The role of the tour operator

Vai trò của của nhân viên điều hành tour du lịch

The success or otherwise of a trip depends greatly on the role of the tour operator. The reason is that they are the ones who directly conceptualize, design and coordinate related works to ensure a smooth and convenient journey.

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1- What is a tour operator?
2- Roles and duties of tour operators
3- What does the activity of a tour operator include?
4- Job Opportunity for Tour Operator

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1- What is a tour operator?

The tour operator in English is Tour operator. He is the person who plans trips, tourist visits in his country and abroad. In addition, this position is also responsible for coordinating and liaising with other departments to ensure interesting and unique trips for visitors.

Normally, each visit will have a different schedule, time and organizational content. It is the responsibility of the tour operator to design the tour program according to the needs of the visitors and to satisfy them.

A tour operator must have the poise, ingenuity and sophistication to come up with ideas or design truly meaningful travel programs for customers. At the same time, they also need to ensure that the visit is timely, efficient and brings many positive experiences to visitors.

2- Roles and duties of tour operators

2.1- Roles

Tour operators are not only responsible for designing the trip, but they also act as an intermediary linking the different stages and departments of the company to offer quality tours to customers.

The next role of the tour operator is to ensure that the travel program runs as planned. Although they do not lead the group directly like the guides, they appear in all activities related to the tour like immigration procedures, transportation, places to eat, rest, etc.

In addition, the tour operator also plays the role of supervising and monitoring the trip implementation process to closely manage the factors that may affect the trip. They also need to be prepared for alternatives, make adjustments, and have the best solution available when unexpected problems arise.

Interesting professions

With significant responsibilities in the design and organization of tours, the tour operator plays a key role in the success of each trip. Specifically, they should bring the greatest satisfaction to visitors, making them feel satisfied and excited.

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2.2- Tasks

The tour operator has the following main missions:

– Planning, idea and itinerary of visit according to the needs of visitors. They should make the best use of their professional skills and experience to design a reasonable and feasible tour and provide the best experience for customers.

– Advise, negotiate and convince clients to sign contracts. The tour operator will have to present the services of the company in the most attractive and attractive way. At the same time, they must also understand customer needs and stimulate new needs to be able to effectively convince customers.

– Work with service providers, negotiate to provide quality services at the best price for the company. From this, it is possible to increase the efficiency of service delivery, achieve the profit objective and ensure fairness in the interests of stakeholders.

– Coordinate with other departments of the company to carry out the tour in the best possible way.

– Guide, entrust the visit to the tour guide, settle the necessary problems, solve the problems that arise and manage and supervise the trip in the most efficient way possible.

– Develop a strategy to provide competitive services, develop appropriate programs to maximize the potential of customers.

– Analyze the efficiency of the tour, make a report, clearly reflect the advantages and disadvantages and propose solutions to improve the quality of service of the company.

Tour operator staff

3- What does the activity of a tour operator include?

Normally, the activities of tour operators will include the following jobs:

State 1

– Receive information on travel needs from the sales department.

– Plan the tour you just received.

– Prepare the necessary information to book the service, including: number of guests, number of rooms, guest list, room list, detailed schedule, hotel type, designated hotel, restaurant , shopping location, sightseeing, number of main/side meals, transportation. , Touristic guide.

– Call for service.

– Receive booking confirmation information from service providers.

– Provide information on the delegation and the services to be performed such as visas, passports, plane tickets, etc. to after-sales service.

– Write a preliminary request for plane and train tickets to the service department.

– Prepare the content of the group meeting before making the trip.

– Send meeting information to clients.

– Prepare checklists and delivery reports to the departments concerned.

Tour operator process

Phase 2

– Receive information from the after-sales service.

– Navigation in tourist guides.

– Make an estimate, write a preliminary request for the tour guide.

– Organize a group meeting with the tour guide before the trip.

– Additional questions after the delegation meeting.

Step 3

– Supervise the process of carrying out the tour.

– Assistance tour guide to handle any issues that arise.

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Step 4

– Evaluate tour performance.

– Collect feedback.

– Make a trip recording.

– Call to congratulate guests or send thank you letters.

– Offer gifts to the group.

– Clearance.

– Rules of the tour.

– Statistics, record new visitor needs.

Opportunity to work as a tour operator

4- Job Opportunity for Tour Operator

4.1- Employment trends in the tourism industry

Vietnam’s tourism industry is currently developing strongly after being severely affected by the Covid-19.

As noted, the number of domestic and foreign tourists has grown rapidly. At the same time, tourists are also looking for new values ​​and experiences, more than just traveling as before.

Strong growth signals from the tourism sector have opened up excellent job opportunities for people working in this sector as well as tour operators.

Although the demand for human resources is great, the market’s ability to meet it is not up to par. Because many tourism industry personnel have changed jobs due to the impact of the pandemic, new graduates don’t have much experience.

It is the above situation that has caused a serious shortage of highly qualified personnel in the tourism industry. The same goes for tour operators.

So you absolutely have a great chance of finding a job as a tour operator with good income and many attractive benefits.

4.2- Where do tour operators work?

The tour operators are in charge of the follow-up throughout the trip, but they are not the ones who follow the group directly like the tour guides.

Most tour operators work at the head office. Their job is to follow the tour closely and help the tour guide make the trip as efficient as planned.

4.3- Where can I find a job as a tour operator?

Tour operators currently have a high demand for recruitment and attract the attention of a large number of personnel. But where to find a quality tour operator job is still a question that has many people wondering.

There are many different ways to help you find the right job. In which finding a job through social networks Facebook, LinkedIn or reputable recruitment sites is always the most ideal choice.

If you are looking for a suitable tour operator job, HRchannels will be a very good choice because this website has a modern technology platform and lots of great features.

This website can help you quickly find a job based on different criteria. All you have to do is simply type the keyword of the position you are looking for in the search field and you can immediately receive a series of different job offers from reputable companies across the country.

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Above is some information about tour operator roles, duties and job opportunities that Ms. Uptalent would like to share with you. I hope through this article, you can fully understand the importance of the tour operator position in the success of every trip.

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