Three Lessons from Napoleon’s Direction of Affairs

Ba bài học rút ra từ việc lãnh đạo doanh nghiệp của Napoleon

The lessons of Napoleon’s management do not only apply to the military domain. Now, his strategies are also widely applied in business leadersespecially with big business, big corporations.

Napoleon is one of the most talented generals in history, with extremely clever recruitment and utilization strategies. He is seen as someone who understands the role of a manager with a great team to get the end results.

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Build trust and loyalty of subordinates

Napoleon masters the application very well Qualities of a leader in military operations. He understood that the leader must first build the trust of his subordinates. Therefore, he sought to gain the trust of good generals under his command, increasing the loyalty of soldiers through promises after the victory of wars.

In his exhortation to the soldiers, he promises to be the light that will guide them and lead them to the fertile lands of the world. Following him, they will receive glory, honor and wealth. This shows that Napoleon was a visionary general who good leader The world always knows how to attract and motivate others to contribute.

Lessons learned: An entrepreneur should take care of life and fully gather the necessary elements for employees. Focus on improving the confidence of subordinates. Convince them to believe in your thinking and take action towards that goal. Only when business leaders If you have a clear direction and believe in the direction you are setting, employees will also have confidence in that ability.

It can be seen that Napoleon’s army not only lived and fought for greater France, but also fought for its own. Thus, Napoleon built a military system that was not easily thwarted. Once your staff not only work, devote themselves to the interests of the company, but also be loyal to good leader, they will surely allow the business to thrive in the future.


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Perform the simplest tasks

During military battles, Napoleon often performed the trivial tasks of school generals. Qualities of a leader shows that when the army is in danger, faced with the shots and bullets that await it, Napoleon remains the first pioneer, giving the example to his soldiers.

He also replaced the corporals to load the cannons and did many manual jobs like soldiers. Napoleon- an example of basket leaderI understand that only when I clearly understand each person’s job and do the work I assign to others can I assign the right person to the right job. Even when Napoleon became emperor, he always knew how to entrust the work to the right people at the right time.

Lessons learned: A business leaders Success can never judge the right person, the right choice if you don’t clearly understand the job they are doing. Also, you should not abuse your authority to delegate work to others.

A business leaders will be able to assign tasks to each person, each of his “arms”. If you assign only the usual high-level tasks, you will lose the necessary relationship with your collaborators. On the contrary, a leader who closely follows his collaborators will help them to feel more secure, ready to dedicate themselves to the cause.


Express gratitude to those who have helped you succeed

During the war with the Commander-in-Chief of Piedmont, when his army was victorious, Napoleon did not hesitate to reward his army with the same spoils of gold and silver obtained after the battle. It is the reward of the soldier himself who has devoted many months to his army. And only if there is Qualities of a leader can only do that.

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With Napoleon, he knew his soldiers would be recognized and paid for their abilities. They are therefore ready to fight with all their loyalty to the country and to themselves. good leader their. In addition, Napoleon selected the best elements to build honorable armies. After the battles, he will find out who was the bravest in the battle by asking who was the best in the last battle.

Qualities of a leader evidenced by the fact that when he had found the best, Napoleon personally took a medal from his shirt and placed it on the shirt of the bravest person. This is a very timely act of encouragement, helping to quickly spread the spirit of devotion throughout the body.

Lessons learned: business leaders Also, always show your respect and gratitude to your employees. In your business, you can have a reward and punishment system tailored to the ability and performance of your employees.

Say “thank you” and give your employees the rewards that boost their morale. It helps business leaders always earn the admiration and respect of his subordinates. When there is a lack of action to recognize skills, many people will feel dissatisfied with their efforts.

Therefore, as a talented leader, your responsibility is to recognize individuals with good and excellent accomplishments in order to reward and motivate them in a timely manner. Your success and that of your business depends on the achievements and attitudes of your employees. Show them how much you appreciate their efforts and how much your role contributes to the success of the organization.

Not only did Napoleon’s philosophies of business leadership have practical and urgent importance under Napoleon, but they also hold profound lessons for business leaders. business leaders. Learning and flexibly applying the above experiences will not only help you become an outstanding leader, but also help build a strong business.

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