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Top 09 Highest Paying Korean Jobs Today

Top 9 việc làm tiếng Hàn lương cao hấp dẫn nhất hiện nay

Opportunity Korean jobs For candidates who are proficient in Korean, it is increasingly expanding, multi-sector and multi-field, especially when the flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) from Korea to Vietnam is always at the top. . Large companies such as LG, Samsung, Lotte, … and Korean auxiliary providers have invested heavily in recruiting a series of people who need to know Korean. Efforts to practice Korean are always accompanied by the desire to find well-paying job opportunities in Korean companies.


1. Korean teacher
2. Korean Translator
3. Tour guide
4. Korean engineer
5. Korean Accounting
6. Korean sales staff
7. Administrative staff of a Korean company
8. Korean Director’s Secretary
9. Vietnamese tutor for Koreans
10. Find Korean Jobs

Korean jobs
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According to statistics at the end of 2020, there are around 180,000 Koreans living in Vietnam with 80% concentrated in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and 20% in other provinces like Hanoi, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Bac Ninh… Currently there are about 170,000 Koreans in Vietnam and 200,000 Vietnamese living, working and living In Vietnam. in Korea. The majority of Koreans living in Vietnam are high-level engineers and experts who come to Vietnam to work in factories and offices related to Korean investment fields. Therefore, Korean language-related jobs will become more important and more widely distributed. Prepare well with Korean interview skills and Korean culture to prepare for an attractive job.

here is the list Korean jobs high salary compiled by HRchannels, thanks to this, candidates with Korean language skills will easily guide their future careers.

1. Korean language teacher job

When English is so popular, it is difficult to create a competitive advantage, many candidates turn to another more fashionable foreign language, and Korean is the first choice. Besides Korean language centers with short courses, the college and university system is also increasingly recruiting Korean students.

To have a high salary, a Korean teacher must have a thorough command of the Korean language, if you have studied abroad or worked in Korea for a while, the salary will be more favorable.

The average salary for Korean language teachers is currently around 300,000 to 500,000 VND/teaching hour.

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2. Korean Translator and Interpreter Employment

It’s the audience Korean jobs that most Korean language learners aim for. Great job opportunities, entertainment, movies to books, documents, contracts, letters…all require intensive Korean skills.

The number of Korean companies or enterprises cooperating with Korean partners is increasing day by day, so the salary of Korean interpreters is very good.

Interesting jobs

A Korean student who has just graduated from university and mastered four foreign language skills can earn a salary of 800 to 1,000 USD/month.

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3. Job Tour Guide

The Hallyu wave has spread around the world, bringing the demand for tourists to explore the land of kimchi at all ages. At the same time, the number of Korean tourists to Vietnam is also constantly increasing.

This trend creates many job opportunities for candidate tour guides. In addition to the foreign language requirements, the candidate must also have knowledge of the culture and history of both countries, so the salary and benefits are very good.

The hard salary is about 10 million VND/month, not including tips, bonuses, travel allowances… If you take guests on tour abroad, your earnings will be even higher.

4. Korean Engineer Jobs

Do one of these Korean jobs With a high salary, most Korean engineers are trained as specialist engineers before, after a period of training, studying abroad or working in Korea, they only apply for jobs in Korean companies in Vietnam.

Korean engineers will directly participate in the production process in workshops and construction sites, ensuring a good understanding of Korean, receiving precise production requirements, and ensuring satisfactory end products are great responsibilities that Korean engineers must undertake.

The average salary for Korean engineers is currently between 1,000 and 1,500 USD/month.

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5. Korean Accounting Jobs

In addition to the administrative staff, the accounting department of the Korean company will also recruit at least 1-2 accountants with good command of the Korean language to assist the Korean chief accountant in bookkeeping and accounting. Support daily communication.

Recruitment requirements in addition to Korean, also need to master Vietnamese accounting, the work process will need to learn about Korean standard accounting skills.

Depending on the difficulty and responsibility of the job, the average salary that a Korean accountant receives is 750 to 1000 USD/month.

6. Employment of Korean sales staff

The expansion of commercial activities between the two countries Vietnam – Korea is also the time when companies need a team of salespeople who master the Korean language well. In particular, not only Korean companies but also Vietnamese companies will also provide opportunities for candidates.

The application of Korean in researching, persuading, negotiating and signing contracts takes place regularly. Compared with Vietnamese or English sales staff, Korean sales staff contract commission rate is higher.

Korean sales staff hard salary is around 400-500USD/month plus bonus and attractive commission rate.

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7. Administrative Staff Jobs in Korean Companies

The human resources administrative staff is in charge of recruitment and also acts as a bridge between managers and employees. For Korean companies, at least in the HR department, there will be 1-2 employees who are good at Korean.

Higher requirements when recruiting yield better earnings than other colleagues in the same department. The average salary is 800-1000 USD/month.

8. Secretarial Jobs for Korean Directors – Korean Jobs

Normally, the director’s secretary will simultaneously act as a Korean interpreter for the director. Being both professional and responsible for communicating information between two languages ​​are two big responsibilities.

High requirements, heavy responsibilities, so the salary also increases, on average 1000-1500 USD/month for this position. Longer working years, more experience, higher earnings.

9. Vietnamese Tutoring Jobs for Koreans

Teaching Vietnamese to Koreans is also part of job opportunities for candidates who enjoy teaching.

However, the obligation to teach Vietnamese to Koreans poses more problems, requiring a higher level of proficiency in the 4 language skills in Korean.

In addition to long courses at university, many Koreans need private lessons at home to save time.

The salary of Vietnamese language tutors for Koreans averages 800,000 to 1,000,000 VND/hour. If the class is in groups of 2-3 people, the salary can increase by 30% to 50%.

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Top 9 Korean jobs with high salary listed above by HRchannels. The better the Korean language proficiency, the higher the candidate’s salary negotiation advantage. The Korean language level that employers set is also very diverse, applicants can according to their strength choose the right position, gradually develop their abilities and conquer high-paying jobs.

10. Find Korean Jobs

To see Korean jobs currently recruiting in Vietnam, you can see Find senior jobs at HRchannels here!

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