Top 10 Reputable SEO Agencies in Vietnam

Top 10 SEO Agency uy tín tại Việt Nam

Currently, there are many SEO agency Prestigious and professional operating in Vietnam. If you can cooperate with these agencies, you will surely receive many benefits commensurate with the costs spent.

Let’s join Ms. Uptalent in referencing the top 10 reputable SEO agencies in Vietnam in the following article so that you can easily optimize your website and increase your business revenue!

1- What is an SEO agency?
2- What does the SEO agency do?
3- The advantages of working with an SEO agency
4- 10 Reputable SEO Agencies in Vietnam You Should Know About

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1- What is an SEO agency?

SEO Agency is a third party that specializes in providing SEO services to businesses to help their website increase visibility on search result pages.

Once the visibility of the website is improved, the business can increase traffic to the website, thereby reaching more potential customers and making better sales.

SEO agencies can provide many different services depending on the needs of the business. At the same time, each agency also has its own unique modus operandi and strengths, so the SEO campaigns they implement will often be very different and can bring different results.

2- What does the SEO agency do?

The main job of SEO Agency is to carry out activities according to certain goals and plans to improve the visibility of the company’s website in search results, thereby generating greater revenue. .

The activities that SEO agencies should perform to increase website visibility include many different works, such as: analytics, keyword research, website analysis, quality content creation, link building, content optimization on different devices, etc.

3- The advantages of working with an SEO agency

Businesses can do SEO on their own. However, it can take a lot of time and effort, especially when you have a lot of other tasks and responsibilities to perform. At present, cooperating with professional SEO agencies becomes the ideal choice.

Interesting jobs

The obvious benefits you can get when working with an SEO agency include:

Win time and money

With its experience and professional skills, SEO Agency can help companies develop SEO strategies and implement SEO efficiently and quickly.

Reach the right target audience

Cooperation with SEO Agency also means that you will receive expert advice in the field of SEO. With diverse knowledge in many fields, these experts can easily help your business reach and attract the right target audience.

Increase income

If your website visibility increases, your business will reach more customers and your revenue will also increase. In the event that the cooperating SEO agency cannot help increase revenue within 4-6 months, you need to change another unit.

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Increase popularity for business

The SEO agency is very knowledgeable about social media marketing. Thus, they can make your business recognizable on social media, which in turn leads to increased website traffic.

Get in-depth SEO analytics and reports

Analyzing and measuring SEO effectiveness is a big challenge if you are doing SEO yourself. However, SEO agencies will provide you with useful reports and may even use them to improve your website rankings.

SEO agency

4- 10 Reputable SEO Agencies in Vietnam You Should Know About

If you are considering working with an SEO agency, the following 10 reputable names will definitely make you feel safe.


GOBRANDING is a reputable SEO agency with investment capital from Japan. This company is invested by two prestigious Japanese companies, Raycean and Oruguro.

GOBRANDING’s main service is to provide professional and diversified SEO services. In addition, this company also takes advantage of its strengths to bring a series of solutions to optimize SEO efficiency and digital marketing activities for businesses, including email marketing, content marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads. …

GOBRANDING has provided SEO services to many big companies in Vietnam such as: Rohto, Kangaroo Group, Teraco, CASTA, Long Hau Joint Stock Company, Tan Thuan Corporation, Mat Bao,…

4.2- Vinalink

Vinalink is the oldest SEO agency in Vietnam with over 20 years of experience in online marketing.

Vinalink started with SEO services and then continued to expand to provide many other related services such as website design, marketing planning, commercials production, Facebook ads, live streaming, etc. .

In addition, Vinalink also offers training on SEO, copywriting, Facebook advertising, etc.

Vinalink customers are famous companies such as Vietnam Airlines, Viettel, Kangnam, Taxi 24h, JP watch, Vietnam Young Furniture Company,…

4.3- Navée

Navee is also known as one of the leading SEO agencies in Vietnam. The company mainly provides professional SEO services and marketing consulting strategies for businesses.

