignore the goal of exercising and improving your physical health.

7. Achievements during work

Shows and shares are like verbal advertising, not as effective as “real people” reviews from customers who have used the product. Therefore, department head applicants must also reap many practical achievements, closely related to the expertise of the department head they are applying for.

These can be proof of your dynamism through certificates of merit for your participation in the Green Summer campaign since your student days, or awards for the excellent publication design required of a candidate for the position of Head of Graphic Design.

Career advancement is always a thorny journey, as is the journey to becoming a department head. From what Ms. shared. As you can see from Uptalent which has just been sent, a brilliant candidate for the position of head of department not only needs experience and knowledge, but also soft skills related to leadership ability which must be continually accumulated throughout the development process that each of us establishes.

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