Top 10 professions with the greatest recruitment demand in Vietnam

Top 10 ngành nghề có nhu cầu tuyển dụng lớn nhất tại Việt Nam

What to study to easily find a job and progress in your career is always something that interests young people. At the same time, the need to find a job with a good income is also a major concern for people with work experience.

To help readers have the best career direction, Ms. Uptalent will provide you with some information Top 10 professions with the greatest recruitment demand in Vietnam Currently. Let’s follow you!

1- Information technology industry
2- Major in English language
3- Major in business administration
4- Marketing industry
5- Medical and pharmaceutical industry
6- Building industry
7- Tourism and travel industry
8- Logistics industry, supply chain management
9- Graphic design industry
10- Mechanical engineering and automotive engineering

Recruitment of senior executives

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1- Information technology industry

Information technology is not a new profession in Vietnam. However, with the strong development of the 4.0 technological revolution, this industry offers even better employment prospects, with Vietnam being one of the main countries with high integration speed.

According to Mr. Hoang Minh Cuong, Director of the Department of Telecommunications, Vietnam is currently among the top 20 countries with the highest number of Internet users in the world. On the other hand, electronics and information technology is also one of the key industries.

The income level for information technology positions is considered high compared to the general level. Currently, the revenue of this industry is at least 15 to 28 million per month.

Additionally, this industry also attracts workers due to its many diverse positions. This includes positions such as programmers, network security engineers, hardware engineers, software designers, etc.

The information technology industry is currently one of the industries with a high employment rate. Every year, this industry needs around 400,000 additional workers. Recruitment demand is strong but IT human resources are rare, particularly highly specialized personnel.

Information technology industry

Attractive jobs

2- Major in English language

In the context of global integration, the English language has become an international language. You can encounter this language in many different fields and professions such as economics, finance, IT, marketing, pedagogy,…

Nowadays, English language requirements have become an indispensable part of job applications and everyday life. Young people who are fluent in English always have a big advantage when looking for jobs and career advancement.

The high applicability of the English language has made this profession the first choice of many young people. If you are good at English, you can easily find many part-time and full-time jobs in big companies.

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In addition, the English language sector also helps you access many attractive job opportunities in a variety of professions, such as translation and interpreting, finance, banking, marketing,…

Statistical data also shows that by 2026, the need to recruit English translators and interpreters in Vietnam will increase by 17%.

Another advantage is that the income level in this industry is very good. Depending on your experience and your mastery of English, you will receive an appropriate salary.

English Language Department

3- Major in business administration

It is a profession very suitable for dynamic young people who love business. Particularly, in the current trend of integration, business activities need to be given more attention and development in order to be able to meet market needs.

According to statistics, Vietnam currently has more than 20,000 small and large businesses operating in recent years. This is considered a good sign that the demand for human resources in this sector is really great.

With high demand for recruitment, business administration has become one of the easiest professions to find employment in today. Therefore, you can feel completely safe studying business administration, management or management.

4- Marketing industry

According to the survey, the marketing sector remains one of the professions most in demand for recruitment in Vietnam. In Ho Chi Minh City alone, the demand for human resources for this profession has reached 10,000 people/year (according to forecasts from the Ho Chi Minh City Human Resources Center).

Additionally, marketing is also a profession with many varied positions. Niche areas such as branding or content marketing offer very good development opportunities and attractive income levels.

Marketing industry

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5- Medical and pharmaceutical industry

Nowadays, health issues have become everyone’s top priority. At the same time, foreign pharmaceutical companies are also encouraging their development activities in Vietnam.

However, medicine and pharmacy are currently professions experiencing a serious shortage of human resources in Vietnam. The demand for human resources is increasing and the workforce is not sufficient to meet the demand, making medicine and pharmacy a profession in which it is very easy to find employment.

With numerous job opportunities and high recruitment demand, medicine and pharmacy are currently an option to consider for those preparing for college entrance exams.

6- Building industry

Vietnam is considered one of the countries with high growth rates in Asia. Across the economy, construction is considered an important strength of Vietnam.

In recent years, we have seen the birth of many world-class architectural works. Public works, roads, railways, high-rise buildings and large apartment buildings are also increasing.

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Due to the rapid pace of urbanization and the government’s emphasis on infrastructure investment, this has created favorable conditions for the construction sector to grow rapidly and become one of the professions with the greater demand for recruitment.

Construction industry

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7- Tourism and travel industry

Many tourist destinations in Vietnam are recognized as places to visit in the world. Despite many difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this industry is currently recovering and developing much more strongly than before.

Not only is it highly regarded for its job prospects, but the tourism industry also attracts young people as it is one of the professions offering a highly sought-after income. According to records, the average salary of a tour guide is around 10 million per month.

The Vietnam National Tourism Administration said Vietnam currently has about 1.3 million people working in the tourism industry, but only about 42 percent of human resources are properly trained. This becomes a golden opportunity for those with professional qualifications in tourism and travel to find employment in the market.

8- Logistics industry, supply chain management

The logistics and supply chain management sector is gradually becoming one of the important pillars of the Vietnamese economy. Many new consumer trends have emerged due to the impact of supply chain management.

Furthermore, logistics is also a profession with very good salaries. Specifically, logistics employees earn $350-$500/month, logistics managers earn $3,000-$4,000/month, and supply chain managers earn $5,000-$7,000/month .

Logistics industry

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9- Graphic design industry

Graphic design is also currently one of the professions most in demand for recruitment in Vietnam. With this profession, you can start earning money while you are still in school. Additionally, it is also an industry with many and extremely diverse part-time job opportunities.

According to experts, in the coming years, graphic design will remain an easy profession to find a job in Vietnam with an average salary of 8 figures.

10- Mechanical engineering and automotive engineering

Since Vingroup began to develop automobile production, the mechanical and engineering industry in Vietnam has made new progress. Generally, many attractive job opportunities welcome young people.

Currently, the salary of people without much experience in this sector is around 10-15 million per month. Engineers with 3-5 experiences will receive a salary of 18-25 million/month. At the same time, highly qualified engineers are always sought after by companies.

Automotive engineering industry

The above is Top 10 professions with the greatest recruitment demand in Vietnam that readers need to know. However, don’t just follow trends and ignore your own passions and interests. Trends always change with time, you can only succeed when you choose the career you love and make every effort to learn and practice.

Hopefully Ms. Uptalent’s sharing in this article has helped you find the best career direction for the future. Good luck!

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