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Top 6 Websites with Quality English to Korean Translations

Top 6 website chất lượng dịch tiếng Anh sang tiếng Hàn

The Hallyu wave has spread around the world, leading to a growing demand for the Korean language. In Vietnam, from the need to search for documents, to translate to communicate in life and at work, the opportunities are wide open to candidates who know Korean. In order to ensure the highest accuracy in the Korean translation, the selection of the original English text is preferred. Seizing on this trend, today’s article, HRchannels will feature 6 quality websites Translate English to Korean are top rated in terms of vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.

2. I love translations –
3. (Google translate)

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Advantages of choosing to translate English to Korean

The strong development of the Korean economy has made Korean an international language chosen by many countries and eras. However, in terms of popularity, English remains the most used foreign language. It is therefore obvious that smart programming brains will promote investment and improve the quality of English to Korean translation.

In fact, you can still use Vietnamese or any other language in Korean. The translation results are still displayed, but the accuracy, especially in terms of grammar, will certainly have imperfections according to the Korean style. Therefore, choosing to translate English to Korean is both very popular and guarantees the accuracy of the translation.

Summary of 6 Quality Websites That Translate English to Korean

Choosing a translation site brings many benefits to users.

  • The first is the diversity of space and time, as long as you have the Internet, you can use it anywhere.

  • The second is savings, as most websites offer translation features completely free.

  • The third is translation speed, with a huge store of language data, most websites’ translation result return time is just over a minute.


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Simply go to the web address, select the “English” and “Korean” language pair, and you will have an instant tool to translate words, phrases and texts from English to Korean.

Glosbe’s results display speed is not unique, but multiple, giving the opportunity to improve Korean language fluency in many different situations. For example, shortened sentences, intimate sentences, sentences with honorific titles… will all be displayed by the system.

Moreover, if you want to reverse the Korean to English translation, the system also provides a virtual Korean keyboard directly on the text input bar, which is extremely convenient. However, when translating short paragraphs (about 1 line), the translation effect will be better than that of long paragraphs.

2. I love translations –

A Vietnamese translation product but of international quality. You can translate between more than 100 different languages. With the need to translate from English to Korean, the system will show a lot of results, from ordinary sentences to shortened sentences, as well as a fairly good grammatical structure.

You can enter English text up to 5000 characters which is great. The result display speed is fast, the meaning, the order of the standard Korean grammatical structure, the user-friendly interface and completely free. It’s really one of the prides of Vietnamese programming.

3. (Google translate)

As an application product of the giant Google, the Google Translate feature offers a diverse language store with more than 100 different languages. The choice of this website for the need to translate from English to Korean has reached the “peak” all over the world.

The advantage of Google Translate when translating from English to Korean is that the text length is quite large, up to 5000 characters. In addition, there are many features:

  • Input English text by voice through the desk-connected microphone or the phone’s speaking port.

  • Pronunciation of the English text entered

  • Speak Korean translation directly in the translated text frame, no need to convert in the original text frame, very convenient.

  • A virtual Korean keyboard is provided, but to use it, you need to reverse the Korean input in the original text frame, which is only applicable in the case of a reverse translation from Korean to English .

All completely free, the quality of the English-Korean translation is quite good. However, the translation focuses only on the lexical meaning, without suggesting synonyms or complex grammatical structures. For example, in Korean which respects the structure of honorific sentences, Google Translate will not respect this. However, it is also the most available tool today, suitable for both professional and non-expert linguists.


This is an international site with an English interface, but very easy to use. Simply select the English and Korean language pair, enter the English text and press Translate. In the blink of an eye, you get a literal Korean translation. However, you should note that Korean content mostly only has lexical meaning, without grammatical division. In return, there’s a pronunciation section to help you practice listening to Korean.

The Systrans website offers additional advanced translation packages, allowing you to translate from Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF… but you will have to pay between 4.99 euros and 31.99 euros per month. In general, paid translation packages are just an enhanced form of English text, but the translation quality is not outstanding, so if there are no complicated English text forms, or if you can copy this text directly, HRchannels will see that you can use the free part.

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Lingvanex is a multilingual online translation site. HRchannels has available the link to translate from English to Korean above. Here you can enter English text up to 10,000 characters, which is more than Google Translate. Almost when you compose original documents in English, using Lingvanex, you don’t need to measure the word count at all.

In terms of translation quality, it is very good, close to the content, good grammatical order, standard grammatical division. The system also displays the grammar at the end of the sentence. A very useful website for those who specialize in translation or work closely with Korean. The site has no pronunciation or transcription, but on the other hand the quality of the translated content is too good, it’s free, it’s worth using.


Just click on the link above and you will immediately enter the English to Korean translation area. The English text content allows up to 1000 characters, which is great for those of you who need to translate long texts. Although compared to Google Translate’s 5000 characters or Lingvanex’s 10000 characters, it’s a bit small, but the fact is that the longer the text, the faster the translation speed and quality will decrease. Therefore, the standard of 1000 characters is sufficient for a good quality English to Korean translation.

Translation speed is out of the question, but like Google Translate, this site only translates in lexical sense, has word/sentence order, splits grammar in the body of the sentence, but splits grammar at the end of the sentence according to the style, which is not the case in Korean. Users should take care to adjust the grammar at the end of the sentence according to each case, especially when it is necessary to use honorifics.

Through this article, HRchannels introduced 6 quality websites that translate English to Korean for a wide range of readers. Each website has its own advantages and disadvantages, but here are the top 6 English to Korean translation sites, both in terms of convenience, speed, savings and translation accuracy. Whether for study, work or entertainment, the quality of the Korean translation you receive is fully compatible with the native Korean style.

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