The success of the TH TrueMilk brand

The success of the TH TrueMilk brand

Although it has only been around for seven years, the clean milk brand TH True Milk is mentioned with pride by Vietnamese. It is a dairy brand with the most modern cow breeding in Southeast Asia, with a turnover of more than $1 billion, and a “clean milk” brand. unrivaled” on the Vietnamese market.

“Daring” construction ideas…

At 35 years old, Vinamilk is firmly established in the tastes of Vietnamese consumers. Anyone who wants to try to “get started” in this field is baffled by big names like Vinamilk. Through research, Ms Thai Huong realized that currently only 20-25% of Vietnamese people drink milk and there is still a lot of room to increase the market share. Secretly grateful to “aged and senior” brands for giving Vietnamese people the habit of drinking milk, she “boldly” came up with the idea of ​​TH True Milk, tapping into a market that “has no competitors.”

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In addition, Ms. Thai Huong found that the milk drinks in the market simply imported ingredients from abroad to prepare, not pure fresh milk, Ms. Thai Huong boldly left the banking industry to produce and market “clean milk “.

Thinking of doing so, Ms. Thai Huong immediately began to implement it. Although it is a new field, with the spirit of an entrepreneur, Ms. Thai Huong does not seem confused, on the contrary, she plans and implements investment in dairy production lines broadly and methodical.

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TH True Milk’s most modern dairy farm in Southeast Asia was built in the western region of Phu Quy, Nghia Dan, Nghe An with a total initial investment of $350 million. With a small number of cows initially imported from Israel, there are now around 45,000 cows cared for using a clean process. Cows eat clean grass, drink clean water, listen to music, get massages,… the whole process is managed by machines to ensure the best and cleanest milk quality.

Invest in people and develop markets

Not only clean milk, Vietnamese consumers can rest assured that they will be served with a series of TH True Milk brand clean products such as clean vegetables, growth milk for children, milk for people suffering from heart disease and diabetes, fresh milk with collagen. for female beauty, cheese, cream, whey, etc. Currently, TH True Milk has 100 specialty retail stores across the country, and is expected to reach 1,000 stores by 2015-2016.

Attractive jobs

Ms. Thai Huong’s policy is that investment in technology and production lines is the priority, while investment in people is the strategy. Working with her to create the clean milk brand TH True Milk is a team of managers, engineers and workers who are enthusiastic and dedicated to their work.

To ensure a clean milk production process, TH True Milk has a team of Israeli experts to advise and monitor how to properly care for the cows; A team of highly qualified engineers are often sent to gain experience in famous dairy producing regions such as New Zealand, Australia and Canada; Workers involved in managing the dairy production process are strictly trained before working on the farm. The model and production line of TH True Milk are built into a perfect chain.

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And towards the community…

Before founding TH True Milk, Ms. Thai Huong’s goal was not just profit. Participating in the “white revolution”, Ms. Huong started with a simple wish to contribute to improving the quality of life of the Vietnamese people.

With a mother’s heart, she wants Vietnamese children to be nourished from a clean milk source and to develop fully physically and mentally. Every product that reaches consumers contains the enthusiasm of talented businesswoman Thai Huong.

The success of the milk brand TH True Milk helps us understand: on every trail, if people are creative and “bold” to think and do things independently in a new direction, the impossible will become possible. , will even create a turning point in history.

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