The success of the U23 Vietnam and his role as senior recruiter

Thành công U23 Việt Nam và vai trò nhà tuyển dụng nhân sự cấp cao

The 2018 Asiad is over, from a Vietnamese U23 team that was only considered a road team, they quickly rose to become the 4 strongest teams in the Asiad. What allowed them to undergo such spectacular transformations? The response came from military leader Park Hang Seo and his colleagues. This is the lesson about Secrets of successful recruitment Very interesting to learn for businesses.

Specific human resources recruitment and placement strategies

Although he took the position of head coach of the Vietnamese and Vietnam U23 teams this year, Mr. Park has taken Vietnamese football from success to success. From a recruiting perspective, the success of Coach Park has provided many useful lessons in how businesses and organizations operate. In this strategy Recruitment of senior executives and resource allocation play a very important role.

Firstly, as a “leader”, Mr. Park knows how to listen to the assessments of national coaches and foreign experts on the current state of Vietnamese football. He perfectly masters the tactics, physical strength and style of play of Vietnamese players. From there, we will have the most general overview of the football situation in Vietnam to construct the most appropriate development direction.

Second, work Recruitment of senior executives The organization of human resources for those under 23 in Vietnam is completely correct.

Preserve Bui Tien Dung

When Mr. Park decided to eliminate Van Lam and keep Bui Tien Dung, many people reacted violently. In terms of age and experience, Van Lam is better than Bui Tien Dung. While this player gradually becomes showbiz.

And then after 4 matches at the Asian Games, Mr. Park showed his strategy Recruitment of senior executives mine is absolutely fine. Bui Tien Dung contributed greatly to helping Vietnam Olympic keep a clean sheet after 4 intense matches.

Give Van Quyet a chance

Attractive jobs

Despite numerous criticisms, Coach Park is still determined to retain Van Quyet and even awarded him the captain’s armband. Van Quyet proved to the fans that his teacher was absolutely right to maintain a good performance in 4 matches. Coach Park understands the value of an experienced candidate on a team comprised primarily of young players.

Challenge Cong Phuong

In the first match, Cong Phuong missed penalties twice from 11 meters and had to sit on the bench in the next match. However, coach Park still trusted and let this player play in the match against Bahrain. Seizing the opportunity during his introduction in the second half, Cong Phuong scored the only goal to help Vietnam U23 win. However, the winner was Mr. Park because he chose the right person at the right time.

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Also in the business world, Secrets of successful recruitment comes from the fact that employers must know how to recruit the right people for each position. A talented person manifests themselves not only through what they initially show, but also through their desire to progress and their fitness.

A house Recruitment of senior executives will be able to give opportunities to talented people at the right time, at the right time, and listen to feedback. Additionally, at work and at home Recruitment of senior executives It is necessary to accurately assess individuals so that they can enhance their strengths and maintain internal solidarity to achieve sustainable goals.

football coach park hang seo

Flexible management strategy from time to time

To help the team achieve its current success, Mr. Park applied his coaching experience to each specific period. That is to say: plan – test – retest – deploy.

  • Plan: immediate, long-term and match-by-match plans. In every match, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent as well as the team. This allows human resources to be organized with the greatest precision for each match. In the long term, towards a solid footballing base, towards the top 100 in world football.

A house Recruitment of senior executives For businesses, if they do not know how to plan human resources and plan activities for the day, week, month or year, it will easily lead to failure. It is certain that the objectives will not be achieved and that the human resources will not be of high quality.

  • Essay: Coach Park clearly divided each student’s tasks based on each student’s strengths. The evidence shows that this coach never made a mistake in the distribution of squads and substitutions during matches.

Secrets of successful recruitment for high-level recruiters who need to know how to select who, what positions and how to train to improve the quality of the company’s human resources. The current situation is that the allocation of the right people to the right positions in companies is still limited and human resources are not used to their full potential. Using the right people at the right time in friendlies is the way to go Recruitment of senior executives can learn from Park.

  • Check again: Through friendly tournaments, this is an opportunity for Coach Park to review its personnel arrangements and strategy to see if there are any loopholes. Where gaps exist, they must be filled and adjusted accordingly so that the set goals are always on track.

  • Deployment: Coach Park constantly changes tactics, on defense, on offense. With experience Recruitment of senior executives on his own, he knows with certainty when to change person, to change position, when to change person.

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During implementation, when it is necessary to adjust personnel, employers must take appropriate measures to replace new employees. This ensures that the human resources system functions effectively, in line with the set objectives. That’s it Secrets of successful recruitment that each company must build for itself.


Team spirit, internal discipline

Coaches, like leaders, must transmit their spirit to their own colleagues. For Coach Park, he defines a clear discipline that each player must follow:

– All players will stay in the same room as the player organized by the coach. This helps athletes in the same position exchange expertise.

– It is imperative to respect rest and exercise times.

– It is forbidden to use your cell phone while eating, during training or team meetings.

– It is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily give interviews without the authorization of the BHL and the VFF.


Establishing clear regulations and a healthy working environment will help develop a spirit of solidarity among employees. During the work process, team spirit is constantly improved. It’s the key to success Recruitment of senior executives often used.

Additionally, Coach Park is very friendly towards the players through daily actions such as hugging, kissing, shaking hands with each player after the game, remembering the players’ birthday or giving them compliments in front of the press. Thus, promoting the increase in the players’ working spirit.

Home Recruitment of senior executives You also need to create a comfortable and friendly environment for your own employees. Ensure discipline in operations, but not be too rigid, but create a comfortable environment for staff to develop their full potential.

Vietnam Under-23 team’s success is a profound lesson Secrets of successful recruitment as well as the role of human resources recruiter. Doing these things well will help companies have competent and enthusiastic human resources for the profession.

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