Top 10 golden qualities to become a professional recruitment specialist

Top 10 tố chất vàng để trở thành chuyên viên tuyển dụng chuyên nghiệp

To become a candidate, you need to strive to “hunt” many potential candidates and help your company’s revenues constantly “reach” records.

To know more about the 10 “golden” qualities to become a “better” HR specialist, readers, please read the details in the article below from

1. Recruitment skills

Recruitment specialists must understand recruitment knowledge to create an impressive resume or properly evaluate and answer questions during the candidate interview.

At the same time, in-depth knowledge of regulations and company culture allows recruitment specialists to closely monitor the training process, guide and evaluate the implementation of rules and evaluate the achievements of each candidate.

2. Ability to manage crises

The problem of “human resources” is like a river with multiple flows, always fluctuating and of unpredictable complexity. This requires recruitment specialists to have excellent crisis management skills, including handling staff fluctuations such as recruitment planning, responding to candidate questions and recommendations on salaries and bonuses and benefit plans. company remuneration,…

3. Understand the technology

Social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are becoming optimal tools to help employers interact positively with candidates. Additionally, through the candidate’s personal profile on social media, employers can gain insight into the candidate’s personality.

4. Master the use of recruitment management software

Recruitment management software has helped reduce the pressure on human resource specialists in the process of tracking employee performance, tracking timesheets, and paying salaries to make it easier to answer questions during recruitment. progress of work.

Therefore, professional recruitment specialists must ensure that they are proficient in the use of recruitment management software such as ATS, Talent Solution, Facework, Magic HRM, TiT,… to become professional and achieve high performance .

5. Communicate fluently

Recruitment specialists must master verbal and written communication skills to interact effectively with candidates across all departments within the organization.

THE headhunters Performing people management tasks, therefore establishing open conversations will help candidates reduce stress and easily share difficulties at work, working together to optimize overall company goals.

6. Understand the law

Playing a similar role to a company’s legal expert, recruitment specialists must understand employment law to ensure a legal recruitment process.

This leads recruitment specialists and business managers to draft employment contracts with content beneficial to candidates in order to ensure benefits to company employees in accordance with the law such as insurance and compensation. holidays, maternity leave, etc. the candidate must also fulfill the obligations signed in the contract with the employer.

7. Ability to work in a group

Recruitment specialists must coordinate with the recruiting department and employees from other departments of the company to ensure close connection and coordination between them and promote teamwork.

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8. Decision-making skills

Recruitment professionals need flexible thinking to make sound decisions that benefit the long-term interests of the organization. Before making a decision, recruitment specialists should consult with their superiors and carefully consider the pros and cons to help the organization quickly overcome the crisis and resolve the human resources and sales problem.

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9. Ability to secure information

Recruitment specialists keep many confidential documents and important personal information of candidates. They are therefore the most trusted members of the company, a bridge to resolve hidden conflicts within the company and resolve misunderstandings that arise between individuals and the company.

10. Management skills

Training new staff during the probationary process is an important step in creating a generation of senior staff. A good manager will ensure that employees are always full of love for work, proud and enthusiastic when working daily for the organization and adapt quickly to the company’s cultural environment.

Above you will find useful information on the 10 best “golden” qualities to become a “top” recruitment specialist. Hopefully the above article from will provide you with useful information. If readers have any questions or suggestions, please comment in the comments section below the article.

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