The secret to starting a business to get rich in the countryside from 1 sao of land

The secret to starting a business to get rich in the countryside from 1 sao of land

To enrich themselves in the countryside when land is available, most people often choose to engage in agriculture. Starting a get rich campaign business isn’t difficult, it’s important that you have a passion and a specific focus and goals from the start. Through this article, Digi Viet wants to share it with you The secret to getting rich with 1 acre of land in the countrysideLet’s follow to implement these effective plans to get rich!

Get Rich from 1 Acre of Land with the Clean Vegetable Growing Model

Currently, the demand for clean fruits and vegetables is increasing as people are more and more concerned about health issues. Therefore, with 1 acre of land, you can fully deploy the clean vegetable growing model to get rich in the countryside.

With a large land reserve, you should consider growing many types of clean vegetables to supply the market. However, to ensure the yield of a clean vegetable garden, you must have a consumption plan from the beginning on markets, food stores, transporting vegetables to nearby urban areas, etc.

In case you have a lot of capital, you should refer to the greenhouse model to implement a clean vegetable cultivation plan. At the same time, please actively apply for a license for organic production and enterprises to be qualified to put clean plant products in clean food stores and supermarkets, ensuring stable production when growing.

Grow flowers and ornamental plants to enrich yourself in the countryside

Playing bonsai and feng shui plants is a hobby for many people, especially families with illnesses. Therefore, planning to get rich from 1 acre of land by implementing the bonsai model is a very good idea.

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This is a very effective way to get rich in rural areas that has been successfully implemented by many people. However, before you start, you must clearly understand the needs of customers to play bonsai in order to grow the right plants. In addition, depending on the characteristics and different factors of each region, you should choose the most suitable flowers and ornamental plants for businesses.

Get rich in the countryside with cow farming model

Ranching cows on a large scale is a stable way to get rich from an acre of land in the countryside. Although the breeding time of cattle is quite long, but in return it is a species of cattle with relatively few diseases, low cost feed, stable production and fairly large profit.

With 1 acre of land, farmers can fully implement this model by raising cows in combination with growing grass to provide a clean and plentiful food source, greatly improving the quality.

For those choosing to raise cows, there are a few additional points to note as follows:

  • Care must be taken right from the selection of breeds when raising a large number of cows. According to the experience of many people who have managed to get rich according to this model, you should choose purebred cows, straight legs, an agile body, evenly spaced nipples, regular teeth, a wide muzzle and a large belly.
  • The coop should be cool in summer and warm in winter. At the same time, you should pay attention to the regular cleaning of the barn, ensuring hygiene.

Get rich from a dirt post by raising chickens in the garden

One of the patterns of enrichment from an acre of land that you cannot ignore in the countryside is rearing chickens in the backyard. It is a model of rural enrichment that inhabitants of the plains as well as the mountains can apply.

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However, when you decide to implement the free-range chicken get-rich-in-the-country model, there are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  • It is necessary to have a separate cage net over a large area for raising chickens.
  • Poultry houses must be built high, with good drainage and with an area that meets the minimum requirement of one square meter per head.
  • The chicken coop should always be equipped with rice husks to keep warm. Outdoor chicken coops should be cool and airy in summer and warm in winter.
  • When raising chickens in the garden for meat, you can choose Noi, Tam Hoang, Dong Tao, etc. chicken varieties.
  • It is necessary to ensure good disease prevention for free-range chickens, regularly clean the cage and choose standard breeds.

Raising pigs helps you get rich with 1 sao of land

If you have a large land reserve, you can completely become rich by breeding livestock on a large scale. It is also one of the models that are easy to bring high profits to many households in rural areas.

When you want to start farming pigs in the countryside to get rich, you need to pay attention to some of the following issues:

  • Identify specific sources of capital to invest in pig farming: money to buy breeding stock, build large-scale barns, buy feed for pigs, drugs for disease prevention and treatment, etc.
  • Actively learn and learn basic to advanced pig husbandry techniques: Herd care and separation techniques, actions to take when disease outbreaks, etc.
  • Find places where pig products are consumed: If you raise pigs to sell breeding stock, you can find farms and households that need to implement the pig farming model. For the case of raising pigs to sell meat, you need to actively seek the exit to slaughterhouses, super meat importers to import pork in large quantities, etc. to have a daily source of consumption.

Here are some tips and business models to help you get rich with 1 sao of land campaign that Digi Viet has compiled and shared with you. Hopefully, with the helpful suggestions above, you will be able to deploy the fastest get-rich-quick business model for you and your family.

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