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Each employer has their own expectations of candidates. This expectation can be expertise, skills or cultural fit. To apply for a job with peace of mind, understanding the expectations of the employer is an essential factor. Continuing this topic, today, HRchannels will send candidates an article with the content “Candidate Qualities Are Wanted by Japanese Companies”

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What are the characteristics of Japanese companies?

Choosing to apply to Japanese companies has long been the goal of many candidates, because here you will have the opportunity to:

  • Access to the most modern technology in the world

  • Professional development

  • Opportunity to study in Japan

  • High and stable salary…

The advantages and advantages are large, so the number of candidates competing in each recruitment period is very high. Many candidates who are good in expertise and good in foreign languages ​​still cannot win over employers easily. The main reason is that what they show did not meet the expectations set by the company.

Just like getting from point A to point B, if you don’t know the way, you’ll go further, arrive later, or even get lost. Therefore, knowing the recruitment characteristics of Japanese companies is like finding a roadmap.

What qualities do Japanese companies look for in candidates?

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In each investment country, Japanese companies combine the culture of the country with the local culture in the recruitment process. This approach helps companies find talent efficiently without creating constraints and harshness for employees when working.

In Vietnam, when looking for job candidates in Japanese, Japanese companies look for the following factors:

1. Meet Basic Recruitment Requirements

This will be exploited through the CV that the candidate submits. Usually, Japanese companies will have a personalized resume form downloaded from the company’s official website.

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If you are applying online on a recruitment site, you need to find and download a Japanese-style resume template to fill out.

It will help you:

  • Convenience of knowing what to show, without worrying about omissions

  • Create likeability with profile filters

  • Show respect and care for the employer.

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2. Style, style of communication

The Japanese attach great importance to courtesy, standards and humility. Therefore, even if you are applying for a job in Vietnam, once you enter a Japanese company for an interview, reviewing and adjusting your style will help you create a perfect first impression.

  • Attire: white shirt, black vest, black skirt or pants, black closed-toe shoes

  • Hair: neat, neatly combed

  • Style: polished, polished bow (Japanese style), happy face, sitting straight

  • Mentality: confident and comfortable posture (even if you try to sit up straight, don’t let the employer see that you are forcing yourself)

3. Japanese ability

This is a factor that will certainly be checked continuously from the Japanese (or bilingual Japanese – English) CV to the round of face-to-face interviews.

Depending on the intensive foreign language requirements of the candidate, the density of Japanese used in the interview can be 70% to 100%.

Candidates must review specialized vocabulary and social communication vocabulary to respond favorably to the questions posed. Pay attention to how to use honorifics in Japanese in communication to show the politeness and professional level of Japanese.

4. Professional experience

Japanese job recruitment is not uncommon for positions that require highly specialized skills such as mechanical engineers, programmers, sales personnel, shop foremen… In these positions, the experience practical work will be the most targeted, then the mastery of the Japanese language.

Therefore, Japanese recruiters will spend a lot of time, many Japanese questions to tap into the skills, achievements and practical experience of the candidate. To best prepare for this situation, candidates should prepare responses through:

  • Stick to the actual duties outlined in the job posting

  • Search Japanese Interview Questions on the Internet

  • Find out the development direction or the project that the company is implementing to choose the right goal during the presentation

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5. Understand the business

The candidate’s sincerity and enthusiasm for Japanese business will largely manifest through the acquired knowledge of Japanese business and culture.

The Japanese attach great importance to loyalty, candidates will not be appreciated if:

  • Frequent job change

  • Refusal to learn business information, industry specifics, development trends

  • Superficial with Japanese culture

Because these factors show that a long-term cooperation between companies and candidates can hardly be established.

6. Discipline and Compliance with Company Rules

Discipline is the factor that helps Japan to be respected around the world, and it has penetrated deeply into the working culture of every Japanese organization. If you want to become a member of a Japanese society, you must first:

  • Arrive at the interview on time, not too early, 15 minutes early is good

  • Respect the rules when entering the company (if it is important, it will be displayed on the wall, for example: no smoking, changing shoes when entering the room, contacting reception as soon as you arrive, etc.)

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7. Gentle personality, thinking of others

Japanese culture always puts itself in the place of others to behave with respect, gentleness and politeness. Some recruiters will “test” the candidate with some real life situations, otherwise the candidate should also behave with kindness and sincerity because maybe it will suddenly catch the interviewer’s attention and help you write.

At the simplest, the candidate can help people around, for example, carry a bottle of water, help open the door for the porter, give the seat to the woman…

As part of an article, HRchannels can only share the essentials that all Japanese companies are looking for in other countries. Japanese job seekers . Depending on the industry and size of Japanese company you are applying for, there will be other additional factors. However, with what HRchannels synthesizes, cultivate it seriously, you have enough bases to conquer all the vacancies.

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