Navee will use the company’s business objectives to advise and recommend the most suitable SEO strategies. At the same time, this agency also sets up SEO activities designed specifically for your business. From there, businesses reach more customers and revenue also increases.

Another special feature is that Navee will always stick to the company’s objectives to make the necessary adjustments to help optimize SEO activities with solutions adapted to the budget and the current situation of the company.

Navee has done SEO projects for big companies like Mat Bao, ODS, Mi2 company, Royal Pearl, TNI Corporation, etc.

4.4- GTV

GTV is also one of the reputable SEO agencies in Vietnam with the ability to cater very high to business SEO needs.

Services currently provided by GTV include: Keyword Research, Website Audit, Onpage Optimization, Offpage, Content Marketing Creation, etc. What is special about GTV is that this unit has the ability to optimize conversions based on customer insight.

By working with GTV, companies will receive in-depth advice, dedicated support and detailed and specific reports. Besides, GTV also provides very effective solutions for companies that don’t have SEO data.

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In addition to providing SEO services, GTV also develops SEO training programs and provides other business consulting services.

SEO agency GTV

4.5- Vietnamese solution

Viet Solution is known as an SEO agency with a variety of SEO services. The reason is that Viet Solution does not combine many SEO segments into one SEO service, but divides it into different services such as SEO audit service, on-page SEO service, keyword SEO, SEO traffic service. …

In addition, this agency also provides other services such as social marketing, Facebook ads, Google Ads, management system design, etc.

4.6- VNG Company

VNG currently provides a variety of online entertainment services, social media platforms, news and online payment platforms in Vietnam. At the same time, VNG is also the biggest game developer in Vietnam.

VNG’s SEO service is considered an effective search engine optimization solution for business websites.

By standardizing SEO processes for the most effective action, VNG helps your website quickly increase traffic and achieve high rankings in search results.

VNG also promotes testing to bring the best SEO results to businesses. At the same time, they also give you a separate account to track the progress and results of your work.

4.7- MangoAds

MangoAds is an SEO agency specializing in providing a variety of digital marketing services for businesses in need.

Founded in 2013, MangoAds has become a leading agency capable of providing advanced SEO solutions to its clients. The main services of MangoAds currently include: SEO, Social Media, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Web Development.

4.8- MediaZ

MediaZ is famous as an SEO agency with great professionalism in providing digital marketing services.

When you work with MediaZ, you will receive a full service from consulting, implementation to SEO performance measurement.

It can be said that MediaZ SEO service is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it is also a very complete solution. As a result, your business can grow and expand sustainably, not just increase its Google rankings.

Another advantage of MediaZ is its ability to get quick results. If you partner with MediaZ, you will see growth in a short period of time and it will continue to grow steadily.

MediaZ SEO Agency

4.9- Optical Silicon

Quang Silicon is a reputable SEO agency offering quality SEO services. Most of this agency’s clients are small businesses that want to build an image right from the start.

The strength of Quang Silicon is its ability to analyze websites well and update the SEO process regularly. Therefore, this agency can ensure that SEO efficiency is still high despite the impact of algorithm changes.

In addition to comprehensive SEO services, Quang Silicon also offers SEO consulting services and online SEO training programs to its clients.

4.10- Ladigi

Ladigi is one of the very famous SEO training centers in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, Ladigi provides Top 10 Google SEO services with 5WW1H rule.

Ladigi’s SEO strategy focuses on users as well as creating quality content and ecosystems for the website. As a result, businesses can create real value for customers and increase conversion rate to the highest.

Some of the benefits of Ladigi SEO services include:

– Targeting the right target customers.

– Increase conversion rates and business profits.

The website is consistently at the top of Google search.

– Make sure the site is safe from Google tweaks.

Above is some information about the SEO agency as well as the top 10 SEO agencies in Vietnam that you should know. I hope Ms. Uptalent’s article has helped you better understand the work and benefits of working with an SEO agency and to be able to find the right SEO agency for your business needs. Good luck!

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