The role of HRD through technological revolutions


A successful company, in addition to a strategic and broad-minded management team, cannot lack the role of talented CHRO human resources directors. SO Role of human resources directors How this is expressed over time, let’s find out with the HRchannels headhunting service in the article below.

Era 1.0: CHRO – Train the Basics

During this period, the number of businesses was relatively small and the roles of staff and services were not clearly planned. At this early stage, human resources work is mainly combined with other management tasks without specific demarcation. Objectives of the HR director closely associated with the management activities of the company.

This first generation is the one who owns the general vision and management strategies of the company’s human resources system. They carry out basic tasks such as setting up human resource organization systems, staff recruitment and work arrangements. this period job of human resources director called administrators with a small number of management personnel.

Role of HR director

Era 2.0: Improving the connection with business activities

At this stage, the role of Human Resources Directors begins to become clearer. Human resource management begins to have directions related to the business activities of the company. Profession of human resources director and the specialized human resources system began to be specifically divided into departments. However, the quality of human resources is still quite limited and the workforce is not really large.

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Role of human resources directors There are only very limited decisions regarding the management of the company’s human resources system and the support of the company’s business. They do not hold much leadership power or direct strategic direction when it comes to human resource development or organizational development.

Era 3.0: The leadership level of the human resources director is improved

The change in company size leads to a clear change in the role of CHROs. The formation of large multinational corporations led to the rise of leadership job of human resources director is reinforced. They began to focus more on leadership roles, operating large human resources systems with high numbers of recruitment specialists.

However, this period begins to differentiate itself. Objectives of the HR director Professional CHRO involves building “long-term” human resources strategies. They have policies to attract and retain talent in order to provide the values ​​desired by the company. The scale of leadership has also become larger than in previous periods.

Attractive jobs

Right now, role of human resources director be paid attention. They decide on company resources and the quality of human resources through training. The experience and skills of administrators in this position are also required to respond to developments in the human resources market.

Era 4.0: CHRO with many opportunities but also many challenges

The 4.0 technological revolution follows a modern trend, with machines beginning to assist and even replace humans. Human resources during this period are therefore also changing rapidly in the direction of improving high-level human resources. In addition to the diversified development of new technological industries, job of human resources director CHRO needs to make changes to quickly adapt to the market.

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At this stage, the CHRO has more opportunities to learn and career opportunities are also extremely open. Today, most companies are large and have high human resource management needs. The revolutionary 4.0 era is therefore considered the “golden age” of human resources directors and managers. deputy director of human resources.

This period, Role of human resources directors Begin to decentralize authority to subordinate systems and implement shared leadership. This requires teamwork skills and builds trust with employees. The most urgent requirement of human resource managers is to plan long-term strategies to develop a high-level human resource system. Objectives of the HR director How to attract and retain business talent is also work that must be done regularly.


This step requires a human resources profession 4.0 requires new strategies to deal with market fluctuations. This new revolution opens up the idea of ​​integrating resources and promoting human resources effectively. Forming a different thought is The objectives of the HR director be able to easily adapt to the continuous changes of the times.

In modern times, role of human resources director increasingly important. To be able to function well in today’s environment and make great strides in their careers, HR managers must focus on training the knowledge and skills to best meet the job requirements.

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