Top 10 large, reputable creative agencies in Vietnam

Top 10 Creative Agency lớn và uy tín tại Việt Nam

You will surely be overwhelmed when you venture out to discover the creative agencies operating in the market, right?

So let’s explore the top 10 now Creative agency large and renowned in Vietnam through the following article by Ms. Uptalent to easily choose a quality unit for your business!

1- What is a creative agency?
2- 10 major creative agencies in Vietnam
3- Tips for choosing a quality creative agency

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1- What is a creative agency?

Creative agencies are units specialized in creating visually impactful marketing products, such as videos, TVC advertisements, posters, flyers, banners, brochures, product packaging, etc.

Normally, Creative Agency will need to coordinate with Brand Agency when implementing brand identity building projects. Therefore, these agencies must have a deep understanding of the brand, market and target audience in addition to their creative ability.

Additionally, Creative Agency must also ensure that its products meet the technical requirements to provide the best user experience across different media platforms.

2- Top 10 leading creative agencies in Vietnam

2.1- Ogilvy Vietnam

Ogilvy Vietnam is one of the branches of Ogilvy & Mather, a multinational advertising and marketing services company.

Currently, Ogilvy & Mather has offices in 120 countries around the world. At the same time, all Ogilvy & Mather branches are among the best creative agencies in this country.

One of Ogilvy Vietnam’s outstanding campaigns worth mentioning is “Mix Milo as Delicious as You Want – Fuel All Day”.

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With this campaign, Ogilvy Vietnam released a 30-second TVC across traditional marketing channels and social media. Along with this are 10 short videos showing different ways to mix Milo.

As a result, these videos attracted millions of views across different platforms and generated a 20% increase in sales compared to the target.

2.2- Léo Burnett Vietnam

Leo Burnett Vietnam is a member of one of the world’s largest advertising consultancies, with branches in 84 different countries.

In Vietnam, Leo Burnett is famous for campaigns such as “Firefly Lights”, “Speed ​​​​Tay Son Footsteps”,…

The clients of this agency are also major well-known brands such as Samsung, Dutch Lady, McDonalds,…

With its strengths in providing comprehensive and integrated marketing communications solutions, Leo Burnett can support its clients from strategy creation through implementation.

2.3- Happiness Saigon

Happiness Saigon was founded in 2004. This agency is a member of Happiness – a Creative Connection company based in Vietnam and Brussels (Belgium).

The company’s objective is to “create economic leverage by spreading happiness and positive thinking”. The white, gold and black colors of the company badge symbolize the brand identity.

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With the spirit of “everything and everyone is media,” Happiness has applied its strategic skills and creativity to create successful campaigns for major brands such as NIVEA and Coca-Cola. , Mead Johnson, Bosch Southeast Asia, UNICEF,…

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2.4- Dentsu Vietnam

Dentsu Vietnam is a 100% foreign creative agency established in 2003. The company’s clients are famous brands such as Saigon Tourist, Canon, Ajinomoto, Kao, Toyota, Lexus, Yamaha,…

As part of the world-renowned Dentsu Network media group, this agency has the ability to provide its clients with the highest quality services, helping them maximize their revenues and profits.

Currently, Dentsu provides the following services:

– Brand advice.

– Generate ideas and develop creativity.

– Implement promotional programs.

– Digital communications services.

– Communications planning.

– Buy advertising.

2.5- TBWA Vietnam

TBWA Vietnam is a member of the Marketing Omnicom media group. This agency operates with the philosophy of “Breaking the Limits”. According to them, traditional rules and ways of thinking will make no difference. This is why they constantly come up with creative and innovative communication ideas.

In Vietnam, TBWA has created many successful media campaigns for major brands such as Adidas, Vinamilk, MTV,…

2.6- MullenLowe Vietnam

MullenLowe Vietnam was established in 2015 through the merger of Lowe & Partners and Mullen.

This agency conducts communications in the direction of “unfair sharing” and considers the factor “attracting attention” as the key point for the success of a campaign.

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2.7- Smart ads

CleverAds was founded in 2008 by Mr. Nguyen Khanh Trinh. So far, this unit has become one of the leading creative agencies in Vietnam.

With main products being online marketing packages in various forms such as video advertising, mobile advertising, SEO, TVC advertising etc., CleverAds has run successful campaigns with many large domestic and foreign companies such as Aeon.Mall, Vietnam Airlines, Vinhome, BUV. ,…

Among the many successful campaigns of CleverAds, one cannot help but mention the “Japanese Shopping” campaign in cooperation with AEON Vietnam.

