Tips for Choosing the Right Job

Tips for Choosing the Right Job

How many jobs have you had? Are you satisfied with your current job? Many people are still busy looking for the job they want. There is a study on the current employment situation in the United States and Japan, which shows that: “If there were no money, 83% of workers would think about their current job. In Japan, this figure reaches 92%. This is the reality in capitalist countries. Every day they work with the goal: “money”. That’s right, it’s the most important factor when it comes to a good job. But this is not enough, good work is based on the following criteria:

1- Passionate

The work you are looking for is work you love doing, not just like a machine doing the same process over and over again, you work with enthusiasm, passion and emotion. Every day, commuters spend the most time at work. Some people spend 10 hours a day at the company and spend more time meeting with colleagues than taking care of their families. So you’re lucky to have a job you love.

2- Salary

In our lives we cannot lack money, although money is not everything. A good job should absolutely be a job with a salary that can meet our needs: living expenses, housing, entertainment, childcare,… From there, when we have If you intend to apply or accept a job in a certain position, carefully research the salary equivalent to that position in the market to see if that salary is reasonable? Does this meet your needs?

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Job Selection Criteria

3- Working mode

The next criterion for choosing a good job is the work regime. A good job usually has a work regime that satisfies you. working hours, rewards and punishments, annual travel, etc. Women with families and children often like jobs that require office hours, don’t often work overtime, and have reasonable maternity benefits. Or for those who have no family, are ambitious and want a job with clear progression steps and long-term development. They are willing to work overtime, work late nights, and work weekends. You have a job with a working regime that suits you, that’s very congratulatory.

4- Company environment

This is the company you work for. Do you like your business? Do you find that the company culture suits you? Additionally, your colleagues are also part of your job and have a significant influence on you. Do you feel comfortable working with your current colleagues? Group spirit, solidarity; What are your needs for exchange, sharing… with your colleagues? And do you cooperate effectively with your boss? Do you trust and respect your boss? If you are close to your colleagues and work together effectively, that’s really good.

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