Top 10 most popular questions when interviewing tour operators

10 Câu hỏi phỏng vấn vị trí điều hành tour du lịch phổ biến nhất

The position is still a profession that attracts the attention of many young people. They see this job as a way to develop their talents and future careers. But it is not easy to reach this promising position.

To help you gain more confidence and courage to conquer that job interview, Ms. Uptalent will share with you 10 most popular tour operator interview questions. Follow us!

1-10 common tour operator interview questions and suggested answers
2- Some other interview questions with tour operators
3- A few tips for a successful tour operator interview with complete peace of mind

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1-10 common tour operator interview questions and suggested answers

1.1- Tell me a bit about yourself?

This is a common question you can come across in any interview, not just for a tour operator position.

With this question you need to briefly provide some information about yourself. Above all, do not be too long because the information is already in the CV.

You can simply indicate your name, your year of birth, your education and above all highlight the assets that show that you are a suitable candidate for the position of tour operator.

With the level of education, if you graduate with the right major, that’s great too. Otherwise, you will have to think carefully to avoid being asked to focus on this question, which would lead to difficulties in answering.

1.2- Why did you choose the tour operator position?

Employers always want to know why you chose to become a tour operator. On the other hand, they also want to find out your passion and enthusiasm for the job and find out your communication skills and behavior when asked such personal questions.

With this question, you should talk about your views on the tourism industry, why you like it or do you want to achieve a certain goal, etc. Present your reasons vividly and emphatically. make a good impression on the employer.

1.3- How do you rate the quality of service of our company?

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This question gives the impression that the recruiter is putting you in the role of a client. However, what they are looking for is whether you have researched their company or not, whether you are really seriously considering applying for this job or not.

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Before the interview, you should make sure that you have learned the most basic information about the employer. This will give you the best answer.

You should pay attention to information such as achievements and rankings obtained by the company. You can also give positive reviews about the quality of the company’s services. Any employer will certainly be delighted to hear this and will want to know more about you.

1.4- According to you, what are the essential skills of tour operators?

A tour operator must have many different skills such as communication skills, planning skills, work organization skills, good ability to build relationships, good negotiation skills, deep understanding, good command of foreign languages. …

You can rely on the recruitment requirements and compare with the skills you have to give the most appropriate information.

However, listing the skills will not be enough to convince employers. To make the answer more valuable you should include an example.

Tour Operator Interview Questions

1.5- Why did you leave your job in your former company?

Almost all employers want to know why you left your job. As a result, this question still comes up frequently in interviews covering all sectors, not just the position of tour operators.

Some of the reasons you can give, like downsizing the company, don’t present a lot of growth opportunities. Or are you looking for a larger, more professional work environment and better promotion opportunities?

Be careful, absolutely do not talk about negative reasons such as conflicts with your boss or colleagues, low salary, etc. Remember not to speak ill of the former company to the employer. You can be disqualified immediately if you do so because the employer doesn’t want to be the next agency to be bashed by you.

1.6- What are your development objectives in the next 5 years?

With this question, the employer asks whether you intend to stay with the tour operator for a long time, what are your ambitions for this position and what is your development orientation.

You can emphasize that you will continually improve your knowledge, skills and professionalism to advance in the tourism industry. If your goal is to become a manager, share your project with them.

1.7- Please describe your experience as a tour operator?

Employers are looking to see if you have the appropriate experience and skills for the position to be recruited.

With this question, you must honestly share your experiences. Above all, do not exaggerate what you know, you will be easily discovered by the employer after only a few questions.

If you don’t have a lot of experience, emphasize ambition, passion for the job as well as the desire to learn and develop skills and the desire to stay and dedicate yourself for a long time.

1.8- What achievements have you made in your previous work?

You should briefly list the roles you have held, the challenges you have faced, the values ​​you have brought to the company, etc. If you got a certified achievement, talk about it with the employer.

More importantly, you must show enthusiasm and dedication to work. You can also express how you feel about your accomplishments and lessons learned.

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The more achievements you achieve, the more mastery you have in your work. From there, employers will see how productive you are.

1.9- When you meet difficult customers, what will you do?

Dealing with difficult customers is inevitable in a tour operator position. Therefore, employers always want to find candidates who can think things through to find the most satisfactory solution to all problems.

With this question, you need to come up with a difficult situation you faced and then talk about how you handled it. Show the employer your ability to remain calm and confident in any situation. It definitely helps you score points with them.

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1.10- Do you have something to ask?

Do not answer “no” when the interviewer asks you this question. If you do, you will likely fail the interview.

It’s best to prepare a few questions to ask so that when the interviewer asks that question, you don’t have to be embarrassed or confused, but you can have a smooth conversation with them.

Some suggestions for you like asking more about the job you will have to do in the tour operator position, related benefits, business development orientation, who is your boss if you are hired,…

2- Some other interview questions with tour operators

In addition to the questions above, you should also jot down some of the following questions to have the most confident and successful interview:

– What do you know about our company?

– How do you rate the development trend of the tourism industry?

– How to effectively manage your travel budget?

– What means do you use to reduce stress when organizing visits?

– What are the things to do when doing international tours?

– What do you do when the items needed for the trip are delivered later than expected?

– If a client falls ill just before the start of the trip, what will you do?

– Do you prefer to travel on a circuit or independently?

– What do you need to improve right now? Do you have a plan to improve them?

– Why do you feel annoyed by your colleagues or your former boss?

– What can stress you out? How did you overcome that?

– What salary do you expect?

Tips for a successful interview

3- A few tips for a successful tour operator interview with complete peace of mind

An interview is always something that stresses you out and puts you under pressure. However, you have to overcome this to be able to do the job you love.

To increase your chances of being admitted, you can apply some of the following tips:

First, pay attention to clothes and appearance

You should pay more attention to your appearance when interviewing for a tour operator position, as the tourism industry always has high standards when it comes to appearance.

Employers are also very interested in the looks and appearance of the candidate. So you need to make sure that you can meet this requirement well.

Second, review specialized knowledge and professional terms.

During the interview process, you can use many specialized terms to show the employer your knowledge and understanding of the tourism industry.

If you can show the employer that you have a perfect command of the necessary professional knowledge and that you are suitable for the job requirements, the higher your chances of being hired will be.

Third, maintain a confident and calm demeanor during the interview process.

During the interview, you should remain calm and confident as you listen and answer the interviewer’s questions. Show a polite and professional attitude but no less flexible and pointed to conquer your employer!

Hopefully, the 10 most common tour operator interview questions and some tips shared by Ms. Uptalent in this article can help you score points with employers. To increase your chances of being admitted, you must make an effort to improve your knowledge, skills and refresh yourself every day. Good luck!

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