2.8- MédiaZ

MediaZ is a creative agency specializing in providing consultancy services and implementing media solutions established in 2014.

Currently, MediaZ is focused on developing comprehensive, cross-platform communications campaigns for businesses. The company’s objective is to help its clients optimize their costs, control their media, their advertising accounts and promote the application of new technologies in communication activities.

With its strong capabilities and creativity, MediaZ has successfully implemented a series of communication campaigns with large and small companies such as Pepsi, Lotteria, Cocoxim,…

One of the notable campaigns carried out by this agency is “Delicious Coconut Taste – Only Cocoxim”. Thanks to this campaign, Cocoxim managed to reach a large customer base and increase its notoriety in the market.

2.9- Creation of creative agency pencil

Creative Agency Pencil Creative is a member of the Pencil Group ecosystem. The other two members are digital agency DigiPencil MVV and creative industry investment fund Pencil Ventures.

The original predecessor of Pencil Group was DigiPencil MVV, founded in 2014 by Mr. Nguyen Tien Huy (former Chief Digital Officer of Ogilvy) and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son (Founder and CEO of T&A Ogilvy).

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Currently, Pencil Creative is one of the leading creative agencies combining modern technology and creative ideas to bring the most optimal marketing solutions to clients.

With a team of industry-leading experts, Pencil Creative has become a reputable partner of many major companies such as Vingroup, Grab, Lotte, Sunhouse Group,…

The most important project of this agency is “Toppo – Summoning good mood”. By creating a 3-part iTVC series: Summon “Holy Sanctification”, Summon Vitamin Sea and Summon “Hearing”, Pencil Creative helped Toppo increase its revenue by almost 40%.

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2.10- Agency 1990

1990 Agency is a “young but talented” creative agency founded in 2015 by Mr. Ngo Chi Dung. The 1990 goal is to use digital as a means of creativity, helping businesses reach their target customers as quickly as possible and increase their reputation and turnover.

Although only a small agency, 1990 has become a trusted partner of big names such as Ogilvy, Laneige, Vincom, PetroVietnam,…

One of Agency 1990’s notable projects is the cooperation campaign with Anh Khue Saigon entitled “Hunting Explosive Deals”. The success of the campaign is excellent proof of this agency’s ability to increase business efficiency on a limited budget.

3- Tips for choosing a quality creative agency

To achieve your short and long term marketing goals, you need to choose the right agency. However, the fact that there are so many creative agencies operating in the market makes it difficult for businesses to determine which one is a quality agency.

If you’re also wondering this question, use the following points to evaluate what a quality creative agency is.

3.1- Quality of Agency staff

Whether or not a creative agency is good depends greatly on the staff of that agency. Specifically, you should learn about the experience, achievements and reputation of key Agency personnel.

Additionally, you should also check whether or not the Agency staff has experts in the areas of content, planning, design, sales, data analysis.

Reality shows that only agencies that clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of each position and know how to effectively utilize talent can achieve optimal work performance. From there, the Agency will create successful campaigns and generate greater revenue for the business.

3.2- Creative capacity of the creative agency

Only creative agencies that continually create and innovate to create real value can create campaigns that resonate well in the market.

In particular, the Agency must know how to combine the creative and avant-garde ideas of young employees and the analysis and evaluation skills of experienced experts to provide optimal solutions to companies.

When choosing an agency, you should keep this in mind and consider creativity as a prerequisite for making the final decision.

3.3- Evaluate the Agency’s critical thinking and problem-solving capacity

A creative agency should be able to solve problems the company faces and have a specific plan to deal with unexpected communications crises.

You know, a business doesn’t always grow, there will be times when it declines or stagnates. Therefore, critical thinking and problem-solving skills are the key factors that help the Agency revive businesses after unpredictable downfalls.

3.4- Ability of the creative agency to use data to find solutions

Today, big data and customer knowledge are important factors that a quality creative agency must understand and master.

Because they need to use real data related to the company’s customers and competitors to develop specific ideas and plans to increase revenue.

Hopefully, the information about the top 10 reputable creative agencies in Vietnam contained in this article by Ms. Uptalent will help you overcome the difficulties involved in the process of choosing the right agency. Good luck!

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